Governor Palin On Hannity (VIDEO)

Governor Palin appeared on Hannity tonight and commented on the race, Hurricane Sandy, and Obama’s photo-ops with Chris Christie.

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  • Lennart Bilén

    Sarah! You explain it in so few words.
    Sarah shows true emotion for the suffering without a photo-op.
    Obama shows he has no emotions except perhaps anger.
    Americans are finally waking up.
    Yes Sarah, you are a true transformational leader even without a title, but I understand and accept why you are not in the race.
    If you had won the GOP nomination, which was yours for the taking we would now have faced a three way race with the George Soros party siphoning off the independents.
    You obviously prayed much about it, and got the answer to stay out for this round.
    But thanks to you we will take back the senate with good conservative candidates.
    Four more days!!!

    • Mseagle

      Lennar….I love everything you had to say!!! She is guided by the man upstairs and the SPEAKS for itself….may we all pray for good results on Tuesday!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Good Evening, Everyone!

    Here are some highlights from and observations on her interview with Hannity this evening.

    Emphases are mine throughout.


    She refers to all that HOKEY HOPEY-CHANGEY STUFF.

    This is a great addition to her earlier and brilliant "hopey-changey" stuff, by which she unsheathed the sword of ridicule, and unleashed it on obama and his allies. The attaching of "hokey" to the phrase adds to its force both in terms of the EAR (alliteration) and the MIND (powerfully underlines the fraud of obama and obamunism).

    She says that the obama "administration" is ending in a BIG, MESSY, LOUD, BLOODY TRAIN WRECK. This is superb. Among other things:

    She implicitly indicts obama for the BLOOD of BENGHAZI;

    She implies that the "president" and his cronies will not be able to cover it up (it is LOUD);

    She implies that obama will NOT get a second term, since it is of the essence of a train wreck that the train goes off the rails BEFORE it reaches its destination (eight years of destruction of the USA, in the plans and minds of obama, valerie jarrett, and their fellow commie thugs).

    obama got what he wanted out of the hurricane and its aftermath: Photo ops with A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR (more on this phrase below), so that he and the mainstream media could FAKE THE BI-PARTISANSHIP that in no way, shape, or form does obama represent–he is the most partisan "president" we have ever had.

    "WITH A REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR": BRILLIANT. She indicts the Governor of New Jersey without NAMING him!! The phrase is an understated, but powerful and perfect smack-down. Its use causes all who hear her to nod to themselves, and say, "Yep, Chris Christie!" She leaves the drawing of conclusions, the explicit indictment of Christie, to US!!

    obama seized the opportunity, along with THE COMPLICIT LAPDOGS IN THE MEDIA, to politicize the hurricane.

    People cannot place their hope and their faith in government, AS THE HURRICANE SHOWS.

    Many, many people across America who wanted to put their hope and their faith in obama’s false promises have AWAKENED.

    She believes that enough Americans have awakened and understand that it is time for a shift, a FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION NOT OF OUR COUNTRY, BUT A TRANSFORMATION OF WHAT WE PREVIOUSLY PERHAPS HAD BELIEVED IN THE NAME OF POLITICS, so that we can get America back on the right track.

    This is wonderful! What we need is not a fundamental transformation of our country, but a transformation of MINDS and HEARTS WITHIN our country–and she thinks that enough people have been so converted that obama will be ousted on Tuesday!!

    As she so often does, our dear Governor said more, explicitly and implicitly, in an interview of a few minutes than most others could say in a discourse of several hours in length.

    God bless you all always!!

    Our Sarah Always!


    • conservativemama

      And where is Ann Coulter these days?  She who loved Chris Christie.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Good question, conservativemama!

      • Independantminded

        Probably in hiding after all of the stupid stuff she has said lately. I’m thinking the networks she comments for have lost her phone number

  • CharterOakie

    Thank God for her.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      AMEN, AMEN, Bro!!!

    • alien4palin


  • Rob Hart


  • ? Jim ?

    Damn FOX
    Once again they have the Governor on and don’t allow her to talk.
    Hannity is an egotistical goon.

  • AngelaTX

    Chris Christie = pompous, arrogant gasbag

    I loathe him nearly as much as Obama

  • John_Frank

    Steve, thanks for posting the video.

    Excellent interview, given the amount of time the Governor had to speak.

    Hannity’s interview style leaves a great deal to be desired.

  • wodiej

    It’s always a blessing and an honor to hear Gov. Palin’s opinion on current events.  Her support and recognition of how important this election is and to get rid of obama shows great foresight, humility and bipartisanship. She understands the importance of working towards something greater than herself and that is saving our country.  God bless you Gov. Palin.  God is pleased with you.

    • GeraldGoff

      [when did we start speaking for god?]

      • TheresaAK

        Small letter "g" indicates a secular "god"…

        On another note, I would elaborate that wodiej is not in a position to say whom God is pleased with or not…

        Certainly God is involved in the affairs of mankind, he doesn’t view things Left or Right, but rather in Righteousness or Wickedness. 

        God is no respecter of persons, He loves us all…even you and obama.

        But obama and his cohorts have come against Israel, and God Himself, and there are consequences….to which God will reveal…

        We don’t "speak for God" but God speaks to us…if only we will listen. 

        "My God is not dead, He is surely ALIVE!"

  • Mseagle

    Lennar….I love everything you had to say!!! She is guided by the man upstairs and the SPEAKS for itself….may we all pray for good results on Tuesday!!!

  • WEL2

    This is how you can make a significant impact on this election.

    A very important demographic is being overlooked by many in this election: evangelical Christians. A large percentage of them usually do not vote.

    Let’s persuade these evangelicals to vote, and to vote for Republican candidates. Email them with a message that directs them to the Billy Graham address below, and ask them to at least watch the beginning of Dr. John MacArthur’s sermon and to watch Dr. David Jeremiah’s sermon. Then ask them to forward your message to as many people as possible.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Chris Christie declared he is ready to run for President in 2016, many weeks ago. Now he hands Obama a huge gift just days out from the election. I know that most who have run against Romney in the past have ended up hating him. Now we can include one who supported him and didn’t feel the love. Sarah Palin suffered more than any at the hands of the Romney machine but remains a patriotic American. I applaud her.

  • Patriot41

    Sarah is repeating what we all know to be true.  However, I doubt seriously that this election will be decided anytime soon, barring a major landslide.  I will be surprised if we get to know who has been elected, by the end of the year.  While I have been aware of corruption in our election system for many years, I can honestly say that I have never seen it so rampant as I have seen over this last year and that includes the primaries running up to this general election.  The last time I remember seeing the citizens of this country so seriously divided, was during the Vietnam Era. 

    It is so disheartening for an old timer like me, to see what politics have done to my beloved nation.  Having been born prior to WW II, I remember a nation that was so unified during that war, that it is extremely hard for me to recognize my own country now.  While it took a long time, we got past the division that occurred during the Vietnam Era and came out a nation still strong in our beliefs and proud of our heritage.  It is now a different story, as radicals are now out in full force to destroy our Republic and the Constitution for which it stands.  Nearly half of the citizens in this nation, either do not understand what is happening or refuse to believe this is what is actually happening.  One can only hope those who are walking around in the dark, have their eyes opened between now and election day.

    P.S.  If Sarah reads this site, got her recorded message here in N.C.

    • TheresaAK

      Patriot41, the difference in the generations is how our country became so complacent…not to mention the decline of moral values…

      Instead of having the will to fight, say in States that normally go Blue, they give up …they look and say, we can’t take that enemy camp…let’s just leave it to the Blues…and that Blue State just gains more territory ……

      We have become weak and have no vision….

      Complacency is substituted for Vision.

      Today what is Wrong is called Right, and what is Right is called Wrong. Sin is made to be accepted and Churches have embraced the sin……instead of hating the sin but loving the sinner.

      We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so we water down the Word of God and make excuses for Him.

      Our Military might has been compromised…they can’t defend themselves without checking with a lawyer and this POTUS is not the only one to blame…

      The Democrats and many RINOs are culpable. 

      America’s "leaders" have no Vision nor do they have Discernment. 

      Romney must win, and we must then rise up, not in violence, but in great numbers, and force our mamby pamby "leaders" to do what We The People elected them to do…no more shall we cave and let the RINOs tell us we don’t know anything, therefore they must run our lives.

      It’s over…for both parties…..

      It’s just a matter of time now, until the True Leaders emerge…

    • alien4palin

      "While I have been aware of corruption in our election system for many
      years, I can honestly say that I have never seen it so rampant as I have
      seen over this last year and that includes the primaries running up to
      this general election."

      I have been asked a couple of days ago who will win the USA presidency on Tuesday. My response is if the election is honest and fair, Romney will win. Otherwise, it will be a foregone conclusion.

  • alien4palin

    I have never had any difficulty accessing videos on Fox News Channel or their videos posted here on C4P but in the past weeks I have been denied access.
    Reason given below:
    "Access Denied
    You don’t have permission to access "" on this server.
    Reference #18.5cc54543.1351969935.36298e."
    I have no idea what it means. Can anybody shed some light on this.

  • otto

    Sarah still has a clear and present voice . And yet i do not see all the commenters here.
     Is this place dying?
     The commenters seem to be dwindling ,when they should be soaring more than ever.
     Is the Tea Party tired?

     What gives. It’s not time to take a nap… take off your bedroom slippers, it’s time to put on your marching shoes. Even the "snake oil salesman" Obama knows that.

     This election may hinge on your hanging chad..

    Wake up

    • alien4palin

      I have not been commenting due to problems with my hands but I checked in daily and noticed the same. I just thought everyone is too busy putting boots on the ground helping candidates and getting the votes out.

      • otto

        I hope your right

        • alien4palin

          So, do I. This is the election of our life time that determine America’s future and so vitally important to not pull out all the stops. My family and I will be following tomorrow election day very closely and keeping faith that GOOD will triumph over EVIL.

  • otto

    I don’t like Chris Christe. He makes my skin crawl. Since i saw him on a talk show where the host asked him if he thought  Sarah Palin should run for president. And he sat back smugly, snickered and said "what do you think?" Quote.

    This is a scumbag. They say every picture tells a story… And his photo op with Obama speaks volumes to me about him,and his desires.

    You stink Christe,i wish i could tell you to your face. Obama should have took you to Vegas with him. By the size of your gut ,i imagine you like your share of the the chip and dip.
    Sorry to be blunt ,but i don’t like Christe almost more than i dislike Obama.
     And that’s saying something.

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