Green Shoots in the States

Michael Barone admits that he badly mis-predicted the presidential election, but he remains one of our most acute  political observers. (Babe Ruth struck out a lot, too.)

Today, on Real Clear Politics, Barone writes: To Win, Obama Sacrifices House, State Legislatures.

He points out that the Democrats lost only in the U.S. House races, but in state legislative contests, as well:

In state legislative races, Democrats also rebounded from 2010, but fell far short of the losses they sustained then. They went into the 2010 election with 53 percent of state senators across the country and 56 percent of state lower House members. (Nebraska elects its one legislative chamber on a nonpartisan basis.)

Democrats came out of the 2012 election with only 46 percent of state senators and 48 percent of state lower House seats.

He concludes:

The presidential election results looked a lot like 2008’s. But the farther down the ballot you go, the more the results look like 2010’s.


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  • Rob Hart

    We The People will take back this great nation from the roots up to the blossom.

  • Charles

    Once a guy is as wrongwrongwrong as Barone proved to be in his election predictions, he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a keyboard or a camera again.  Same goes for Karl Rove.

    Until there is a penalty for stupidity, the stupids will continue to breed and suck up precious oxygen.

  • Azarkhan

    Barone’s point is beside the point.The main political benefit a party derives from controlling a state legislature is drawing up new House district boundaries based on the census. Republican victories at the state level were crucial in 2010 because the census was in 2010.

    What was important in 2012 was winning back the Senate, which with 21 Democratic seats up for reelection as opposed to only 10 Republican, was clearly achievable. Instead, we suffered a bitter loss, the there is simply no way to spin it.

    • Terry Malpass

      Right now, the only thing to push back on obamacare are those state houses and governors.

      • Timothy Jacques

         Nebraska just said NO to a state exchange

        • Kay

          yea! was wondering what the Governor was going to decide….

      • Azarkhan

        Some states will not enact the exchanges, most will. But because Republicans didn’t capture the Senate, Obamacare is here to stay.

      • Christopher H Fromme

        Don’t know what PA is going to do , but when I called today the phone lines were burning.  Also AFP had a rally last month in Harrisburg to stop the exchanges with the main speaker–Michelle Malkin

    • RodPatrick

      That didn’t work well for Congressman Allen West.  The state level GOPE is also in quandary.

      • Azarkhan

        You do realize that Col West isn’t the only member in the House, that there are 434 other House districts, right?

        • RodPatrick

          I mean the cronyism at the state level is also worse.  In fact, we wouldn’t have a so-called GOPE if the state level Republicans are not acting like the useful tools of the GOPE/RNC National.

  • RodPatrick


  • BrianusBerkleianus


  • BrianusBerkleianus


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