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Gretawire: Who is today – one day after the election – the leader of the Republican party?

After yesterday’s dismal showing by the Whigs GOP, I wonder if the party’s worth leading. I have my doubts. In any event, the candidates on Greta’s ballot are as follows:

Go here to cast your vote. Like Democrats, be sure to vote early and often.


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  • bedr1

    Love it Governor Palin leading keep it up

  • uksarahfan

    Done. The last thing we need is that oleaginous little amnesty queen Rubio being pimped for 2016. As much as I like Mark Levin he needs to get his damn blinders off about this guy. Look who is pulling his (Rubio’s) puppet strings.

    BTW thanks for everything you and your Editor colleagues do here Doug. Its going to be a rough four years and nowhere on the globe is immune from Obama’s nightmarish policies.

    Many from afar will be watching the Governor’s next moves with acute interest.


  • HuntingMoose

    although I voted for Sarah for obvious reason, but actually wonder, is Sarah not the head of the party of sanity, reason honesty?

    The GOP was better this election than what they did in 2010 but clearly not enough.

    • socon


    • RodPatrick

      Wrong.  McCain/Palin received about 59+ million votes.   Romney/Ryan only received 57 million.    Palin helped build the coalition of ordinary citizens that won 2010 in a landslide. 

      Despite relatively "good" (less nastier) acceptance of R&R by the MSM, McCain/Palin did very well when it comes to actually bringing the votes into GOP’s column.

      Enough of electability and moderation myths of the GOP-E worshipers.

      • RodPatrick

        My simple point is this:  R&R PERFORMED MISERABLY despite the myth of electability and the so-called polished political campaign, and the rest of the bruhahas. 

        Where are the 2 million votes missing from the original 59 million votes of McCain/Palin.

        Where are the "heavy" turnouts again?

        Where is the so-called higher R/D ratio? Did the republican population shrink in last 4 years?

        The answer is simple. R&R and GOP-E failed miserably. Moderation will always mean not-fighting and acceptance of defeat before the fight.

        • HuntingMoose

           I think my comment was not clear enough.

          we all have issues with the GOP, especially GOPe so why suddenly declare her the leader of this mess specific.

          However if you ask who is the best hope for the GOP to get them out of this, Sarah is the absolute best leader they can wish for.

          And my last comment that the GOP was better than in 2010 was regarding how they campaigned. In 2010 it was all on the shoulders of the teaparty and thanks to the teaparty they won big. I have seen this year quite a few ads of the GOP were I was frankly happy that at least they dared to speak up and put it to Obama.

        • wandrako

          A few months ago there were many on this blog that said they would never vote for Romney.  Then Ron Paul  was angry and would not endorse Romney and his followers said they wouldn’t vote.  OK as I said back then if you don’t vote for Romney you will have Obama.  I have no idea if any of these are the missing millions but that might be one of the causes. 

          Whatever the reason we now have much higher taxes coming, incompetent administration in every sector, a president that has no idea what he is doing or what to do and has a right arm that tells him what to do and what to think.  She is now negotiating with Iran to normalize realtionships.  We are broke and may end up in chaos like Greece, we wil have no energy of any kind for four more years.  "We have a lot to thank those who did not vote. 

        • Ed from justice

          Yes, but all the red on the map will vote for Sarah and will support her efforts to get people in the House and Senate who will make sure we have the votes to get what we need to get done–done. I really don’t care who is in the oval office as long as we have to votes to call the dance and the tune.. Just look at the final map, Obama won the blue stuff, but he is surrounded by the red and we can take those areas. LI and AC are eastern liberal elites, who need us but don’t like associating with us. Fox news brings Sarah in when they need to improve their ratings. Obama won the job under the system as it exists. He now has to produce … he can’t blame Bush and he can’t blame congress if they will only throw the ball into his court and make him come up with a proposal. Meamtime, we have to get going on a strategy that will allow us to control the House and Senate with a veto proof majority. That means we have to start running really good conservative candidates in the primaries and get them elected in all of the red areas. Sarah, we need a popular leader to spearhead the invasion… i’m talking peaceful invasion here folks!!!

      • wandrako

        McCain was the drag on that ticket.  Sarah should have been  on top.  She would be great but probably will not run the next time either due to the nasty press.  I don’t know how you get around them.  So many lies, so much  incompetence, so many people that have no business being in their positions.

  • RedDaveR

    Voted.  Sarah slightly ahead at 11 PM EST.

    • carolyn50

       she’s leading by double digits now – up to 30 percent.

  • Lou Gutnicki

    The real leader is not the one with the most impressive resume, or the best record accomplishment. Not high-falutin speeches or even good hair make the throngs gather to hear her. It’s what’s on the inside that shines through – the love of country, the genuine caring for people, the willingness to do what it takes, no matter wind, no matter snow.

    Governor Palin is a once in a lifetime leader. We all know that. And you all know what my vote is.

    • c4pfan

      Great post!

  • Hyman Roth

    Even if Sarah wins this poll, do you really think it will even be announced on Greta?

    • stevethird

       Just left an fb message with Eric Bolling, telling him about it. Maybe a few others could do the same. He might bring it up on the 5. We need to start the  drumbeat now

    • palintologist

      Possibly.   BUT, it will once again confirm to Greta — who has Palin on more than any of the FOX crew — who the real spokesperson for the party should be.

  • Jthom26837

     Sarah Palin has my vote. At least one FOX News Talk Show host has a good deal of respect for Sarah Palin. No, I almost forgot Hannity.

      Sarah Palin Rocks!!!!

  • jester2939

    Go, Sarah! However, the GOP ain’t no great prize right now.

    • wandrako

      We had a candidate uniquely qualified to deal with the financial mess that the country has to deal with .  He may not have been all everyone wanted but he was far better than the fool that is now in the job..  He had the skills the other candidates didn’t in the financial area. 

      Unfortunately the country is populated by a bunch of he most stupid people that I can imagine, that would vote for continuing incompetence after seeing what he produced for four years.   

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Done (earlier today)!!

  • ZH100


  • Pete Petretich

    Palin and Rubio are the clear leaders, then, and they both claim to be Reaganites.

    • slpence

      Rubio is a rino bushie.  He’s responsible for getting Allan West redistricted.

      • n4cerinc

        Even Reagan had Bush Sr. on as VP. It could work.

      • wandrako

        How do you know he is responsible for getting Allan West redistricted?  That is done by the legislature and he is not in the State gov. any more. 

    • barracuda43

      Palin/Rubio ticket unbeatable! 

      • carolyn50

         Palin/West better ticket.

      • jerseymark

        No  – Palin/Martinez is the dream ticket – all woman, all conservative with a true Hispanic flavor.The Dems would just die.

  • Hansome

    Republicans don’t want a leader. They want a soft. squishy, go-along kind of guy or gal. Looks like Jeb Bush is up next.

    • wandrako

      I doubt he could get the nomination.  He doubts it.  He has said that his time has passed.  Sure hope so.

  • Sue Lynn

    Sarah is now at 30.89% way in front!!!

  • TangledThorns

    I’ll say Sarah doesn’t lead the GOP but she does lead the Tea Party and that will matter in the mid-terms. I expect a comeback just like in 2009 and 2010.

    • wandrako

      We really need the "Senate.  Two fools that couldn’t keep their stupid mouths shut cost a lot.  Both were ahead and yet ran their mouths and ruined it all.  Then one was so selfish he wouldn’t let someone that could win have the slot. 

  • bongobear

    I don’t know who is actually going to be pulling the strings in the GOP but I know who I believe should be the leader and that’s Sarah Palin.  The others on the list can be discounted for various reasons:  Romney and Ryan just lost a winnable election, Christie is a self aggrandizing fraud, Boehner appears to be a bit of a coward, Rubio apparently couldn’t even deliver Florida and Gingrich, while clearly intelligent, has too much baggage.  Sarah Palin has courage, conviction and vision…all traits needed by the GOP.

    • wandrako

      Gingrich is too old and Christie is a northeastern mess.  He has no business ever being on the ticketl  Slobbering all over the photo op with the fool and keeping more people from voting GOP.  He is lib anyway. 

  • Christopher H Fromme

    From a post open tread  {{  Techno:  Mark Levin now encouraging a charasmatic conservative to challenge John Boehner as Speaker of the House next year }}   We have a spineless Speaker that will do anything Obama asks,
    What we need to lead the House of Representatives is Sarah Palin to be elected Speaker by 50%+1 of the members of the Republican caucus.  She would stand strong for the common sense conservatives that have been told to sit down and shut up by Boehner & other RINO’sHave thought about this for awhile and thus wrote a 4 page letter to the Governor about 6 weeks ago that shows to her a plan to balance the budget in 4 years and not raise taxes.  With Boehner as Speaker why did we work so hard to elect Republican when too many of them vote like democrats.

  • cudaforever

    Sarah has been my leader since I find out about her in 2008 and she will continue to be my Leader as long as her voice is heard. God Bless her !!

    • Lynda

      Mine too

    • jester2939


    • barracuda43

      Me to!

  • gahanson

    I believe that the reason for the lower vote turnout for Romney had something to do with him being Mormon.  A lot of Evangelicals think that Mormonism is a cult, and not a Christian religion.  I also believe that Romney ran a weak campaign, he let 0bama run months worth of attack ads without a single response, he failed to make Libya and Fast and Furious issues of how incompetent 0bama is, and he failed to present any real vision of what he would do as president. 

    I don’t know why he is even on this list, he should just go home, write his book, and keep saying, "I achived something my father didn’t."  I suspect that is what he wanted all along, he didn’t really want to be president, just get the nomination, and the gop let him live out his dream at the expense of the entire country.

    • carolyn50

       had romney taken it to obama like he did with primary opponents, he would have won.  then in the last few weeks, he kept saying he would reach across the aisle.  i think that scared a lot of conservatives away as well.

  • jon

    Beware of Rubio…he is a RINO

    • RebinTexas

       jon – I agree about Rubio – he was mixed up in that deal to move the Florida primary up – plus he is NOT a "natural born" citizen……..his parents were not citizens til he was about 5 or 6. We need to stick by our Constitution, even though the Dems and leaders of the repubs have not.

      • Palinpower

        Rubio is a natural born citizen. The constitution does not say both parents have to be US Citizens. Some of the founders did not have parents who were born in US or were Citizens. Conservatives need to drop this line. It hurts our cause.

        • jon

          They were Grandfathered in.

        • KSEMBB1

          This line hurt our cause??!!  Ha!  Not paying attention and enforcing the Constitution rules hurt our cause – just look at Obama, who is not an NBC!

        • KSEMBB1

          Of course, the founders’ parents were not U.S. citizens!  The U.S. didn’t exist prior to the founders founding it!  Duh!  And for the founders to have been NBCs, they would’ve had to have been born in the U.S. – which didn’t exist until they founded it!   When the founders "founded" the U.S., they put in the founding docs that they were "grandfathered" NBCs – because of the obvious reasons I just stated.  They declared that GOING FORWARD, the Prez and Vice Prez MUST be an NBC, which requires them to be born of TWO American citizen parents.  Because, from then on, the founding fathers would presumably have children that would be born in the newly founded U.S. and any one of those children would be eligible to be prez or vice prez.  They did this in order to prevent someone coming over from England at the direction of the King, grabbing the office of prez while being loyal to the King and taking over the newly founded U.S. and handing it over to England – which is exactly what Obama has done, except he has done it at the direction of Muslims.  The founding fathers knew there was a possibility that an "Obama" would show up and usurp the White House. Do some research on the definition of NBC as it relates to the Constitution and presidency.

  • jon

    Rubio is a RINO

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