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IBD | Failure Of Walmart Walkout Underscores Union Decline

Despite gaining a stranglehold over the public sector, unions are losing  ground in the private sector. This was  seen again in  the failed union walkouts  against retail giant Wal-Mart.

The idea was simple: Take a day of little news, create a big stink, and watch  a gullible media swallow it hook, line and sinker. That’s what the United Food & Commercial Workers union did, in asking non-unionized Walmart workers to  leave their jobs on the busiest day of the year in protest.

Unfortunately for the union, the tactic appears to have been an epic bust.  The tone was set early at the St. Cloud, Fla., Walmart where one — yes, just one — employee walked off the job.

The union had a bit more luck elsewhere, but it appears to have been a  massive failure at creating anything like a problem for Walmart — which was the  union’s real goal, not "organizing" workers, as claimed.


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