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LA Times Pro-Palin Article Revives Blogger Hysteria

I always find it amusing when people loosely describe themselves as libertarians or independents only to fail the tests of intellectual honesty.

Charlotte Allen’s pro-Palin article over at the LA Times is getting the same predictable and humorous responses we’ve gotten used to over the years when anyone in the media dares to say anything nice about Governor Palin.

One response to Allen’s article is the completely false and emotionally-charged rant from Doug Mataconis.  As such, plenty of Palin-deranged liberals have shown up in the comments section to sing his praises. They are also accompanied by a couple of alleged “Republicans” who say a Palin run would be bad for the Republican Party.  (Of course, they won’t explain why Romney/Ryan failed to get as many votes as McCain/Palin.)

There are simply too many specific falsehoods and untrue characterizations in this piece to waste your time on.  However; his points have basically been copied and pasted from any liberal rag available and can be summed up as follows:

A.)   Palin never intended on running for President but wanted media attention.

B.)    Palin hasn’t done anything significant since 2008.

C.)    Palin isn’t qualified and lacks substance.

D.)   The Republicans have “impressive candidates” and she should stay away because of “polling history.” (Gee, where have we heard this before?  How did that work out in 2012?)

Facts and truth are stubborn.  So allow me to list them in accordance with his copy-and-pasted liberal points:

A.)   Governor Palin never promised to run for president.  If Mr. Mataconis would like to produce one shred of evidence to the contrary, he’s free to do so.  But he knows it doesn’t exist.

B.)    Governor Palin endorsed and campaigned for over 60 candidates in 2010.  As we all know, she had a pretty darn good success rate.  Further, she endorsed Deb Fischer, Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake, and Orrin Hatch for the Senate in 2012 – all of them won.  In addition, she backed many House candidates, too.  In fact, Governor Palin had a better night November 6th than pretty much anyone else in the GOP.

C.)    Mr. Mataconis complains that she talks in “sound bites” on Fox and lacks substance.  In attempting to smear Governor Palin, he completely describes what’s wrong with sitting politicians in Washington ranging from the President, to the Senate, to the House.  Further, “sound bites” are all we got from the candidates in the 2012 televised debates.  Of course, he talks in general terms and won’t give us specific examples.  Sadly, he won’t look at her record.  He apparently doesn’t know she slashed spending even when she had a budget surplus in Alaska.  He’s apparently not aware that in lieu of using that surplus to pay off special interests or reward campaign bundlers like both sides of the aisle are guilty of in Washington, she actually put billions away for the state’s future.  Further, he has no clue on her national security credentials and doesn’t even mention the fact that she’s traveled all over the world since 2008.  She’s been to Hong Kong, Haiti, South Korea, and has met with Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel just to name a few trips she’s been on.

D.)   Among the “impressive” candidates he mentions, more than half of them were actively endorsed and supported by Governor Palin.  The only two he mentions who I would give any promise to are Governor Walker and Senator Rand Paul.  However; what specific foreign policy credentials do these candidates have?  While Kelly Ayotte has limited experience with foreign policy, she has only been in the Senate for two years.  She has no executive experience and Mr. Mataconis is ready to run her for president?  Also, he doesn’t explain why any of the candidates he mentions would make a good president overall.

As Senator McCain said recently, it took Governor Palin’s energy to galvanize the base of the Republican Party to deliver most of the candidates Mataconis claims are “impressive.”

But sadly, some out there will use the kind of popularity that someone like Governor Palin has to gratify their own egos and pack their own parachutes.

Even so, they fall short on sincerity by displaying their own rushes-to-protest.  She’s so ineffective, she’s so unqualified, and she’s done so little for the party that the first mention of her being a possible 2016 contender has them running out of their rat holes in hysterical droves.

There are simply too many serious problems facing our nation to allow such opportunism to trump principle.  You’d think that after watching the establishment’s golden boy lose after completely distancing himself from Palin and the Tea Party that perhaps a lesson would have been learned from it.

Unfortunately, that appears unlikely.

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  • Freempg

    The Libs never get sick of listening to themselves. It’s like eating their own vomit.

    • Lennart Bilén

      As the Holy Scripture said: "The dogs will return to their own vomit."

  • devitor

    The only point of disagreement I have, Steve is Rand Paul as a candidate with promise. I think he would fall in the class of an AB(whoever the Democrats run) candidate, and not someone I’d enthusiastically support. Walker on the other hand – yes, I’d support him in a heartbeat, if Sarah does not run in ’16 and he were to run.  

    • senator20526

       Rand Paul has no personality…..It’s hard to like a guy who never smiles…….

  • Ceejay

    Allen West info- it appears over, Mr. West will not continue the fight for a recount- 



  • Emerson_C

    It starts all over again.  Gov Palin almost alone was untarnished by the Romney/Ryan/GOPe election debacle.  It will be even more ferocious this time around.

  • James A. Tyler

    The argument that Palin hasn’t done anything since 2008 always strikes me as as kind of funny considering that Romney, Santorum, and GIngrich had all spent years outside of elected office. Rick Santorum left the Senate in 2007, Gingrich left the House in 1998, and Romney’s Gubernatorial tenure ended in 2006. And, Romney, the eventual Nominee, was the least active of the three. Romney spent about six years outside of elected office while invoking his experiences during his bried four years in elected office, referring to that as qualification enough.

    The names Doug dropped were pretty predictable, unsurprising, although his mention of Sen. Kelly Ayotte – her name keeps getting dropped – kind of makes smile, too. As a resident of MA, she made several appearances campaigning on behalf of my ex-Senator, Scott Brown, and I swear I was within inches of the woman. I heard her speak, I saw her interact with people – nothing to write home about. She’s not a retail politician… and people go after Allen for her comment that "looks matter" but they misinterpret that as a superficial praise of beauty over brains – but, I interpreted this as a question of disposition, whether or not s/he can "make the sale." If Ayotte drops her hat in the ring, her awkwardness and condescending "New Englander" mentality would contrast with Palin’s earthy "blue collar" background perfectly.

    These talking heads are lining up candidates who are conceivably "liberal" and another name I’ve heard being dropped around is Jon Huntsman’s name, lmao. They seem to think that we want a candidate who seeks to go along to get along, and we don’t. The only difference between this time and last is that, this time, they aren’t trying to present their candidates as "more conservative" or "severely conservative" they are outright presenting them as liberals, which would explain why Palin is consistently and conveniently left out of their roster of potential candidates – because she has shown a sort of consistency on conservative policies that doesn’t fit with the others’ records.

    • section9

      Don’t get me wrong, Ayotte is good people with the right instincts. She’s the best we could get in that kind of environment in 2010. Had her opponent won the primary, we might have lost that seat. Palin made the right primary choice.

      However, unlike Palin, Ayotte is not a leader. Palin is born to it, and has leadership in her DNA. Like Obama, Clinton, and Reagan, Palin can go into a room and own it. That’s what scares people like Mataconis, they know what she’s got: the rest is just the details.  D.C. people have f**ked this country up so bad they don’t realize that good people can actually come from outside of their circle of approved choices.

      Jeb Bush and Rick Perry think they have what it takes. They don’t.

      Ted Cruz has it in spades. Too bad he was born in Canada.

      Too bad Allen West made his fight so protracted. Now people will say "Sore Loserman".

      • TENCOLE

         Hopefully, come2016……people will be saying Vice-President West. ;)

        • section9

          Don’t hold your breath.

          Allen needed to hold on to that seat. He’ll have to make a comeback and win to be considered for higher office. Murphy has to f**k up and West has to be able to win a "told you so" race.

          • TENCOLE

            Says who?…..West has proven his worth in the battlefields of Afghanistan/Iraq AND the battlefields in Washington.
            He doesn’t need a "comeback"…..he’s not going anywhere.
            Section, "times they are-a changing"…..political experience doesn’t have the leverage, nor does it leave the impressive impression it once did. Actually…..many politicians and voters think it’s better to be an outsider.
            We’ll see what West is going to do these next couple of years…..speaking engagements is my guess.
            Seeing West and Palin at the same event….possibly at the same time……my heart be still. ?

            • jerseyflash

              I like it TENCOLE…people forget about Pizza-man and the High-Rise builder from NYC…West got a bad deal and the sorry thing about this country…it takes ALOT of time and MONEY to get questions answered…example…SNL crown gets felons votes to be counted..Pat Tillmans death (NFL player who became a Ranger and killed) years of investigating when they knew in REAT TIME what happened…..Benghazi in REAL TIME, 53 different stories of what happen….Commander in CRAP gets his 3 AM phone call…tells EVERYONE in the sit-room…I’m going back to bed, you can stay hear and watch them DIE !!!!!!….Holder needs another year to get out from under the FAST & FURIOUS….etc,etc,etc….

              I running for office in 2016…my message "I’m the PARTY of MORE"…whatever they are giving you…I’ll give you MORE…JUST VOTE FOR ME !!!!!!


      Palin couldn’t even get on their list of speakers for a convention…..she’ll NEVER get on their "presidential potentials" list. 

    • WalkerKirbyEsq

      I agree with your assessment that Santorum, Gingrich and Romney had spent so long out of the public eye (even longer than Sarah Palin) that they were not exactly qualified. I remember thinking, when Romney started to build his lead in primary wins, that he was never going to get elected; my despair started far earlier than most Republicans, who seemed to fool themselves until late on the night of November 6.  

      I don’t think the voters bought into Romney’s "experience" argument since he chose not to run for re-election, given his high negatives in Massachusetts after his one term.  Even the people that voted for him wouldn’t vote for him again.  

  • GeraldGoff

    Was that really a ‘pro’ palin article?  Nothing about her executive abilities, her foriegn policies, or her ability to lead the country…the article was specifically about how she would appeal to the ‘uninformed’ voter.

    Female? check.
    Good Looking? Check.
    Son serving in military? check
    Blue collar appeal? check.
    "charming and affable and unwilling to back down" ? check

    • James A. Tyler

      I think it was just the shock of the piece’s appearance, and how well-written it was, that makes us cheer and people like Mataconis’ mouth foam, especially regarding where it turned up. I went away after reading the piece thinking "exactly- that’s exactly how I was thinking, but I didn’t know how to put it into words."

  • bongobear

    Mataconis is full of crap.

  • RepackRider

    Ironically, a Sarah Palin candidacy is one area where both C4P and DAILYKOS agree!  Both sites favor it.

    For different reasons, of course.  The "Kossacks" believe she would lose a national election, while C4P readers KNOW she would win.

    Be careful what you wish for.

    • John_Frank

       A yes … an Obama supporter, who voted for him, thereby helping the Communist Party USA to implement its agenda, given that the CPUSA endorsed Obama’s re-election.

  • section9

    Doug Mataconis is an Establishment Mouthpiece posing as a libertarian.

    He wanted Romney to win, of course. All of his arguments against Palin were Establishment talking points in favor of a Romney ascendancy.

    And they were all wrong. People like Mataconis are what is wrong with the GOP. If you truly believe that someone like Kelly Ayotte, who has only been a Senator for two years and who only won her nomination after a Palin endorsement pushed her over the top of a more conservative opponent back in 2010, is Presidential timbre, then you should close up your blog and go to work for Ed Gillespie or Karl, because you are nothing but a paid flack and hit man.

    Which is what Doug is.

    Republicans like Mataconis don’t want to offend their friends in the news media. They want to be liked and respected by Democrats, so they can sit around the Algonquin Table with the Cool Kids.

    This is how we got Mike Murphy and Steve Schmidt, Peggy Noonan and Kathleen Parker. It’s also how we got Mitt Romney.

    It’s not how we’ll rebuild the Reagan Coalition.

    Bold Colors, not Pale Pastels.

    More Palin, not less. If that makes a closeted Bushie like Mataconis unhappy, then Palin is doing the right things, not the wrong ones.

    • James A. Tyler

      I just never imagined that the 2016 race might look conceivably winnable for Palin, should she choose to run, but with the mentality projected onto the base’s establishment, right now, its actually plausible, I think. It also makes her "Who is Running the Country Now" Facebook post last week all the more of an indication that she has "not yet begun to fight."

      • section9

        Actually, don’t be surprised if Palin decides to pass on 2016 for the Senate. Begich is enormously weak sauce and Empty Suit. A full term in the Senate would allow the GOP to work out its Bushtard disease, especially if Bush lost to Hillary, as I suspect he would.

        People don’t understand the personal aspect of Palin’s life: she may want to get her kids raised to adulthood and get Trig squared away. We need to recognize that her schedule isn’t our schedule. 

        • ljmesq

          ‘We need to recognize that her schedule isn’t our schedule."  Very true, Section9.  Unfortunately, the Country’s continued decline isn’t waiting on anybody’s schedule.  As the Obama Administration’s destruction continues over the next four years, I think that she’ll realize that she’s faced with a very difficult decision.  

        • wiskeyjack

          Truly an issue for her carrying forward into 2016 and after all that she and her family have put up with why should she want to.  But she has not shut the door, not yet.  And even so, it seems  there is positive support from family such as Dad and Brother.

          But if she chooses not to run in 2016  I suspect that is pretty much an end to any POTUS aspirations.  That is because Rino Rubio, or the like, will be trotted out to go against Hillary to win which he will with an electorate wanting a change from the Dems.  Once, Rubio is in it will be for 8 years.  Then his Rino VP for another 8 years….


      Mr Mataconis, after this past election…..
      "I will not insult you by pretending that you actually believe what you just said."
      …W F Buckley

      Daaang, everyone’s an expert and sometimes I think we’re living in virtual reality.
      It just kills me that the GOPe actually think that people like Ayotte and especially Rubio are soooo well qualified to be POTUS, when added together, they don’t even have a senator’s one term experience…..and THAT"S okay!.   Meanwhile, it’s not okay for Palin to have the same amt of experience, but with much more accomplishments…..I’m not getting it.


    Well, we thought 2012 was a wide open race because of obummer’s dilemma. I like the way you describe the GOP’s " Golden Boy " —– [ and just imagine trying to say that about the Dem’s frontrunner ] . —— I’d probably bet money that Sarah is planning carefully even as we speak.  

  • Jon Kelly




  • WEL2

    A liberal is a liberal is a liberal . . .
    A RINO is a RINO is a RINO is a RINO . . .

  • n4cerinc

    My response to any of these bloggers on the right to mouth off about a Palin run is whether they were full speed ahead for the Most Electable Mitt Romney. If they were, then just like Karl Rove and the rest of ‘em, they lost all credibility and are just blowing hot gas when it comes to their opinion about who can win and who cannot. Their opinions worth as much as any Joe or Jane on the street. 

    • carmtom13

      These people are reporting what Rove and the DC GOP elite establishment tell them to write. Proof they are already writing about the Rove and his ilk talking points as to who THEY will pick to run in 2016. We must not let them get away with this again. Remember what Breitbart said "We will no longer sit down and shut up" we must make our voices herd loud and clear. IT CAN BE DONE!!

  • DocBarry1

    The GOPe is acting like you expect them to – they should get behind Gov Palin and go after the people that write or say things that are just wrong – instead they act as they have been acting like for years – disrespecting the Governor

    I stand with the Governor and she needs to run as a Republican and/or a third party

  • otto

    This kind of malicious crap is what every honest candidate will have to put up with from here to eternity because it has worked for them. (George Soros agrees, as he has poured millions of dollars into it)

    The politicial arena is loaded with copy cats perfectly willing to let the end justify the means.
    They will continue until it is no longer profitable.

  • Dan C

    The news media is a fifth column. They are liars and hacks. 

    • ljmesq

      Oh, I think that they’re worse than that.

  • AngelaTX

    Doug is a liberal. He hates social conservatives and bashed Romney every chance he got during the election.

  • Dumbplumber

    I hate to point out the obvious, but the PDS loons are constantly trolling all media to ferret out any positive comments about Sarah Palin. Once isolated, these stories routinely are accompanied by the inevitable host of raving rants, reminiscent of the severely afflicted paranoid schizophrenics off their meds.

    Nevermind that the accomplishments of Gov. Palin are unparalleled by anyone sitting in Congress or currently governing any state in this union, the “incompetent”, “ignorant”, unqualified” and “just plain stupid” comments have continued to echo since 2008. Never let it be said that facts ever got in the way of unfettered character assassination.

    Face it people, as much as we admire and support her, the Palin well is poisoned. If my own mother–who is one of the least biased people I know–cannot be swayed with the facts of her history, well then the race is lost before it can begin.


       If we give up, then the left, the GOPe and the LSM have won and any other "constitutional conservative" running for office will suffer the same fate.

      It’s gotta stop….we can’t give up.

      • carmtom13

        We can not accept this. We no longer need to sit down and shut up we need to respond to their BS as soon as it comes out. As President Reagan has said IT CAN BE DONE!!

    • carmtom13

      These are Alinsky tactics, keep repeating the same BS and people believe it. Learn from them do the same, play their game. These people need to be called out about the lies they spew. It can be done just have to do it. The bullies need to be confronted, if not they will continue their tactics.

    • Steve_Flesher

      If folks out there who cannot be swayed have to lose a few more elections, so be it.

      The truth we stand for is universal and it stands forever.  In the end, it’ll count for something.

  • WalkerKirbyEsq

    The author says that commenters over at Mataconis’ blog are "running out of their rat holes in hysterical droves."  I think that is a mis-characterization of the situation that ends up being unhelpful.  I read all the comments and think the reaction of his audience could more accurately be summarized as "banal contempt" rather than "hysteria."  There was a lot of snark there that you wouldn’t have seen in pre-election comments about Romney or Ryan, who they may have despised but at least took seriously as viable candidates.  

    For Sarah Palin to be a viable 2016 candidate, she and her people will have to be able to make her look like a serious candidate in the eyes of not only the 53% of the population who voted for Obama, but also a big slice of people who voted for Romney and who are now trying to figure out how to move the GOP to the center in a big hurry.  That’s a formidable task, which is why it requires starting now.  Not tomorrow, but today.  

    It can be done, but any further media adventures like the rumored health/fitness book or other "pop celebrity" adventures would probably be unhelpful in that regard.  She should start some sort of serious policy think tank to create a sober, thoughtful articulation of exactly what she stands for.  That would help her be seen as more serious than if one of her relatives ends up on Dancing with the Stars again.  

    • Steve_Flesher

      With respect, this has nothing to do with what would or would not make Governor Palin a viable candidate in 2016.  We as her supporters don’t even know what she wants to do.

      She didn’t have to run for President in 2012 to have the biggest (most positive) impact on the GOP of the night on Nov. 6th considering the success she had with her endorsed candidates.

      What Mataconis does though is races out to hysterically denounce her efforts and results when it is clear that with all of her TV appearances and lighter-hearted endeavors (TV shows, DWTS, etc), she has indeed made a huge impact for the good of the GOP whereas the ones who have tried to avoid her (like Romney did) have continued to fail.

      The only thing Mataconis accomplishes is division among the good eggs of the party by obsessing about her.  That’s dangerous and it has to be called out when someone is that irresponsible.

      And yes. many have ran out of their ratholes hysterically denouncing the LA Times article.  It’s a fair characterization since so many of the same spent the last year telling us that she was irrelevant. 

      If she were irrelevant, she wouldn’t get their attention so quickly, and I was characterizing the writers of these pieces, not the commenters.

      • WalkerKirbyEsq

        Thanks for a thoughtful response. It’s good to see some clear thinking out there, standing head and shoulders above the slogan-slinging or name-calling that characterizes so much political discourse on both sides these days. 

    • excopconservative

      To combat mischaracterizations you have to go where the mischaracterizations originate and that is in the media.  Gov. Palin has 100% name recognition but about half of the people know something about her and the other half only know a character created on comedy shows.  Some of these people think that she is an uneducated hick from the sticks.  Any live exposure on TV is good for Gov. Palin. 

      If you are unaware what Gov. Palin stands for, you haven’t been listening.  Are you diverted by her appearance or the reaction of others to her?  She has written more pieces on more subjects than any of the people who ran for President and people could actually understand her position after they read them.  Would there have been any opposition to Obamacare if Gov. Palin hadn’t exposed it for what it is?  Would the TEA Party have existed if Gov. Palin hadn’t nurtured it in its infancy?  Would Republicans have won the 2010 midterms without that TEA Party and her "Take Back the House" campaign which elected 90% of its endorsed candidates.

      For those who don’t know where Gov. Palin stands on the issues, I can state it very simply.  She takes positions on issues that are consistent with our founding documents.  On foreign policy she follows the mold of Ronald Reagan, support our friends, oppose our enemies and commit troops only where the vital interests of the US are at stake.  She supports developing our natural resources which benefits the economy as well as our national security.  She supports a smaller  federal government which makes her an enemy of both political party establishments.  She knows that a nation buried in debt is not a strong nation.

      If you are really concerned about her policy stands, isn’t it more important what she has done, rather than what she has said?  Her record from Alaska has been kept a secret from the public by a media that is 90% democrat.  They sought out her emails to give the impression of being thorough in examining her record, but once they had the emails and found that they completely tore apart the media meme that she was stupid, uneducated, incompetent and probably a crook, they spoke no more about them.  What other politician could have withstood an examination of "private" correspondence without appearing to be bigoted or profane or plain dishonest?  Our Vice-President can’t even appear on stage with the President without being heard to use the "f" word.

      Mitt Romney got the votes of those who watched the political shows and he didn’t clearly define what he stood for.   He did not get the votes of people who watch Dancing with the Stars or the Today Show or Jay Leno.  They didn’t know what he stood for either, but also they got the impression that he didn’t care about what they cared about.  He got many of the rational politically informed voters, but lost nearly all of the more emotionally based voters.

      The mistake that many bloggers and pundits make is that they think all voters use the same criteria for choosing a candidate that they do.  It’s a minority of voters who use the words "agree" and "disagree" in describing their candidate of choice.  More use the words  "like" and "trust".  Gov. Palin will continue to appeal to the uninformed voter as well as the political junkies by speaking, writing, and making TV appearances in all venues. 

  • Mr.L

    What do you expect from a low rent collections attorney like Mataconis?  The guy is a liberal not a libertarian. If you go into the archives of a site like The Other McCain, you will see this POS is no stranger to attacking good conservatives under the banner that he’s a "libertarian".   This guy had it out for Palin for the longest time.  It’s too early to be talking about 2016 IMO, but I will say that if Palin jumped in the race at any given time, idiot naysayers like Mataconis cannot do anything about it. All they can do is lie, distort & bend her narrative into a pretzel.  What are people like him afraid of? If she really is what they believe she is ie: no substance, no depth on issues and the other various accusations they make against her are all true, then if she should run she will likely flame out.
    Newsflash, deep down they know that stuff about her is not true. They know that her mere presence in a field would likely diminish anyone else running. She’s got star power, something any of his "impressive" on the bench do not have.  She’s also a serious campaigner.
    Listen folks, what do you expect from a guy who is litigious pest, a liberal-tarian and obvious supporter of Rand Paul?  Watch and mark my words,he will most likely be leaning hard for Paul.  People believe that there is some kind of difference between Ron & Rand but there is not.  Rand Paul will be crazier than his PaPa, just give him time. He’s even going bow weebly on issues like immigration already, gladly taking the GOPe’s medicine that granting amnesty will likely get us the latino vote.
    Is Doug a fiscal conservative? Who knows? because if you support amnesty, pot decriminalization and legalization….who ends up paying for the newly legalized citizen’s health care?  who will pay for the health care of those who will be able to smoke pot more freely when they have to be hospitalized for various cancers and automobile accidents from toking and driving accidents?
    Doug being the numbers guy at the collections agency knows– the government will be collecting the bill from the American taxpayers.
    And to be pro Rand Paul and call Palin not serious is a joke.  Rand Paul will likely follow his father’s example of running for president for life.  How serious were those Ron Paul past campaigns?  Mataconis wants to accuse Palin of stringing her supporters along???   While supporting a Paul???? Please, most in the know understand that Ron, Rand & the entire Paul family were instrumental in helping coronate the Rominee.  Ron Paul attacked every conservative candidate who was a threat to Mitt in the debates and never attacked him.  If you do not realize that this happened, you are simply not awake. The Romney and Paul families were on record being very friendly with each other.  And some Paul supporters who have brains woke up to the fact that Paul’s campaign took them for a financial ride.  Ron Paul never had any intention of running a winning campaign, he simply wanted a platform for his ideas (because a 30 plus yr congressman with no legislative achievements, that’s all he has are ideas) sell his wife’s cook book, his own books and set Rand to continue the Paul family deception. Romney and the GOPe gave him that opportunity.
    Never forget the Mataconis joined the RINO/ Liberal Democrat pile on against Michele Bachmann and five other congressman who dared to say they wanted to investigate (ooooo ssssshocking) Huma Weiner for her obvious Muslim Brotherhood ties. 
    He also blamed threats on Human Weiner on crazy conservatives.  But then conveniently looked the other way when it was revealed that a man from the Islamic faith was picked up by the PoPo for threatening her.  The media ignored that factotum. So did Doug.
    Hey Doug, you would have a great future at MSNBC you know that?
    The biggest problem I have with Mataconis’ deranged screed is that he acts as if Sarah Palin wrote the LA Times article and not Charlotte Allen.  Newsflash Doug, Palin has no control over what people write about her— positive or negative.
    And yes I hate to break it to him, but when you’re a blue star mother who’s son has been to both war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan and you’re running for president–yes that does give such a person street cred with both the pro military and war weary crowds.
    As for Palin’s views on gay marriage, Mataconis is like any perpetually complaining liberal — wants to FORCE you to accept that same sex marriage is the same as traditional marriage.  No, it doesn’t matter to this idiot that Palin is live and let live like most in the 21st century on the issue, but who also do not want same sex marriage to be considered traditional marriage.  It’s not. But that doesn’t stop militant types like Mataconis from trying to force or brow beat us into thinking it is. 
    Yes, Palin doesn’t approve of gay marriage but she took heat from both sides when she vetoed a bill that would’ve barred same-sex partners from receiving state employee benefits under grounds of the constitutionality of the measure.  She based her decision on the frame work of the state’s constitution, not on the idea of how much cash in political donations as Obama did.  Reagan did something similar in the 1980s when he opposed the Briggs Initiative which banned gay teachers from teaching in schools.  Not because he agreed with the lifestyle, but because he believed a man’s right to work was his/hers constitutional right and the government whether right, left or middle shouldn’t get in the way of that. 
    What does Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan have in common on this issue?  Even though they’ve actually stuck their neck out politically on gay RIGHTS—unlike Obama—they have been called “homophobe” “bigot” “anti-gay” etc. by the very community they stuck their neck out for.  Why?  Because they, like I, do not want the traditional definition of marriage altered.  And that’s not a right.  Marriage is traditionally and anciently defined as between a man and woman and that belief spans several different world cultures and religions.  Also, marriage is not a constitutional right.  Who else thinks so? Obama—sans evolution on the subject—did. And they have him on tape saying so. 
    Here’s my main point:  The debate on gay marriage has become less about “gay rights” per se and more about using the subject and debate to re-define a long standing tradition one in which many leftists, gay or straight, see no value of, or downright hate in American life and culture.  It’s also used as a tool to destroy political figures or celebs who don’t agree with gay marriage. They figure if they can call good people who simply disagree with them on an issue “homophobe” “bigot” “anti-gay” etc., and they do it loud enough, then they will likely get more people to be on their side.
    The issue of gay "rights" is like any other "rights" issue liberals like Mataconis attach themselves.  Eventually, "rights" (defined by law) evolve into "interests" (which are limitless and perceived only through a victim’s lens). 
    I’m sick of people like this trying to define conservativism and republicanism for us! Please Doug, go do the party shahada and join the liberal democrats already!  Please convert immediately.  This way you can support such politicians with real depth and substance like Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo with out any shame.
    Oh yeah, please take anyone of the "impressive" on the bench and compare and contrast Palin’s accomplishments to them.  He most likely could not do that honestly.  Typical of the freaks in our own party, they cry and bitch about wanting reformers and they come across a real reformer and a people’s servant like Palin and they look a gift horse in the mouth.  Hey what can we expect living in a world where a war veteran like Allen West loses to a drunken ID fraud degenerate like Patrick Murphy and a serial race panderer like Alan Grayson goes to Congress in Florida?
    I know Doug believes that being a lawyer is noble & a candidate from a law background or from an Ivy League school still means something.  Newsflash:  lawyers and ivy league a—holes have ruined this country.

    What’s 1000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?  A good start.

    • blueniner

      Molto bene…….

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