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LA Times Writer Uses Sexism and Lies Against Governor Palin

Consider that Susan Rice, on behalf of the administration, is sent out in the middle of an election to do Obama’s dirty work.  She makes the rounds refusing to categorize the attacks in Benghazi (which killed four Americans) as an act of terror.  Even worse, instead of simply saying that we should await a full investigation before she remarks on the matter, she defaults to the Democrat-wild card by demonizing free speech here in the United States when she blamed the disaster on a YouTube video.

Now, sensible conservatives in Congress want her held accountable before she gets a promotion.  That, according to actual elected liberals in Congress is enough to throw out yet another charge of racism (and sexism for good measure).

Rep. James Clyburn, D-S.C., says that the attacks on Rice have gone beyond her job performance. When asked about Rice on CNN’s Starting Point on Tuesday, Clyburn said that words like "lazy" and "incompetent," which have been used to describe black members of the administration, including Rice and President Obama himself, are reminiscent of language used to undermine minorities in decades past.

"Lazy" and "incompetent" are "code words" for black politicians.  Got it?

Okay, now let’s head over to the LA Times where, yet again, someone else has come out in a hysterical frenzy over ONE PRO-PALIN ARTICLE written.

Paul Whitefield decided to dispute Charlotte Allen’s article published last week: (emphasis added)

Caught “Game Change” on cable the other night.

Read Charlotte Allen’s Op-Ed article, “Hey, GOP, take the Palin cure,” in The Times on Sunday.

And what did I learn? Well, something doesn’t add up. Or, to paraphrase “I Love Lucy”: “Charlotte, you got some ’splainin’ to do.”

In her Op-Ed, Allen serves up equal parts lemonade and venomade in making her case that Sarah Palin should be the Republican presidential candidate in 2016. In Allen’s view, Palin has it all: She has blue-collar appeal, she’s “tough as nails,” and best of all, she’s a woman, which, in Allen’s world, gives her this advantage: “Men love Sarah Palin, and she loves men.”

Yep, just what the GOP needs: a Marilyn Monroe who hunts moose too.


Heck, if you want a Republican with common-man appeal, there’s a real governor in New Jersey right now who fits that bill.

So, how does one square Allen’s image of this Republican Party Joan of Arc with the petulant, ill-informed, diva-like Palin depicted in “Game Change”?  (In an homage to Palin, I didn’t actually read the book; I settled for the shallow experience of watching the movie, though in true Palin style, I didn’t watch the whole thing.)


Commentators like Allen are all over the blogs, opinion sections and the TV and radio “news” and talk shows these days.  Their aim is to provoke, to inflame — to hit the hornet’s nest and see how many angry people come out.

[F]or Charlotte Allen, the best thing about Sarah Palin is that she’s good for Charlotte Allen.

What would happen to me or to any other conservative blogger/writer if something this smearing and incendiary were written about Susan Rice, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton?

Here we have an alleged man implying that one pro-Palin article wasn’t written on merit, but was aimed to "provoke" and to get "angry people" to come out.  I guess it couldn’t have anything to do with Governor Palin’s record of hard work and accomplishment.  I suppose it couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that Governor (yes, the real Governor) Palin was able to do everything she set out to do in four years in only 2/3 of the time.  Instead of realizing how incredible this was for feminism — considering that Governor Palin also has a husband and children to take care of — he ignores the logical facts surrounding her resignation, the record of real accomplishment she acquired, and the overall good she did for Alaska as its leader by fighting corruption, big oil, and special interests.

Nope! He chooses to cite a movie which has been thoroughly debunked time and time again.  He chooses to take an innocuous remark made by Charlotte Allen about Governor Palin’s attractiveness to describe her as "Marilyn Monroe who hunts moose."  He then concludes by insinuating she wasn’t a "real Governor."

Just what does this fella have to do before someone calls him a sexist pig?

Of course we can never expect the mainstream media to call it out — nor can we rely on the GOP establishment to do anything.  This is why we have to continue our collective efforts to find ways around these very powerful and corrupt entities.

As Governor Palin described a few months ago at the Right Online conference, we now have the tools to meet this nonsense head on.  We have to be the media when the other kind refuses to exercise professionalism and good judgment.  Leaving comments, writing letters to the editor, talking about it with one another and with friends is a good place to start.  We cannot allow these one-sided narratives to continue without challenge.

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  • Azarkhan

    More lies from the Ministry of Truth. Get used to it.


    "Journalists" like Whitefield are pompous assholes…..that’s right, I said it.

  • blueniner

    This guy is an idiot hater, there is no logic in anything he says. I hope Steve challenged him and his comments.

  • TeflonWarrior

    This is the same guy that mocked vietnam veterans. How is it that our society tolerates liable only from the left? My tolerance is quickly drying up for idiots.

  • John_Frank

    Steve, thanks for taking this "journalist" apart for his sexist and libelous commentary about Governor Palin. 

    • celestiallady

      Right but it’s one thing to take him apart to us, we already know the truth – is this message sent to Paul Whitefield? He might come here to read this but how would we know?

      • John_Frank

         We send him an email and tell him what we think. People can get his email from the LA Times website.

  • conservativemama

    These critics are getting sloppier all the time.  That attack wouldn’t have passed muster as a school assignment.  It is so lacking in any intellectual argument.  It’s on a par with two middle school girls discussing the pretty, successful student they’re all jealous of.

    This is what happens when you’re so insulated you no longer need a brain.  You’re just a drone.

  • patnatasha

    he just needs to go away and get a life.

  • indemind

    Thanks Steve for bringing up SarahBraveheart’s Right Online speech… where she said

     "Makecrapup-istan" the land of lib journalism" so "Don’t retreat, reload with inspiration." …"Our nation can no longer afford partisan apathy"… "warning for conservatives to stay vigilant"….…….. and where I always say….

    These people don’t hate Sarah Palin because of the lies,…the lies exist to justify the hate

    • $35927229

      You should post that quote about lib journalism on LA times website!

    • $35927229


  • GeraldGoff

    the original article was more of a backhanded slap to sarah than a ‘pro’ sarah article.  The original article said nothing about her leadership skills or what she could do as the elected president of our great country.  The entire article was about how sarah was the perfect candidate to appeal to the "uninformed" voter.

  • Mary Beth House

    What makes this especially pathetic is that Whitefield acknowledges that things don’t add up when he contrasts Palin’s value versus what he saw in an HBO movie and yet he gives more credence to the movie than he does to Palin’s actual record of accomplishments.

    And by pathetic I mean tragically so.

  • nkthgreek

    Expect nothing less from the left-wing L.A. Slime.

    • PAWatcher

      I agree greek, so the title of the article should have read- LA Times’ sexist, lying writer does hit piece on Sarah Palin. Don’t use sexist and lying before  Sarah’s name, tag it to the writer…’s a subtle difference that puts the onus on the writer not Sarah. The liberal will only see sexism lies Sarah Palin.

  • Lemuel Vargas

    And the libs do not realize that when they denigrate Sarah like that, they are also denigrating women in general by association especially women libs..

  • bongobear

    Paul Whitefield is a media coward who gets his kicks smearing all sorts of people, from Viet Nam vets to global warming skeptics.  Basically, if you take a position different from his you are a fool.

  • otto

    It’s sort of like the complaint about the progressive’s taking over our children’s minds, and the school system..
     We bluster ,and we rant about it but what are we really doing about it other than singing to the choir?

    Men like Bill Ayers are still sitting pretty in the class room,and Sarah Palin is still being skewered in the media of every kind.

    You would think that the people doing all this  "hate"  America.

    Wait a minute.. they do hate America.
    Of course they hate America at the core of this movement ,and around the fringes there are those who  love to profiteer off all this hate.
     People like Sarah Palin are just conduits for the chaos that these people thrive in..

      We have to somehow let the  people in on the dirty little secret , that the real  "hate" is actually aimed at them and  their country. They are the ones that these progressive radicals find "stupid"

    I don’t think they get it yet.

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