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Liberal talk show hosts: Romney’s responsible for 29 deaths from meningitis

Heh, this may not be as far-fetched as you’d think.  I mean if Romney has the ability to kill a woman with cancer, doesn’t it follow that he’d also have the divine capacity to kill 29 people with meningitis? Is that going too far? Why, "not at all" if you believe these two simpletons:

The key exchange:

Radio host Thom Hartmann: Would I be going too far if I said Mitt Romney’s responsible for the deaths of 29 Americans.

Mike Papantonio: Not at all. I would say the same thing.

If this is what passes for serious dialogue, is there any wonder that liberal radio shows can’t attract any viewers? I remember back in 2005, the Left essentially implied that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were responsible for Hurricane Katrina, that they conjured it up and steered it into New Orleans using their super-secret weather machine which, no doubt, was housed in a hidden lab in a camouflaged building somewhere on the Halliburton complex. There’s only 5 days left until the election.  What are the odds that Democrats will blame Republicans and/or conservatives for Hurricane Sandy in the interim? Oh wait.


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  • $8196935

    How could Romney have time to put it together to kill people with meningitis
    when he was busy creating the storm that hit the East Coast

    • RightMom

      …And waging a war on women.

  • John_Frank

    Ugly. In the meantime, what about Benghazi?

    Oh right, nothing to see …. move along.

  • colint

    This video made me so mad that I had to shut it off for health reasons. I believe it is about 8 years since Romney acted as governor. These cases of meningitis occured during the past 6? months. What has this got to to with Romney.

  • MaMcGriz

    Only 29??

    Oh surely it’s more than that.


    And what..?? No allegations of torture??

  • kcnut

    It’s russian run station that why you got these jackwagon on the air but on my blog you dont hear that stuff.  By the way new show peeps listen and donate because without free press there is no freedom. That why you you have these stupid talking heads on tv.

  • bongobear

    Is it possible these people don’t realize how utterly stupid they sound?

  • Guest

    What a dark and evil world these leftists live in……


    • Dan Johanson

       Oh please.You guys don’t can’t even define what a rape is or when is a rape really a rapeRepublicans are so dumbed  down ie.Palin,Bachman.You guys have destroyed our country in the name of God and money. conservatives are a sick bunch.

      • Guest

        F-U leftist puke…..get the hell off our blog..

        Ha ha….bye bye odummer!!.

        PALIN/WEST 2016

  • BrianusBerkleianus


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