Mark Landsbaum | U.S. becoming California becoming Greece

The nation has opted to become more like California, and California even more like itself, which is to say, the state has taken another long stride toward becoming Greece on the Pacific.

In Tuesday’s election, Republicans held the House of Representatives, and the Democrats the U.S. Senate. But arguably, the nation nudged further to the blue side of the political spectrum, as voters rejected Republican Mitt Romney and doubled down on the decidedly liberal leadership of Democrat Barack Obama for four more years.

In California, Democrats gained a two-thirds supermajority of both houses of the Legislature for the first time in most Californians’ lifetime. When the new legislative session begins, Democrats will be able to raise taxes without a single Republican vote, and also approve constitutional amendments and urgency legislation. In short, whatever Democrats want to do, they will have no meaningful Republican opposition.

What does all this mean? For Democrats, it may be the best news since the income tax, the mother’s milk of Big Government.


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