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Mark Levin Discusses Possible Replacements for House Speaker, Mentions Governor Palin

Mark Levin and a caller discussed possible replacements for Speaker of the House.  One of the choices was Governor Palin and Levin correctly declared it should "shake the place up!"

I agree.  The thought alone would make the establishment implode.

Even though he was simply talking with a caller, I am grateful to Mr. Levin for remaining solid and dedicated in his conservative principles and for regarding Governor Palin as the leader she has always been and remains.

(h/t to Stacy for the audio)

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  • mymati

    AMEN TO THAT!!!!

  • Quiet_Righty

    I learned only recently that the Speaker of the House does not have to be a sitting Congressman (or Congresswoman). I think I learned this on Mark’s show.

    • Steve_Flesher

      Yeah it is an interesting fact.

    • RebinTexas

       Quiet_Righty – I’m not sure when Mark Levin mentioned the thing about the Speaker. I do know Mark America was talking about this last week on his blog too.

      What I’d give to see some shakin up going on……..We The People sure need to do it.

      • songofdeborah

        How would ‘We the People’ get someone like Gov Palin considered for the position as Speaker?

  • indemind

    SarahBeautiful-  Lets, "Shuck and Jive" The Congress…

    Palin-"There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we don’t care who gets the credit."  

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thank you, Mark!!

    You are, IMV, a great and worthy defender of the Governor.

    A speaker of the truth defends another speaker of the truth …

    … and agrees that she would be a great SPEAKER of the House!!!

    A note to all politicians:

    Speak the Truth, as Mark does, as Sarah does.

    Then, maybe, just maybe, you will be fit to hold positions like Speaker of the House!!!

    • palmerguy

      Isn’t the speaker 3rd in line after the vice president?

      • fb274

         Second in line – Prez – Vice Prez – Speaker of House

  • socon

    That would be awesome.

  • Guest

    hmmm…that would make her in-line of succession for the Presidency ….
    lookin good…

  • colint

    Did Pelousi sit next to Obama in the Cabinet room meetings. Can you imagine Sarah there with that gang of Chicago thugs. SS protection would not be enough. She’d need Todd.

    • socon

       I’d put my money on Sarah!  None of those wimps has ever field dressed elk.  lol

    • Betsey_Ross

      Obama doesn’t have cabinet meetings much.  In the past 4  years I would be surprised if he had 10.  It’s eaiser to ruing the country that way.  He just does stuff on his own. 


    Did Mark mention just how do we go about getting Boehner out and some else in?

  • John_Frank

    Steve, thanks for posting this audio.

  • blueniner

    "Now that would shake the place up", boy it sure would, Sarah would fumigate the crony bacteria that prevails in that chamber………I wonder if Mark is aware of C4P? His daughter is the one that turned him on to Sarah Palin. I think Mark Levin would like this site if he knew it existed, anyone that tweets might give it a shot, or knows how to get in touch with him, alert him to C4P……

  • PhilipJames

    How soon the RINOS and Establishment think the same way…

    • blueniner

      Ryan is part of the establishment, I put in my vote for Sarah Palin over there on Twitchy…….

      • Christopher H Fromme


  • Guest

    lol…Damn right  she would……right on Mark !

    go Sarah.

  • JerseyGirl8

    I suggested this idea the day after the election, but I also wished that both Obama and Biden would be impeached over Benghazi (or pick another reason — there are many) so that Sarah would be elevated to the Presidency.

    • RebinTexas

       Jersey – wonder how many more acts of treason, willfully working to take US down, and lies and subterfuge by the admin and congress before We The People – finally rise up and say NO MORE…….

  • wodiej

    That would work for me! We know she wouldn’t be standing around crying and playing golf w obama. 

  • TangledThorns

    It would not surprise if Sarah makes a Senate run in either AK or maybe another state. The problem with running in AK is she would be attacked by the establishment Murkowski types and the Democrats. 

    • Christopher H Fromme

      Better that Joe Miller run for Senate in 2014, he won’t have lisa to mess with.

    • bucky321

      she will never again run for state office again.she is beyond that., plus she will not get any support from gop and the dems will put millions in to defeat her and that would be her finish. i don’t think she will ever run for public office because she can’t count on the gop so why not do what she is doing, securing herself and family financially and staying in alaska and commenting whenever.

    • colint

      As a junior senator, 1 of 100, she would have FAR less influence than she does now as she can criticise Obama, Democrats and Repuplicans in interviews, speeches and whatever she writes.

  • bongobear

    The possibility that House members would vote for anyone other than a sitting house member as Speaker is as likely as the sun rising in the west…ain’t gonna happen.  The majority of all congress critters are so content in their privileged cushy jobs that they wouldn’t do anything radical to endanger their position.  Sarah Palin, a strong, intelligent woman with the gumption to get things done, would scare the heck out of these people.  It’s so much easier to not make waves and just go along to get along.

    • RebinTexas

       Bongo……….I’d love to be able to disagree with you……..but I agree with you 100% – on all 3 statements…….

      With bho and his cronies and what we have in congress……I greatly fear what all they will do to US.

      • bongobear

        As do I, Reb.  At least in Texas you seem to have your act together…one of the few states that can make that claim.

        • bucky321

          at least until the governor starts cracking down on benefits to illegals and secures the border., then texas will go the same way as others

    • HuntingMoose

      May be not Sarah but there are quite a few congress people out there that would be a heck more vocal than Boehner

      Bachmann, Mia Love, Allen West….., hmm, now it becomes even more clear why they spend such an insane amount of $$ and fraud to keep them out of congress…

      • bucky321

        hahahahaha, never happen , combined with sarah the gope hate these people as much as the dems.

      • wpmwindsong

        It makes you scratch you head as to why 4-6 million conservatives failed to vote in 2012 or all of those Congress people would have won.  Was there 4-6 million more votes for Congressional candidates than for President?  Just wondering.  Didn’t think so.  

        No amount of fraud and $$$ kept our voters from voting.  No one put a gun to our head to stay away.  We should have had every one of the 61 million voters for RINO GW Bush in 2004, plus half the votes that Obama lost from his 2008 vote count; and Obama would have been toast. 

        We, and America, were our own worst enemy while trying to blame in others.  We have enough of that with Obama blaming everyone for his failures.  

        • HuntingMoose

          not think illegal votes being cast but the missing ballots.

          it is a felony to vote for many reasons. It is not a felony to ‘forget’ a few ballots.

          • wpmwindsong

            There seems to be something missing from the sentences.  They don’t make sense. 

            • HuntingMoose

              everyone is always focussed on illegal votes (duplicates, by those not allowed etc).

              nobody including the law looks at the disappearing votes. Like in Philadelphia, the only explanation is that either all voters have been ‘coached’ -or- someone diliberately remove the votes not for Obama. The excuse when caught will be they overlooked that one pile, temporarily put aside in that box everyone forgot about. Not a felony but at least as damning.

    • songofdeborah

      Do you think the 20 some states that want to secceed would stay if she was made Speaker of the House? If so, lets make a deal!!!

  • Robert Arvay

    No one is more qualified to lead this nation than Sarah Palin is.
    She has the character, the principles, the integrity, the skills, the experience, the record, the courage, and all the other attributes necessary.  NOBODY exceeds her.

    • HuntingMoose

      yeah, she is my president . In exile, but she is the one I follow

      • wpmwindsong

        You did vote for Romney and supported him 100% like Sarah did?  Right?  That kind of follower? 

  • Christopher H Fromme

    Written when we hoped to be rid of Obama but now Congress must deal with him and Boehner will cave
    Dear Governor Palin,                                                     Sept 14  2012

          It seems like no one inside the beltway has any common sense. That includes the leadership in the Republican Party.  When the Tea PartyPatriots turned the electoral map red in 2010 we thought that something might happen at the Federal level to stop the insane spending.  The first sign was that the same RINO’s that did stupid things under GW Bush that lost the House in 2006 were now back in charge of the Committee Chairmanships. 
    It went downhill from there when  cry baby Boehner caved to whatever President Obama wanted..  Newt would have shut down the government in the same situation.  So now we are $16 T
    in debt and climbing and even the Ryan Plan would not fix the problem if it ever gets to see a real vote.

    It is time for RELENTLESS REFORM  or America will go the way of Greece.

    The question is do you have enough political capital among
    the freshman class of 2010 and other conservatives to be elected Speaker of the
    House.  That means many 120 votes with much support from the Tea  Party
    Patriots, Tea Party Express, Freedomworks and your friends at C4P.

    How the Speaker is chosen As the highest-ranking member of the House, the Speaker is elected by a vote of the members of the House. While it is not required, the Speaker usually belongs
    to the majority political party. The Constitution does not require that the
    Speaker be an elected Member of Congress. No non-member has ever been elected Speaker.

    I would not put forth this idea without substance on how to reform DC.  To that end a young man that ran for Congress, but lost the primary from Pittsburgh area wrote a detailed budget called
      and the highlight are included, it total it
    is only 23 pages whereas Paul Ryan’s Plan is 75 pages.  This plan has a $ 1.5 Trillion surplus in 10 years, the Ryan Plan has a $3.5 T deficit in 10 years.  I don’t think either one takes into account the growth that energy development would improve the GDP and pay down the debt.     You can see all of Evan’s plan at

    Let’s face it Mitt Romney is a Liberal at heart and though he is much better than 4 more years of President Destruction, but  he would need a blowtorch at his feet to cut spending to the levels necessary to turn  the USA Titanic around.  Also  Senator Jim Demint  to lead in the Senate.

    This was mailed to the Alaska PO BOX 2 months ago

    • wpmwindsong

      Let’s put this myth away about the 2010 election being a watershed moment for conservatism and the Tea Party.  Only 32 million Republicans and 29 million Democrats voted in 2012, almost exactly half of the total 125 million who voted in 2008 and the 120 million who voted in 2012. 

      Half of an electorate is not a tsunami that will take over anything.  It was a tempest in a teapot.  Pardon the pun. 

      We had it in our power to defeat Obama in 2012.  Aside from the many other factors that contributed to the loss is the 4-6 million conservatives who chose not to vote for one reason or another, which if they had except for petty and irrelevant grievances, Obama would be packing his bags now. 

      And anyone who claims that Romney was some kind of Obamalite is smoking something.  It is a koolaid meme that does not hold up to reality or scrutiny, including the strong support and encouragement that Sarah Palin gave to the ticket. 

      • Elwanda Burrell

         If the GOP treats Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and Ron Paul supporters in 2016 like they did in 2012 they will lose again.  No one like to be thrown under the bus…..Sarah told them don’t piss off Ron Paul supporters and that is exactly what they did.  They couldn’t stand Sarah Palin so of course they could invite her to the convention in a prime time speaking slot.  Conservatives are getting tired of holding their noses and voting for RINO’s.

        • wpmwindsong

          So you are pleased with 4 more years of Obama?    Are you suggesting that many, not all of course but enough, did not vote for Romney because they were pissed off.   

          Sarah did not have a problem with Romney or Ryan.  From what it sounds like on C4P, many of her "followers" not follow her?   If I was her, I would be "pissed off" at my "followers" who didn’t follow, who fought my goals all the way, and in some cases not even voting.        

          • socon

            Face it–you got suckered by the ‘gracious loser’ RINO Romney.  You were sure he would win, but he lost.  We tried to warn you Romney never had a chance, but you claimed you knew better.  You didn’t.  Why should we listen to anything you have to say?

            Time to move on now; your Romney rants are beyond tedious. 

            How soon are you going to start bullying us on behalf of the next ‘gracious loser’ RINO?  Can’t wait to see!

            • wpmwindsong

              Are you saying that Sarah got suckered?  She was the one who I was supporting in her goal to defeat Obama.  I joined conservative4palin because it was conservatives4palin, not conservatives4socon. 

              You can blame who you want, but if an element of our team, which apparently had a different agenda than Palin, fails to contribute by getting behind the ticket strongly and voting in numbers equal to those who voted for GW Bush, it is their fault. 

              It is a bit like Shoeless Joe Jackson complaining that the White Sox lost the 1919 World Series when he supposedly bet against the team and then threw it. 

              Enjoy the fruits of your labors.  I do not find such behavior worthy of a blog dedicated to Sarah Palin. 

              • socon

                No, I said you got suckered.  You did.  lol

                This has got nothing to do with Sarah–she never bullied us about voting for Romney like you and your smarmy cohorts have.

                You’ve got it backwards:  The GOP has to get behind their base first; then they’ll get the votes to win again.

                If Repubs pull another RINO Romney caper in 2016–they’ll lose worse than 2012.

      • MarkRNY

        Hey wws, if there’s a kool aid drinker here it’s you. Your GOPe and your catastrophic candidate ran the worst canpaign in the history of history. They shoved a big business, smarmy, Wall St type guy down our throats when everyone hates big business, Wall St, smarmy type guys, and wondered why no one showed up. Most here anticipated exactly what happened would happen. You were a notable, serial spamming exception.

        Your GOPe and your candidate were the only things O had going for him. Every single person I know who voted for him said they held their nose while doing it–not one exeption–including me–and this is NY!

        You can revisionist history 2010 all you want, but we SAW what happened. The GOPe and your half assed, coward of a candidate did everything they could to destroy that enthusiasm–and they did!–temporarily. They were almost as terrified of what happened as the Left was. You follow their screenplay well.

        You’d be better off posting on Dead State and sending love letters to Coulter…at Bellevue. Don’t have a clue what your views have in common with Sarah Palin.

        • wpmwindsong

          Mark, Mark.  Are you part of OWS?  That sounds so Marxist.  "Everyone hates big business"?  WTF. 

          Palin is a big supporter of free enterprise, capitalist market based economy, which as part of all business, big or small.  Palin said that Romney had the skills and experience to get the economy roaring again. 

          I am not a GOPe guy.  I was with Sarah from August 2008 and promoted her on Lucianne and on C4P ever since, until I was banned from Lucianne for being for being too pro-Palin, anti-Romney and strongly anti-GOP establishment like Rove, Barbara, etc.   

          On C4P, I supported Palin running up until she announced her decision not to run; and then I promoted Newt Gingrich as did Sarah and Todd while promoting a brokered convention until that was no longer an option, like when Sarah reported that we had a presumptive nominee.   

          You are confirming that many here did not actively support Palin in her call for ABO from the very beginning and for her 100% support of the Romney/Ryan ticket ever since the convention.   
          And there is nothing revisionist about facts.  When there are half the voters in one election from others, that indicates that the universe of voters in 2010 cannot be used to project to elections with twice as many voters.  

          There were enough GOP/conservative votes to defeat Obama in 2012 like Sarah promoted.  Romney was better than Obama, and anyone who would use lack of enthusiasm as a reason to demean and/or to sit the election out, which there is plenty of evidence that many did by comparison to prior elections, is either not a supporter of Palin or has other agendas that are unrelated to her goals, and trump her leadership as well as the need to restore America now.     

          I, along with a few others on C4P, have been the only real supporters of Sarah Palin throughout the entire campaign. 

          • MarkRNY

            You can put Sarah in the OWS category too then. She’s spoken against Wall St as has your bud Coulter.

            You ran a smarmy Intrader Icon, one note Johnny serial flip flopper when the nation needed a small biz/entrepreneur courageous Leader–Capital L. He godfathered ObamaCare, said he would "repeal it" and then left it alone–because he had no choice! His smarm was showing and he knew it. The biggest issue we had was taken off the table.Then the creep treated releasing his tax returns as if it was asking for his 1st born child. It goes on and on. He made Dole look like a political virtuoso.

            He was a disaster from beginning to end, and if you don’t know it you’re deluding yourself.

            Bottom line? O got 10 mil less votes than in 08. That should have set up a landslide. It was a referndum against him. Problem is that it was an even greater referendum against the GOPe and your Romney! He was a sitting duck for any candidate who wasn’t brain/soul dead. We ran the Stepford candidate.

            Now sing the praises of Boehner or McConnell. 


            • socon

              RINOs are an arrogant joke.  They sound like they have an agenda don’t they?  The only thing they’re good at is losing.

              We listen to them at our own and our country’s peril.

              • MarkRNY

                And we’ve got our own resident RINO appologist right here socon! Ain’t we lucky?!

                10 mil less voted for O this time and we lost. Let them–Rush included–‘splain that.

            • wpmwindsong

              Obama got 5 million less votes than in 2008 (not 10 million).  Romney got 500,000+ more votes than McCain.  McCain lost to Obama by 9 million votes.  Romney lost by 3.2 million. 

              Except for 4-6 million no shows by conservatives/GOP voters who had voted for RINO GW Bush in 2004, Romney would have defeated Obama.  Romney successfully reach out to the independent vote as recommended by Palin, depressing the Obama vote by 5 million votes, of which at least 2 million likely voted for Romney. This is what Palin advised Romney right after the convention.  Apparently our side chose not to follow Palin to do its part to defeat Obama. 

              Sarah to Shannon Bream  8/13/12- “It’s all about the independents, Shannon,” Palin said. “We don’t have to just keep on preaching to the choir, there, of the hardcore base of fiscal conservatives within the Republican Party – we got ‘em; Romney’s got ‘em…. “Oh, 100 percent in support; I’m all in for Romney and Ryan.”

              Romney did his part by doing the hard part of actually campaigning to remove Obama from office.  Palin did her part by encouraging a lengthy and vigorous primary to see which candidate would rise to the top; and when Romney did, she got behind Romney, calling for everyone to unite. 

              Sarah to Sean – "I have no doubt in my mind — here will be no question, it will be unified," Palin said of conservative support for Romney in the general election. "It will be strong."

              Sarah did not have anything like the vitriolic opinion of Romney that you so viciously spewed.  One would think that the opinion of Sarah Palin would have some impact on her "followers". 

              Sarah to Eric Boling – "Speaking personally, there is no hatchet to bury or olive branch that needs to be passed between Mitt Romney and myself. We have a good relationship and I have great respect for him; and I am so thankful the GOP has a strong candidate who understands the private sector and what it takes to get the economy roaring again."

              Disaster?  He did his job to undermine Obama’s support in the debates, his ads and his huge rallies all over the country, many times the size of Obama’s rallies.  He provided positive plans for restoring America and Obama’s negative ads never found traction.  He presided over an historic reduction of a sitting President’s first term vote, exceeding that which Carter experienced running against Reagan.

              Sarah did her job in providing cogent commentary throughout the campaign from her 10/5/11 announcement which resulted in a ticket that she was able to get behind 100% and promoting the defeat of Obama for all the right reason and the election of Romney/Ryan for all the right reason.

              The other absolutely essential team member, without which nothing can be accomplished, is the electorate whose only job is to show up at the polls and vote.  Based on the commentary that has been on the C4P blog throughout the process, it is clear that there was a significant element of that team member that had a different agenda than Sarah and failed in its duty to defeat Obama.  Everyone else did their job.  Those who sat the election out didn’t.

              • MarkRNY

                From Doug Brady’s "It’s the Turnout Stupid" posted here–

                "A comparison of 2008 election results and 2012 election results indicate Obama received about 9 million fewer votes yesterday than he did in 2008. But the data also indicate that the Romney-Ryan ticket received almost 2.3 million fewer votes nationally than the McCain-Palin ticket did in 2008. (Incidentally, that 2.3 million voter deficit is only marginally less than the number of votes by which Obama beat Romney in the popular vote.)"

                You’re spinning numbers like a Rover. You’re purposely drawing every wrong conclusion about what happened. You and your buds handed O this election, and God willing, it’s the last time you undermine us.

                Sarah was "behind" this ticket because the alternative was Obama. They treated her like crap from Day 1. They tried to destroy her since 08!

                Reply to this and reply to the wind. You’re showing your true colors.  

                • wpmwindsong

                  Hey buddy, get off my case.  I was for Palin from the beginning and seriously against Romney up until Palin said that we had a presumptive nominee.  After Sarah said that we would all be united behind the ticket, I got behind the ticket.  I don’t know what your problem is about not following Palins lead. 

                  I found that many on C4P totally ignored Sarah’s leadership and took the challenge of trying to defeat Obama by demeaning the ticket that Palin actually had great respect for.   You must have some other agenda than Palin had. 

                  I have no idea where everyone gets their different vote counts, but this one has comparisons between 2004, 2008 and 2012.

                  Why weren’t you and all the other naysayers, who actually did not vote, get behind the ticket because the alternative was Obama.   She was quite happy with the ticket also, one that would get the economy roaring again. 

                  It was Romney, Ryan, Palin, and all of the other 58.5 million who went to the polls and voted who put country first over personal vendetas, while some petty minded self righteous my way or the highway individuals undermined everyone’s work for their own pride.  It amazed my that 58.5 million people are wrong and a few people with a personal agenda other than saving the country from Obama  are right.  I followed Sarah lead; and if you call me names, you are calling her names.

                  • socon

                    You need to get over your obsession with RINO Romney and move on.  Your dude lost–deal with it!!

                    The future beckons.

                  • MarkRNY

                    I did vote "buddy"–holding my fricken nose and puking at the same time.

                    Don’t revise history again "buddy". I followed Sarah’s lead in hoping like hell that anyone but Romney would win the nom but voting for the worst candidate we’ve run in my lifetime anyway. They dissed her before and during the campaign and they continue to dis her now. They banned her!–and they’re trying to ban her now, "buddy". 

                    Why don’t you find another site to be ignored on "buddy". You pukes handed O his 2nd term by handing the nom to an Establishment piece of crap. Go bounce off the walls with Coulter…play bumper cars in your padded cell. Either your time’s over or we’re finished–"buddy".

                • wpmwindsong

                  From 5 hours ago, "…..the worst candidate we’ve run in my lifetime." 


                  Romney got 750,000 more votes than McCain.  

                  Romney lost by 5.2 million fewer votes than McCain. 

                  Romney lost be only 2.8% while McCain lost by 6.76%.

                  And that in spite of millions of conservative 2008 voters who failed to vote in 2012, except for a tip of the iceberg few who did the right thing and who felt that they had to hold their frickin nose and pucking nose at the same time. 
                  Again.  The worst candidate we’ve run in my lifetime?  By what standards?

          • socon


      • Christopher H Fromme

        After doing about 1000 doors I can tell you many people were not happy with Romney but wanted to be rid of Obama. From sitting inside the polling place doing ORCA it seemed like more dem’s showed up  but the results were as I expected  62% Romney and we elected a conservative to the house from my district  PA-12     This is an area that is 54%  register Dem

        • wpmwindsong

          Your campaign service is commendable.  FTR, I have a direct contact with a high up and highly productive campaign worker in a major battleground state.  She is Tea Party and well connected in working with both the State GOP Campaign and the Romney campaign. 

          Besides the challenges of coordinating campaign events and working with the many diverse groups, including several local Tea Party organizations that were very engaged and supportive, what was most disappointing was some Tea Party people who were not cooperative and dug in the heels, apparently being influenced by a belief that if Romney lost, then their preferred candidate (not Sarah) would have a better chance for 2016 than if Romney won. 

          She also ran into the crowd that would say that they would never vote for Romney for any reason.  That is not how you defeat Obama as Palin set as the standard for the election.  It was very discouraging to a mother who spent lots of time trying to restore America. 

      • spottedreptile

        I agree with much of what you said. I think we have to stop thinking that electoral years and midterm years are the same in terms of turnout and enthusiasm. They are not. We have excellent chances in the Senate in 2014 but it won’t mean that 2016 will give us back the White House. It’s an entirely different strategy, and many including me, thought that 2010 was a pointer to 2012 which it really wasn’t. 

        I also think the convention turned off many true conservatives. That shenanigans with the rules was ridiculous. Plus the long bloody primary hurt Romney as well. Someone said that 350,000 in swing states would have given Romney the presidency if not for the Orca disaster. Maybe. We don’t really know but if so that is truly tragic. 

        But in the end, it was simply a failure of the GOPe. Nobody else can be blamed.

        Disinviting Palin was the elephant in the room. Her presence on the campaign trail would I think have worked wonders, but that was never going to happen with the Romney people in charge. 

        • wpmwindsong

          The only fault is with the person who chooses not to vote, especially when it was clear to all what Sarah expected of everyone.   That is what elections are all about, voting.  If you don’t vote, knowledgeably and with petty reason for sitting an election out, the fault is on the head of the one who chooses not to vote. 

          All that seems like such petty excuses when the future of the country was at stake, and there was not doubt what Sarah Palin was expecting from all conservatives.  Why did they ignore her leadership on the matter?  I am sure that is part of her disappointment from the outcome. 

          • socon

             I disagree.  The party has just as much responsibility as the voter does.

  • HuntingMoose


    That would jeopardize the rise of the third party if she would be put in a position to shake up things in the GOP.

    But I am not worried. Will not happen. The GOP insiders are not like fooled santa clause loving democrat voters who vote for their own demise


  • Jasmine Clark

    did it occur to anyone that one, why would everyone else in the house of reps. be ignored to instead pick sarah as speaker when she has never been in the house? and two, does she even have any interest at all in being in the house? there’s no point in talking about sarah as speaker of the house, it isn’t going to happen and it doesn’t really make sense.

    what i want to happen is for allen west to be speaker, if he wins his court case. if he is able to pull off a win in his election, that means that he fought against voter fraud when he COULD have conceded the race but instead chose not to give up. that would be exactly what he’d have to do as speaker: fight against corruption and call out bullcrap when he sees it! and that’s what all the complaints against boehner have been about: that he doesn’t fight hard enough and "caves" too easily. if west wins his election, he’d be great for speaker. (or… what about paul ryan?)

    • Azarkhan

      Exactly right. I’m surprised a smart man like Levin would waste his time mentioning Palin for Speaker of the House.

      • socon

        Sarah’s name was brought up by one of Levin’s radio callers.  Levin just thought it was an interesting suggestion.

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