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Mark Levin Discusses the GOP’s Treatment of Governor Palin, Romney Vote Totals

Mark Levin had some choice (and much deserved) words for the Republican Party and it’s leadership today. I highly recommend listening to the entire thing. Here’s a clip where he discusses the difference in turnout in 2012 versus 2008, Governor Palin’s role in that, and the Republican party’s treatment of her since.

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  • c4pfan

    There were way less viewers of the conventions and debates compared to Sarah’s VP convention speech and VP debate!

  • LuvGuvSP

    Mark was definitely rockin’ it tonight!

    On another note, saw on twitter where some Romney peeps were in disbelief over a poll Greta had today asking who was the head of the Republican party now. Apparently the Guv was listed at #1 and Rubio was #2. So these guys were surprised, lamenting over these results, dogging the Guv, etc. So I jumped into this ‘conversation’ & said it didn’t surprise me considering that other than McCain, Palin is only person who’s run on a presidential ticket and received the most votes since GW ran in 2004 (she might’ve received more for all I know).

    Needless to say, the tweets stopped. And no, they didn’t block me – I checked :) Facts are a funny thing, aren’t they?

    Thanks for posting this Levin truth.

    • n4cerinc

      Yes, any attempts to put any blame on Palin or her electability should be promptly countered by the performance of the Most Electable Republican like Ever, Mitt Romney. Throw in Paul Ryan for good measure who couldn’t carry his own state.

    • Audrey_I

      Glenn Beck posted a list of Republican candidates for 2016.  Here is his list:  Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Bob McDonnell, Jed Bush, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, Bobby Jndal, Susana Martinez, and Condoleeza Rica.

      Where is Sarah Palin?  Sarah Palin played a big role in Glenn Beck’s "Restore America" rally.  Glenn Beck pays Sarah back by ignoring her.

      Shame on you Glenn Beck!!

      • Val

        You shouldn’t be surprised since Beck allowed his comedian friend to tell vile jokes about Sarah on his program. Beck is a snake.

      • smbren

        I am far too tired to care right now. Perhaps in a year or so I will see it differently. For my own sanity I have decided to become a low information voter.

      • socon

        Chris Christie?  Are you kidding?  Don’t think so–the long knives are out for him after his love fest with Obama.

        Does anyone know why Beck turned on Sarah?  I don’t understand.

        Every Republican on his list is duller than dirt IMO.

        • Guest

          I wonder if Christie took it or O did….disgusting!!


          I don’t understand what happened to beck either…..done went crazy.

          • socon

             Christie took it for sure.   We all did on 11/6.

      • Spartan4Palin

        Am I shocked how everyone has abandoned her?  NOPE.  Bandwagon backstabbers all of them!  They used her for ratings points and when they needed perspective of her background running in a race.  That’s it.  But mainly to boost their ratings.  It’s why I have stopped watching a lot of Fox now.   
        But I won’t abandon the Guv!  Sticking with her no matter what and where she decides to go.  She is the ONLY leader that has inspired me since Reagan! 

        • socon

           Me too!

      • friskyness

         Well then GOP, you will lose again in 2016!!!!!!!!  You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • dufferold

        Fear of including someone like Palin is a great
        incentive to not highlight them in any fashion..

  • blueniner

    Tell it like it is Mark…. Two American treasures, Sarah Palin and Mark Levin. What a coalition……


    Love me some Mark Levin. ?

  • CliffNZ

    I see that some people are actually saying Sarah Palin didn’t support Romney enough.  That her support was lukewarm. It is so interesting, because those same people would say she was unelectable – yet, obviously think she has quite a bit of influence if they are bitter she didn’t use it enough. Great, big fat hypocrites, all of them. She knew Romney wasn’t a strong candidate, and because she is authentic she couldn’t pretend to be enthused about him. However, she then put that aside and supported him, despite being snubbed and sidelined. It must really burn them to know she actually got more votes in 2008 than his ticket in 2012. Surely, looking at the long game, it is time for a third party.

    • NY59Giants

      Gov Palin is the "only" Conservative that has been on the GOP ticket since 1984 when Reagan ran for reelection. The GOP has put nothing but moderates since then on the Presidential ticket in both slots. At this time, the GOP is dead to this Independent until they undergo "Relentless Reform" like Gov Palin has been saying for years. I only voted for Mitt due to the severe need for Obama to be voted out of office. If they do the same thing in 2016 against someone like Hillary or Biden, my vote will not be given.  

    • gahanson

      Those people should be asked why Romney never once opened his mouth to ask her to campaign for him.

      This election unfolded the way I thought it would all along.  Romney froze her out of his campaign, and it’s quite obvious that the Romney folks put pressure on downticket candidates not to invite her to campaign for them during the general election.  They feared that she would upstage Romney by drawing bigger, more enthusiastic crowds.  How did that work out for them?

      • friskyness

         They should have used that to get the vote out…………..God help me!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even Obama used the Clintons and he cant’ stand them…………………….

    • arcman46

       That and the fact that the Republicans made her "persona non grata" and blamed her for the loss in ’08


       Well said ! —- Although in a perfect world now would be the time for a 3rd party, the only thing is, it seems that Sarah has been asked this more than once & she responded, [ if I got it right ] that a Conservative take-over of the GOP was more likely & the way to go. Of course it wouldn’t be easy to get the really entrenched out & to show the remaining faithful the light, but it was done in 2010 decisively  ! ———- No matter what kind of spin anyone in the GOP puts on those victories , I believe that they know the truth & it scared the H out of them , heaven forbid the people were going to put forward a person who was really the best candidate ! —– Too bad  there wasn’t a Presidential Election in 2010.

    • friskyness

       THEY SNUBBED HER………..HOW CAN THEY POSSIBLY SAY THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE………….. they didn’t want her at the convention, for pete’s sake…………….geesh………I hope for Ryan it was worth going to the preimere of Game Change………the game has just changed for rino’s and haters of Palin………………

  • angeleno

    Thanks to the traitors who vote for Obama plus his supporters who are just stupid, the actual people in charge of America are not Obama and Biden (who was led into a padded cell yesterday) but JayZ and Bill Maher.

  • John Jones

    I wrote this about 2 hrs ago on Greta’s Blog   IMHO… Romney and GOP-elite Lost this battle when they dissed the true
    conservatives. They failed to get out a conservative message out that
    would of have fired up the base. Obama fire up his base by going totally
    left and negative. In order to win you have to have all hands on deck.
    A wishy whashy moderate pandering to the middle and playing soft ball
    in a hard ball game turned off the conservatives and along with media’s
    pole pushing and hope filling message just brought about complacency and
    failed to get out the vote. Now someone like Sarah Palin would NOT
    have let the Comycrats get away with their stuff. She would have
    hammered the media’s leftist proclivities along with Lies of O himself.
    Fact checking after debates would have thrown a light on the
    deceptions. Palin plays to win just like Obama. It certainly didn’t
    hurt Obama to look kind of like a chump in the third debate and it
    certainly didn’t help Romney to pander to the middle by going soft on O
    and totally shutting out the Tea Party and Paulys at the convention. It
    almost looked staged to me both in 2008 and 2012. We need to start a
    Third Party grass roots party now and pray that the economy doesn’t
    explode before it can happen. All new party is the only way and some
    one like Sarah Palin to lead the way. The elite have got to go.
    According to Rush limbaugh three million Republican voters stayed home
    on Election Day. Three million predominantly white voters stayed home.
    There were a lot of conservatives myself included were turned off by

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    They don’t call it the stupid party for no reason. Mark nails it.

  • chuckjr

    Thank you, Mark Levin for ‘getting it’.

    • Freempg

      Mark Levin for Attorney General in your sister’s administration.

    • cudaforever

      Good morning (Evening in Alaska) Chuckjr, Yeah it couldn’t be more obvious that marginalizing Sarah was a monumental mistake. Who was the genius that made this call? Another Steve Schmidt type I’m sure. It was so dumb.

    • friskyness

       Chuck, I said it way back in August, that if Romney snubbs Sarah and the Tea Party, he will lose………..and he did………..

  • qtdb7

    About attracting voters (men, women, Asians, Hispanics, etc.):
    If you tell the TRUTH, they will come.

    The TRUTH hurts. The TRUTH will set you free.
    The TRUTH will defeat Obama/democrats/liberals and RINOs.

    A lot of presidential candidates (Romney, Ryan, …)
    and other Republican politicians MISUSED the word CONSERVATIVE.
    Their records CONTRADICT their CONSERVATIVE messages.

    2016 will belong to us (Gov. Palin and We the People).

    It’s our time now.

  • Elwanda Burrell

    When the primaries were over, Mitt should have united the party.  Obama and Hillary were bitter enemies and after the primaries it was love love love.  Mitt divided the party, by not inviting Sarah to the convention with a prime time speaking slot and not including the Tea Party and he didn’t mention our Military’s name.  He also pissed off Ron Paul supporters and they voted for Johnson.  Mitt ran a campaign that was bound and determined to lose.

    • freeperjim

      All you said but also the "Santa Claus" effect. 

      The latter will be very difficult to overcome as it has been indoctrinated in Big Education and Big Culture.

      May God save America….and Israel, the leader of the (shrinking) free world.

      • otto

        You speak the real truth my friend .You must have been listening when Benjamin Franklin said:

        "When the people find out that they can vote themselves money,it will herald the end of the Republic"

        And so it goes.

    • socon

      I read that Mitt was "shell shocked" that he lost.  Incredible.  I guess brilliant Mitt was the last to know he never had a chance. 

      He could have asked (most) anyone here–we would have told him.

      Now the GOP is going to chase the Hispanic vote so that they can cut us out again in 2016.  But we’re the heart of the party; when you cut us out the party dies.

      Let’s see how their strategy works out for them when they’re three time losers in 2016.

      • friskyness

         Good, he deserved to lose, now the country is gone, because of his ego……..he should have embraced Sarah…….and united the party…….in 2008, 30 million republicans didn’t vote, so that means 33 million didn’t vote in 2012!

  • n4cerinc

    I have said this before and will say it again. Obama is a star in his party. Ever since he came on the scene at John Kerry’s convention in 2004, his party recognize his star power. Unfortunately, the Republican Party does not believe in ‘Star’ power. Yet the only reason why the Democrats are in power is because of the person of Obama. And the only way you could counter that type of opposition is by putting up someone with ‘Star’ power. So we have the results we have.

    • Val

      The star of the DNC is an empty suit who takes orders, but the corrupt RINOS know Sarah means business.

    • Guest

      One of the Google Ads that popped up advertising FOR Google Ads showed a picture of 0blamo and said something about "Being Cool is important.  Be Cool with Google Ads".  You are 100% correct. 

  • otto

    I agree with every word Levin says: He’s  good man. They made a big mistake. I think Obama lost 8 million votes from what he got in 2008.

    I will say one thing though… When Romney balked at the Auto bailouts, (that was a highly conservative thing to do) he was stoned unmercifully to death about it. Obama and the media turned it against him.. And a good reason he lost votes in Ohio,and Michigan…Now ,i do not know what you think about conservatives,but i do know when Romney went right he got a lot of opposition. (wrongly or rightly it happened). So to boldly make the statement that a strong Conservative would have won is highly subjective. Romney won the primary fairly handily.Where were the strong conservatives then?

    Was he right to stay in the middle ? Well looking at it he was probably wrong. But there are many factions to this splintered Conservative party. Ask Sharon Engle  who got beaten in Las Vegas by a useless stump named Harry Reid. They branded her as extreme and she could not shake it..This is not a black and white issue. There are many good people out there who believe the lie that the T-party is extreme. So let’s not continue the same old drum beat for another four years about how loved the real conservatives are. There are two sides to every story.

    I for one will not sit here ,and pester Sarah Palin to run again in 2016 especially only a few days after the election. I think it’s silly. Been there. She has my gratitude and support  already whatever she does.

    • Jeannie Clarke

      A candidate who was a strong conservative 24/7 would have been successful. Romney only parroted conservative taking points when it suited him. His rhetoric didn’t match his record, and no amount of saying he did the best he could given he was working with a dem legislature can explain away some of the decisions he made – period. Sarah repeatedly urged Romney to ‘set our hair on fire’. Advice which he should have taken, but instead chose to ignore everything but the economy. Romney had no problem skewering his more conservative rivals in the primaries. He should have taken it to Obama in the general, but chose to play nice.

      • socon

        He sure didn’t play real nice with Sarah.  I was shocked at how completely Romney locked her out.  He’s a fool.  

        Oh well, the "gracious loser" can go back to San Diego now and enjoy his garage elevator.

        • otto

          You sound almost giddy about Romney’s loss. That amazes me.
           As Obama looms over this country like a giant black cloud,you have time for revenge. I hope it tastes sweet.

          • socon

            That’s not giddiness–that’s despair.   Fools like you have destroyed our country, yet you’re still attacking those of us who tried to stop you.

            I can see introspection is not your strong suit. 

            We told you so.  Please have the grace and the humility to see you’re the problem not me.

            • otto

              You write like you think you are a psychic. I respectfully would submit that you act more  like a child. I am no fan of Romney,i am a fan of America.. I wish to move forward ,you want to pout .

              Yes ,Romney made mistakes,( who doesn’t ?) but your consevative candidate whomever that may be never got off the gound. Instead of scolding Romney ad nauseum, you better get your ducks in order and ask the question "why". Instead of waving the pom poms night and day. 

              I have and always will be a Sarah Palin supporter. For you  to question my intent is ignorant.
              Some of the people on this site have the same audacity as the Democrats to pidgeon hole someone with a different opinion.  I don’t follow the party line easily. Yours or anybody else’s.
               I have my own thoughts on these subjects,ones  which you can debate the right or wrong of.
              That’s fine.But you may not sit there in your little chair and judge me when you have no idea who or what i am. I ask questions that need to be asked.

              A little tip for you:
              Open your ears first ,then your mouth when you have something constructive to say.

              • socon

                I wish you RINOs had opened your ears before you opened your mouths and shouted down those of us who warned you Mitt didn’t have a chance BEFORE THE ELECTION!

                You were wrong.  An honorable person would admit it.

                • otto

                  Didn’t have a chance?

                   He lost by a small margin. Somebody must have voted for the guy. .

                  The real point to you is  why don’t you understand ,this is not a game of cards, or a football game.. There are people’s lives at stake here. Children’s futures. Not some game of who got who. Think of that while you roll in your own conceit that "you told me so". How high and mighty you must think you are. 

                  I am interested in this country ,not Romney.
                  People like you with your little RINO and GOPe ism’s are really about as clever as a door knob.

                  • socon

                    You’re delusional.  Romney lost ALL of the swing states.  He never had a chance.  He was shell-shocked by his drubbing at 11:00 PM the night of the election he was so clueless.

                    Unfortunately, fools like you think a RINO is going to save us.  You were wrong.  I told you so.

      • otto

        That’s all true. But you did not address why Romney was beaten senseless because of his opposition to the auto bailout. A strictly consevative view… say a 24/7 conservative would  have been sucessful.. This is a very important question..
        I might suggest to you that it is because of what Ben Franklin wrote.

        " When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic"

        And the worst part of it is that obama lied about Romney’s position.
        ROMNEY HAD A GOOD POSITION ON THE BAILOUT. Many companies go bankrupt and come back and thrive. Including the spin off of GM ..Delphi.

        I agree that the Republican elite should not have dismissed the T party ,Ron Paul ,And esp. Sarah. That was just ignorant.

        I voted for Romney as a stepping stone to get out of the hole we are in. I never said he was the answer to all our problems..Unfortunately we are stuck with the same old crap for another 4 years at least. And though you might feel joy that Romney went down ,i myself feel none.

        • Jeannie Clarke

          Romney should have known he was going to take heat for his stance on the auto bail out and should have taken the offensive. Instead, he allowed Obama to paint him as the quintessential CEO who understands nothing about his employees and their daily struggles. Yes – Obama misrepresented his position on that particular issue, but let’s not forget that is exactly what Romney did to his opponents in the primary. Please excuse me if I feel no sympathy for him in that regard. He’s had years to watch Obama and learn his tactics, but sadly he didn’t learn a thing.

          I’m not sure where you got the idea that I ‘feel joy that Romney went down’, because I certainly do not. He wasn’t my first, second or even third choice, but I voted for him for much the same reason you did – as a stepping stone. What I feel is a profound sadness for America on multiple levels.

          • otto

            As you know it is hard to defend yourself against lies AND LIARS…who have no moral compass like Obama..
             You know what they have done to Sarah Palin. She could not overcome most of the halfs truths,lies , and caricatures about her. Yet you have no compassion for Romney against a raging politicial and media  machine

            You appear to have a deep seated hatred for Romney i do not understand.
            Revenge, pouting because this one or that one didn’t kiss your tootsies, (etc.) is in the playbook of losers.

            I voted for Romney for this country to begin to heal . I hope that was your intention also. I’m sure it was.

            . And those who left us with Obama by throwing their vote in the gutter. I hope they got the great glee out of it that they sought by not voting. (sincerly)

             The people have spoken the only way a democracy can,the way it should be. With their vote..
            Obama won. To the victor goes the spoils..

            • socon

              You left us with Obama by forcing an unelectable Romney down our throats.  You’re so arrogant you still won’t take responsibility for the Romney debacle of 2012.

              We will lose again in 2016 if you clueless RINOs have your way.  Romney ran against his base–what an incredibly stupid thing to do.

              • otto

                First of all i never forced anybody on you . The idiots ,you know ,the voters, voted for him. That might be a foreign concept to you. Do you understand democracy, and how it works ?

                And where was your candidate?

                Tell me who this titan of the Republic  was,i am really curious and would like to see the flop you backed.
                And please keep it to people who actually ran for president.

                Come on ,don’t be shy. Who.

                Here’s a clue for you . Polls early on showed Romney was equal with Obama in chances to win,while Newt, for example.. was 10 points behind. I like Newt ,but the people didn’t.

                why don’t you shoot the people.That sounds like a good idea.


                • socon

                  Face it:  You backed a RINO loser and you got suckered..  You fell for the GOP promises hook, line and sinker. 
                  You’ll probably do it all over again in 2016.

                  A lot of us knew better and you just didn’t want to hear it.

                  • otto

                    One question i ask and you flounder  around like a mackeral.

                    WHO WAS YOUR CANDIDATE ????

                    Please keep your answer on point ,and choose only those who actually ran. Thanks for your cooperation.
                    Then explain to me why your candidate flopped.

                • socon

                  RINO Romney lost like RINO DOLE and RINO McCain.  See a pattern here?  It wasn’t rocket science (well at least for some of us) to figure out Romney would lose.

                  Time to look toward the future.  Please work with us to nominate a Conservative this time.

        • socon

           Romney ran against his base and lost.  Admit it:  His campaign was idiotic.

    • friskyness

       Not all primaries were conservative based……..some states had an open primary, where dems could vote…….that should not happen, but I guess that is the way rino’s keep their moderate candidates…..the problem with Angel being branded extreme, is the republicans fault, they never branded Reid extreme…….and he was………..rino’s do not fight……..conservatives fight…..I hope the rino’s never win another election……..let them be a minority, plus if the GOP agree to amnesty, do they really think hispanics will vote for them……..dems will get all the credit…….Reagan gave amnesty and the republicans never get credit for it……….republicans are so stupid……..the reason Romney lost, is because he did not unite the party………….it’s that simple………………….

  • smbren

    I completely agree, just not sure how you change the system from the outside. It has not been working thus far. Personally I liked the chances with a Romney presidency.  Not sure how we get around Obamcare, at least two supreme court picks, the 2014 midterms, spending escalated, no budget, the list goes on. By the time Jeb Bush or Christie get there (the next establishment picks) the people on the dole will be too far outnumbered for us to combat. Oh well, maybe someone will figure it all out. The people voted for a socialist mentality, give it to em. If I were Boehner, I would let ALL of the Bush tax cuts expire. Let everyone pay their fair share, instead of just the wealthy and the smokers. The Obama voters are not even aware that the Bush cuts were for everybody. Time to teach them a lesson of hard knocks.

  • smbren

    I would imagine the democrat party is already planning their next candidate. A radical black man or woman. They have figured out what works for them.

    • goethegirl

      I don’t agree. After watching the video of the Boston university students, whose ignorance was appalling, I think Obama won on the youth vote: he was "cool." There is no Democrat in the near future who can capture that vote again. Certainly not Hilary. Sarah, however, is more attuned to popular culture and perhaps will have an opportunity here. Especially with Bristol at her side. Nobody was more enthusiastic for a Palin for President run than Bristol. The only upside I can see now from Romney’s defeat is that conservatism, led by Sarah, may resurge. 

    • Dpepster

      It’s time for a third party, The Republican elites just don’t get it. Sarah needs to beginning to set the stage for a run at 2016. It will take all of four years and perhaps then some to get the ball rolling. Sarah make the decision and make it sooner rather and later.

  • goethegirl

    Because the Republican establishment excluded her, Sarah cannot be blamed in any way for Romney’s failure. The Establishment lost on its own merits. Thus, by being TOTALLY, TOTALLY out of the campaign, she is in an excellent position for the future, both for herself and in articulating a conservative message that will win. Isn’t it ironic that Karl Rove broke the bank supporting losing candidates, while the non-Establishment candidates she endorsed (excepting Mia Love — sigh!) won? There is a lesson here.

    • friskyness

      The GOPe also supported Mia..she spoke at the convention.

  • RightMom

    In 1976, 1996, 2008 and 2012  we were told that only Ford, Dole, Mccain and Romney could win.  
    Remember the  primaries when they polled people as to why they voted for Romney and it was because "he can win"?     

    I remember 1980 when we were told by the media and the republican party that Reagan could not win, that he would be defeated handily by the more moderate Carter.

    And remember me telling all of you months ago that if Romney lost, the GOP would try to move to even farther toward the left?   For over 30 years, the GOP has lost elections with moderate candidates and they have learned NOTHING!  It is really simple…When faced with the choice between democrat and democrat-lite, the real democrat wins EVERY TIME!   Now the GOP is talking amnesty.  Great, the republicans will lose Texas too. 

    Is it time for a third party.   Not after the next election, not next year…..NOW!  Palin needs to stand up and lead on this.   The Grand Old Party is no longer grand.  It is just old and tired, without a core and without a leader.  


    • goldenprez

      RightMom … I couldn’t have said it better myself!

      Although, I actually have been saying this for over a year … lol

      Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

      Illegitimi non carborundum.

      Barracudas Maximus.

  • MarkRNY

    This race was lost last October when Sarah Palin announced she wasn’t running. We were stuck with 2 clowns and a baggage handler (Newt), and Romney was the worst of the bunch. He burried the needle on the smarmometer.

    Somehow, some way, WHY Sarah didn’t run has to be made public. If she was forced out behind the scenes by the GOPe, there’s got to be hell to pay–there’s got to be hell to pay anyway!

    You can’t call what the Left did Treason because they’re the enemy. You CAN call what the GOPe did Treason because they’re supposed to be on our side! 

    Levin is head and shoulders the best we’ve got in the barn. Way to go Levin.

    • socon

       "Smarmometer."  lol   So true.  Turned my stomach.

  • goldenprez

    I tried to tell you, for months, going back to the beginning of 2012, that the GOP is no ‘friend" to conservatives. In fact, they are as much an "enemy" to conservatives as the Socialists/Democrats.

    The constant drum-beating here for Gingrich, Santorum, et al, was just playing into the hands of the GOP. Every Republican candidate, every one of them, were good, card-carrying members of the Party.

    Until now, the GOP has been the "home" of true conservatives, even though they have not been welcome in any way, shape, or form. The treatment of Sarah Palin by the GOP, since day one of her being brought to prominence by being picked as the VP candidate by McCain, exposed the GOP as anti-conservative to anyone willing to open their eyes, and their mind.

    The GOP treatment of Ronaldus Magnus was no different than the treatment of Mrs. Palin. No different than their treatment of every conservative.

    It is time for a conservative party. Conservatives must no longer run as Republicans. Conservatives must have their own party line. When that happens, the GOP will be reduced to a third, irrelevant entity, which is exactly what they should be.

    Without the conservative base, the GOP is nothing. They rely on the conservative base to give them their votes. The conservatives can get better representation on their own.

    In Indiana, Mourdock whipped the GOP candidate in the primary. Whipped Lugar bad. Remember, the GOP took out ads in Indiana imploring Democrats to vote for Lugar. In the general, the GOP did not lift a finger to help Mourdock.

    In the pimary in Wisconsin, a state that re-elected their conservative governor with a larger majority of the vote than when he was first elected, the GOP threw their support behind Tommy Thompson, a "good ole boy." Thompson was beaten in the general.

    In Virginia, another state with a conservative governor, the GOP threw their support behind George Allen, another "good ole boy." Allen was beaten in the general.

    In Montana, and North Dakota, and Florida, the story was exactly the same.

    In Nebraska and Texas, the GOP supported the establishment candidate and tried to sabotage the true conservative candidate. Only through the participation of Mrs. Palin were the conservative candidates able to prevail.

    It is time for conservatives to put the GOP in the past.

    Illegitimi non carborundum.

    Barracudas Maximus.

    • Exgunman

      In a new 3rd party of conservatives, how do you keep the gope rif-raff elites from just joining up and taking over to create "gope-second edition" all they would have to do is re-register and get active, and since they don’t seem to have any political core, they can swear to what ever you want them to and then ignore  it after they are in, like they do right now with the gop. Conservatives seem to have lives that are not 100% political so it would be easy for the gope party hacks to take over. They are like maggots, they just eat you up,then go looking for something else to eat. altho I’m ready to join, I don’t know how you keep the Repug parasites away, there is no spray for that………………………………

      • iizthatiiz

        i don’t see it going down that way .. their initial response will be to paint a conservative movement as extremists.  They will paint themselves into a corner with no exit.  A conservative movement that devolves its power from the people .. that rejects corporate, union, and other outside influence will be a movement that the elitists will be unable to penetrate.  It must be a party of the people.

        • 08hayabusa

           Didn’t you learn anything from the treatment of Sarah. They are always going to paint you as extreme. Name calling is the only game they have. They certainly cannot debate on the issues. They don’t dare allow you to pull the mask off their Marxist policies.

      • goldenprez

         Exgunman … iizthatiiz below has an initially good reply.

        You must take into account a number of factors.

        First, the GOPe "riff-raff elites," like the Socialist/Democrats, have a record. Their record exposes them as phonies/pretenders from the git-go. It will not be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

        This was proven by such candidates as Ted Cruz and Deb Fisher, whose bonafides were readily apparent.

        If Marco Rubio was seeking the support of a third party today, his record previous to his senate run would be examined in greater detail. Without going into the gory details, as a "true" conservative, his previous record would not pass muster. That doesn’t mean that he wasn’t infinitely better than Crist. However, no "TEA Party" candidate was offered in that race.

        Second, with a new conservative party, we could expect that most candidates would be coming from the private sector, as opposed to the overwhelming number of lawyers that currently populate the political scene. In fact, it would probably be a good idea to put a heavy emphasis on "citizen" candidates, if not as a prerequisite, then certainly as preferable.

        Third, local third party organizations will be doing their own "house cleaning." It will be very difficult for ex-GOPe hacks to infiltrate. They really cannot help but expose themselves. Even those candidates who claim to be conservative give themselves away almost immediately.

        They do not speak the language. It is not as easy to pass oneself off as a conservative as it may appear on the surface. Pretenders always screw it up.

        How many people accepted Mitt Romney as a conservative? A "severe" conservative? Or Rick "Have A Heart" Perry?

        Fourth, and most important, "leadership." The leadership of a conservative party must be fearless and forthright. They must be willing to call a spade a spade, without mincing words or being "political."

        "He/she is a nice guy/gal but their policies are wrong."

        That is wimp talk. "This person is the enemy of freedom," is more like it. People who put our freedom in danger are not "nice" people. Opponents are, indeed, "the enemy."

        I never heard Mrs. Palin say, even once, that Obama was a "nice guy."

        The leadership must be comprised of fighters. In fact, they should make it obvious that they are "spoiling for a fight." Republicans will avoid a fight at all costs, thus exposing themselves in this regard as well.

        And leadership should be able to articulate conservative principles without notes.

        I have no fear of infiltration by GOPe types. For the most part, they ain’t got the chops, nor the balls!

        Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

        Illegitimi non carborundum.

        Barracudas Maximus.

        • Exgunman

          If a new conservative party comes to be, I certainly hope you are right…………………………

  • palinsupporter1

    I’ve had friends say to me, "Palin isn’t as relevant as she could have been if she had run 2012." I think Palin was definitely less visible during the general election, but this was not because of her decision to.  Romney/Ryan/GOP froze her out because they thought she would poison the well for GOP candidates.  they were obviously wrong.  They lost all on their own merit or lack thereof.  It is now her turn, if she wants it, to come forward as the leader of the conservative movement and try to get this country turned around.  she has never shut down the idea of 2016 and it’ll be interesting to see what she does now that the GOPe/Rove/Romney groups are all emasculated and have no ground to stand on…

    • PAWatcher

      You know what palinsupporter1 I think you got it. Can you imagine how they would have blamed Sarah had she been on the campaign trail full blast and Romney/Ryan lost. See, they always want it both ways with Sarah……..they want it to be her fault win or lose.

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