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Mark Levin to Karl Rove: “Get the hell off the stage already, will you pal"

Great stuff from Mark Levin. He lays into the GOP Establishment and GOP consultants such as Steve Schmidt. He ridicules William Kristol for suggesting Republicans should give Obama his massive tax increase on job creators. I particularly enjoyed his advice for Karl Rove:

“Get the hell off the stage already, will you pal? You’re a hanger-on. I don’t say this with any personal contempt. It’s just, enough is enough. We need fresh faces in politicians. We talk about them all the time — Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and Mike Lee and Marco Rubio, and so forth. Well, we need fresh faces who are advising these people too. And I’ll be honest, some fresh faces on Fox wouldn’t hurt. It’s time for Rove to go. I can’t take it anymore.”

Click image below to listen.

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  • Freempg

    Would that we could hook the SOB Rove off the stage.

    • Guest

      I’ve got my dad’s old cane!!

      • socon

         You’re going to need something a lot bigger than that!  lol

  • Azarkhan

    It is weird the amount of time that Fox News gives to Karl Rove and Dick Morris for election analysis. Watching Rove work his silly chalkboard and Morris plugging whatever book he’s currently selling has become tedious. I much prefer Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen.


       I didn’t watch either of them….not once. That’s what we should be doing…or not doing….and letting FOX know why.

    • conservativemama


    • socon

       Pat Caddell is my fave.  I think he’s a true patriot and speaks from his heart.

  • Kalena

    Mark has been on a roll.  I am listening to his podcast from last night.  He is telling the GOP that if they need "new faces" for the party, perhaps it is time for the old white guys to step down from House Leadership and make Michele Bachmann Speaker of the House and Representative Scott (african american) Majority Leader.

    He has been on a roll post election.  Everyone should download both his official app for the smart phone and the Mark Levin Fan app (daily podcast).  I like the Fan App better than Mark’s official app for later listening.  The only flaw is that occasionally it just doesn’t update with the most recent shows for some reason.  Then when that happens, I go listen to his podcasts using his official show app.

    You can also listen to the radio broadcasts on your smart phone and probably tablets.  I don’t have a tablet, so I am unfamiliar with what apps are available for those platforms.  The radio broadcasts that I use the most on my iPhone are Tune In app and iHeartRadio app.  I like the Tune In app better because they have all of the show cataloged.  I tap "talk", then "conservative" and then it will list all of the various hosts.  Once you select the host you want to listen to, it finds stations where that host is currently airing and also for a lot of them, offers a podcast for past shows.  And if you forget to tune in when it first starts in your time zone, you just keep scrolling on the screen and find stations that might be starting the show on tape delay in other markets.

    Bonus for listening to the podcasts later in the day: all commercials are usually stripped out, thus you save about 1 hour for each 3 hour show.


       I don’t know about Bachmann in that role. I think Mark mentioned her because he’s good friends with her. Mark’s right though, Boehner and Cantor need to go…….like yesterday.

      • Marathonman1025

        Not sure about Bachmann in that role either (even though I like her). I’d love to see a Darrel Issa in that role, as he appears to be more of a bulldog. Anyone would be an improvement on weepy Boehner, though.

      • Guest

        I agree!  NO Bachmann.  She is NOT as smart as she pretends to be.  And it still gets me that she only went into tax law because that’s what her husband wanted.  She didn’t want to go into tax law.  That makes me wonder how independent she really is.  I will ask for my husband’s input and opinion because I value it.  But I make my OWN decisions.  She sounds like more of a puppet for her husband than a strong independent woman.  But that’s just my personal opinion.   

  • Ed from justice

    People like Karl and Barbara Bush, need our votes and our money, but they really don’t think we are worthy or intelligent enough to hang with the eastern, egocentric elites.  They have no core and they thought  that a "moderate" would  win over enough liberals since Obama was such a disaster, it would be impossible to lose.  Well the conservatives didn’t trust R&R and a few million of them didn’t vote.  (why just change the uniform, they’d rather have a Democrat than a RINO)  It did enable Obama to stay for 4 more years but nothing has changed.  We now have to make sure that the folks we elected do not capitulate.  They should not vote on a single thing until the Senate produces a budget for them to compare their plan with. Meantime, we need a new viewpoint, no pollsters and no consultants. Karl is long gone. They right now are sorry they stiffed Sarah and she played it with class all the way. We need to get going on a plan to suround all the blue with red and though the areas are not as populated, they still have enough votes to keep bad things from happening.  Meantime, we need some leadership and this time, lets try a woman.


    Daaang….I wish Mark could take over Rush’s time spot. ?

    • waterview

      Me too Tencole….Rush has been a chore to listen to these last few months. 

      I feel something going on out there – the winds seem to be changing.  And, I am somewhat optimistic that Levin is hitting the GOPe hard and Steelman came out to support Sarah.  These are good things.

      We need to Alkinsky Rove.  When will these people get it?  When you dis Sarah,
      it will in some way, sometime or somehow come back to hit you in the azz.  It’s time for Rove, Krauthammer and Morris to join Couric, Olberman, Gibson etc.  I would also add Oprah in there.  Barbara Bush is an non entity.  Her pearls have been too tightly strung for a while now.


  • Ory Hebert

    FOX needs and executioner like in old timey plays.  Where there’s just literally a guy with a giant hook that pulls people off camera.

    • socon

       There are a lot of women who would like that job!

  • MarkRNY

    Levin’s "bud" Hannity’s Rove’s biggest platform. He’s ALWAYS wrong Dick Morris’s biggest platform too (and Levin knows it).

    Michele Malkin as FOX News 8:00 PMer and Jed Bila as FOX News 9:00 PMer 2013! 


    • MaMcGriz

       Hey Baby! Glad to see yer mug!!

      Is all well with you and yours?

      Btw, I agree with your post here. Time for tokyo rove to find a nice pasture and turn himself out. We’ll make sure somebody locks the gate behind him.

      • MarkRNY

        Everything’s getting semi-ok again here McMa. Thanks.

        I’m actually more fired up then I was! Sarah’s stock has gone WAY up no
        matter what the Rovian drones say (or don’t say). Interesting to see how she’ll
        play this. Levin’s sure as hell on board anyway!

        So many people to take down and so little time!

        • MaMcGriz


          Let’s roll, bro.

    • waterview

      Good to see you Mark…..hope you got through the storm okay.

      • MarkRNY

        You too WV! Power was out for a week, but no damage. Trees down everywhere though. There’s a little park just down the road from me. Looks like King Kong walked through the middle of it.

        How about you? You OK??

        • IsraeliCojones

          Looks like King Kong walked through the middle of it.


          You’re so funny, sweetheart  ?

          G-d bless you :)

          • MarkRNY

            Thanks IC. God bless right back at you!

        • waterview

          Same here…..had a lot of branches down which broke my mirror on the driver’s side & lost power for that week also.  Again good to see you. 

    • blueniner

      Hannutty needs to drop that "The Architect" moniker, when "Wrecking Ball" would be more appropiate. You just know when Mark hears Hannutty say "Architect" theres a huge eye roll.

  • Pamela Rich Lineberry

    I could not agree more!

  • 56Survivor

    Levin is known as "the great one" for a reason.

  • Cherrytwo

    Mark does have it right – the whole GOPe needs to go – all of the leadership. What needs to be done though may not be easy as long as Rove continues to be able to pull in money for  the GOP – Mark was right on when he told people not to contribute to the GOP. It is apparent that the RINOs are holding onto power with both hands – it has to be pried out of their hands.
    Don’t forget that it is the Bushes who are behind Rove just as they are behind Ailes so don’t count on FOX for any support for conservatives.
    It is sad but true: Mark is the sole conservative voice – Rush is a RINO and proud of it and Sean is also a phony – just look art who appears on his show..
    Mark’s show of Nov 8 was one of his better shows.

  • Guest

    Hell Yeah ..Tell It Mark

  • FrankinOhio

    Mark, I could not have said it better!

  • Swedy5

    Thanks, Mark,  here’s one who heartily agrees!  And the other pundit, too, [the heavy-set guy,forgot his name] who was SO certain Romney would win by a landslide.

  • VADMCollingwood

    Exit stage left there Karl boy.  Oh, and take your handmaiden Hannity with you.  

  • gahanson

    I really wish Fox would dump Morris, Rove, Combs, and the host of liberal whiners who are constantly on BOR.  I know Fox has gone to great lengths to get attractive women to be the rotating talking heads on BOR, Hannity, and The Five, but I’d like to see them dumped too, the whole crew on Fox should be changed.  Maybe it’s even time to dump BOR and Hannity, they’ve been really boring for a long time. 

    • ProudAmerican247

      It’s time to dump FOX. Period.

      Don’t tune in.

  • James A. Tyler

    Well, look whose endorsement evidently isn’t worth "snot."

  • fretsward

    I agree with nearly everything Mark discusses. With that said, fresh faces such as Cruz and La Raza’s Rubio represent the same reconstituted woo the Latino vote Neville Chamberlain pap.
    In that case, should Jeb Bush be on this list as well? I am sick of the spineless Republican Party and its leadership. Let’s pander and welcome the Latino invaders. After all, 8 million registered voters out of tens of millions makes such a deciding factor in the future of this nation. Right?

    Enough is enough…

  • fretsward

    And tell Rove to go work for the National Council of La Raza…

  • fretsward

    Oh, that’s right —-he already does…

  • fretsward

    We need leaders in the Party such as Allen West. Men with spines, not crossdressers…

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