Michael Goodwin | ‘Obama Part 2’ a lousy sequel

So Much for the honeymoon. Just a week after his re-election, President Obama showed only occasional flashes of conciliation yesterday, with his press conference sounding more like a sequel to the bitter campaign than a fresh start to a second term.

Whatever the topic, he was by turns evasive, strident and pugnacious. No wonder the stock market took another tumble, with the Dow down a staggering 685 points since Nov. 6. His combative attitude suggests Obama wants a fight instead of bipartisan solutions to America’s problems.

He even issued a challenge to a schoolyard brawl over the Benghazi terror attack, blasting Republicans who are critical of his handling of the debacle. He said Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham should lay off UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who peddled a false story that the attack spontaneously grew out of a demonstration.


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