My Letter to the Editor (Palin2016)

As many of you probably know, the Charlotte Allen piece continues to show up in various publications across the country.  As such, many comment forums have been flooded by the same Palin Deranged haters who’ve obsessed about the Governor since 2008.  I also notice that the majority of the letters to the editor regarding the piece have been unkind.  So, I decided to pen my own letter to the editor and to share it with you.  Please feel free to suggest other things.  Please feel free to use it yourselves.

The collective effort of a small group of people who are afraid of a possible Palin presidency is relentless.  Countering their lies and hate should be pretty easy considering we have facts on our side.  So without further delay, here is my submission to many of them:

I notice how positive articles about Governor Sarah Palin (like the one by Charlotte Allen) seem to get her critics stirring.  Not only do the comments sections seem to be overwhelmed with invective, but letters to the editor surface as well.

As a Palin supporter who hopes she runs and wins in 2016, let me respond to the usual regurgitated snark:

1.)    "She’s not qualified."

Compared to whom?  Obama who was a Junior Senator before running for President?

In Alaska as Governor, she accomplished everything she set out to do in 2/3 of the time.  She cut spending even in times of surplus and still managed to implement benefits for low income senior citizens, increased education funding, and took on big oil.  She lobbied hard for strong ethics reform by teaming up with Democrats.  She earned a 93% approval rating – the highest ever for a U.S. Governor.  What exactly did Hillary accomplish as a Senator or Bill as a Governor that comes close to such accomplishment and approval?

2.)    "She’s a Quitter! "

Even though she resigned to prevent a very small group of extremists from further abusing the Alaska Ethics Act (making it completely logical and understanding), we know she accomplished everything she set out to do.  When you take an oath to serve, you promise to uphold the Constitution and do right by the people (hence the 93% approval rating).  You don’t take an oath to sit around for an allotted amount of time.  In fact, the “time” element of serving in public office has nothing to do with the challenge of it, rather it serves as a limit to prevent one from sitting and doing nothing without having to face reelection.

The founding fathers intended our public servants to do their jobs and go home to live by the laws they created.

To those who call her a “quitter,” is it really your position that we need more career politicians in Washington?

3.)    But she “quit” to get rich!

The last exaggerated estimate of her worth was about $12M.  By contrast, the Clintons are worth $80M, Nancy Pelosi is worth about $35M, and the Bush family is worth $60M.

It’s clear that if Governor Palin wanted to “get rich,” she should have just run for Congress.

In summary, Governor Palin’s record has been available to the public for far too long to allow the same narratives to go unchallenged.

When you put it all into perspective, it’s a true laugh to hear Obama supporters condescend to her.  It’s an even bigger laugh to hear the Republican establishment ponder running another Bush in 2016.

It’s time for the people to make the difference.  It’s time to focus more on what someone does while serving in lieu of accepting the $16T (and growing) price tag that comes along with “qualified” career politicians who are all too willing to occupy D.C. on a permanent basis.


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  • Chris

    This is great!  I might just have to use this sometime in my local paper if the time comes that its necessary!

    • MaMcGriz

      The devastation of obamacare and obama’s pro-moslem loyalties is about to commence in earnest.

      As reality sets in, people will desperately seek answers and be looking for a leader to save, starting now. ( My business phone hasn’t rung since the day after the election. )

      We’ll need to redouble our efforts to keep the those answers and that leader in front of them.

      I don’t recall what region you hail from, but do you have editors in your area who will print pro-Palin letters? lol…in some places here you can get tarred and feathered for even asking and word is out on you the moment you do.  

      Writing a letter to the editor ain’t what it used to be. In some communities it’s still fine, but in too many others it requires great judiciousness. Is that the case with you, or do you see it as a matter of timing?


      • Chris

        I think there would be some stigma to submitting this letter or one similar…would be willing to do so at the right time….

        I hail from Iowa by the way.

        • MaMcGriz

          I understand completely.

          I’d never have guessed we’d see a time when such a situation could exist, and in such traditionally conservative places as Iowa, no less.

          Are you in an ag area?

          • Chris

            Southeast Iowa in the town of Ottumwa, population about 25,000 but there are lots of farms and ag business in the area….

  • myfairlady

    Very well stated.  I hope it spreads far and wide.

  • Sue Lynn

    Thanks Steve! Good points to use…

  • Dan C

    Great work!

  • Azarkhan

    Great article, Steve. My own favorite rich ex-politician is the Goracle, who is now worth around $100,000,000, thanks mainly to his "green energy" scam.

  • Leroy Whitby

    I think you might need to shorten it if you are aiming for publication. Count the number of words in the responses in the paper and see what lengths they tend to allow, go with that.

  • carmtom13

    Great response Steve. It needs to go viral, I am putting it out on FB.

  • indemind

    Thank You Steve…. Excellent Post…. *_*

    SarahAmerica-  "We are in a political culture of universal deceit."… and  "The new media rose up because the old media fails to tell the truth"…

  • Ed from justice

    If she runs we can win the red areas of the country.  That should be enough if everyone turns out.  Otherwise, she can help us get folks in place who will not be intimidated by the thought ( perish the thought) of having to go back to civilian life and work under the rules they put in place. We need a good woman in the office for a change

  • Jthom26837

     If there are any further questions on her duties as Governor of Alaska, do, please refer to the 24,000 plus e-mails thatwere released. It’ll definitely set the record straight. All of you PDSers will get more stinky dreck all over your sorry faces again.

    I stand with Sarah Palin!!!

     Palin/ West 2016!! or  Palin/ Bachmann 2016!!!  No matter how you toss the dice, Sarah Palin is without a doubt the clear winner.

    • sarahhasmyvote

      I’d love to see Palin/West. Two great Americans run over by the crony establishment and the lapdog media. Very worthy of serving, both,

      • bucky321

        the republ. party will not support either one.

  • blueniner

    Good post Steve, probably the only thing I can think of at the the moment of adding, would be the 24,000 e-mails, that show a diligent worker, Sarah worked overtime for the people of Alaska.

  • $26225604

    These are also the most common snarks I hear about Palin. So thanks for helping us continue to  defend her. 

  • Paul Becker

    I’m convinced….now convince the young, and the minorities.  They have been brainwashed by the leftwing liberals.  It will not be easy.

    • Steve_Flesher

      Thanks Paul.  I believe that part of the convincing message is our reluctance to tolerate another rich establishment Republican. 

      We need a strong conservative like Governor Palin who celebrates the individual and puts emphasis on their desire to pull themselves up, to leave something behind for their kids, and to free themselves from the shared misery involved in big government.

      • sarahhasmyvote

        I agree! And we need to use some of the methods they use. Keep repeating the list of her accomplishments. Facts, facts, and more facts, against the media lies..

      • lanahi

        Yes, she celebrates the individual instead of the masses.  As our Constitution was set up, this nation was a celebration of the individual…individual rights, self-determination, freedom to pursue happiness without being quashed by big government.  This is the big difference between socialism and capitalism, or between freedom and tyranny…celebrating the individual…and Sarah does this instinctively.

    • lanahi

      I think Sarah would have no problem at all getting the support of young people.  If you look at her rallies, she is surrounded by young people, and there is no mystery here:  She speaks from her heart of such things as Freedom and getting rid of the status quo, of cleaning out corruption, of getting the government off our backs.  She speaks with the kind of fire to inspire the nation, including and especially the young people.

      JFK got the support of young people because of his charisma and youth, which was a change from the usual.  Ron Paul had the young people’s support despite his age because of his anti-establishment views.  These two politicians were very opposite of each other, but they appealed to the young.  Obama got the support of young people because he represented an exciting change.  Neither of those had the powerful message, spoken so clearly and with fire, that Sarah Palin has.

      Sarah represents a revolution in this nation, and revolutions are supported by the young.  Brainwashing only goes so far and always loses out to a new vision.

      BTW, young people these days are apparently more socially conservative than their parents:

      And even more fiscally conservative:

  • DocBarry1

    Thanks for standing up for the Governor and writing what all of her supporters know – you are rt on

    Her detractors do not want the facts, they want to believe the false narrative put forth in the book and movie, game changer. Shame on them.

    It is my hope that the Governor will let us know what she is considering. If she isn’t going to run for office, let us know.

    But if she is considering it, Please let us know. If she is considering then the next step is –

    If she watches the Republicans turn their backs, once again, on their promises then she needs to decide if running as a GOP candidate makes more sense then running as a 3rd Party candidate

    Either way she needs to get things rolling with her people and decide on a campaign that’s foundation is based on "My Way"

    Gov, Please give us a real option – win or lose she is unique and special. We need her and the country needs her.

    • Jthom26837

       Well, with all of the crap The GOPe is doing in Congress, I really would watch what we’re shoveling. I mean, some are talking Tax increase. That I would stay clear of talk of a Tax Increase. I some members of the GOPe congress break rank of the Tax pledge, there will be no GOP. Tread carefully.

      I Stand With Sarah Palin!!

      • DocBarry1

        I, too, stand with Gov Palin – I want her to run a Presidential Campaign on her terms, her way with her people – it would be a fabulous journey

        I do not care if it is with the GOP and/or a 3rd Party – I just want her to run – give us a choice – if the Country does not vote for her over another – I will know that we had an opportunity to do something great – she is a real Game Changer!!!!!! for the USA.

  • arcman46

    If the truth were known, instead of the MSM meme that has been pushed for the last 4 years, Sarah would not only win the vote of almost every social conservative, values voter, and evangelical conservative, but she would also take a great deal of the Ron Paul contingent.  It will be our job to get the truth out there.

  • wiskeyjack

    Well done.  Still it seems we cannot win by only playing defense or always taking the high road.  Liberals are all theatre and have been successful at throwing anything and everything against the wall to see what sticks.  And it works, too many of us bite.  True enough Libs may be clever and cunning.  Yet so can be our pets.  Libs-Rinos lack the depth and scope which form the stuffings of true Leadership.  Nothing much seems to buzz around in a Liberal head other than the prospect of power and control, no matter what the forum.  They know best; except of course, they don’t.

    History shows that Conservatives are the better thinkers and leaders.  History also shows that Libs in the position of power with their "collective-centrist"  DNA have spawned the most heinous of creatures for leadership of all time.  Everything they control they eventually bring down.

    I note that Governor Palin gets it best and when confronted  or attacked fluidly moves from defense to steadfast solid offense.    Perhaps that is why she is so effective and why they fear her most.  

    Conciliation gets you nothing, especially with the media.  Palin is spot on this point and Limbaugh, who turned his back on her because she wouldn’t dance with them, was absurdly mistaken with his part time council.  Rush, Romney, time for you and the Rove types to move along…and hopefully look for Alan West to come back in the Senate.

    • Steve_Flesher

      I agree about "defense."  But if you notice, I actually use the "defense" as "offense" against the permanent political class.  Lies about true public servants like Governor Palin have to be addressed but I agree with you that we can use the opportunity to go on offense as well.  In fact, it’s a must.

      • wiskeyjack

         No question Steve.  You and some of the others on this website are archetypical of what is needed across the board. 

        • MaMcGriz

           Exchanges like this one certainly encourage steadfastness, gentlemen.

          Thank you.

  • ZH100

    Excellent letter.  Thanks Steve!.

  • angeleno

    Fine letter, Steve. The LA times printed the Charlotte Allen op-ed but probably only to unleash its communist readership base, because the Times printed seven letters in response to Allen, all
    Insulting Palin. My letter, similar to yours, was not published. One suggestion: when mentiioning thatPalin took on big oil, I always add that she forced big oil to create a unique royalty payment every year to EACH man, woman and child in Alaska! This is a marvelous accomplishment by Palin, in contrast to all our compassionate, communist Democrats, in or out of politics, who snivel that the oil belongs to the oil companies. This is the excuse Obama uses to lock up our greatest natural resource and use it only for his destructive anti-American ideology.

    • MaMcGriz

       THAT is the message for California. It will win hearts, minds and support there.

      Repeated clearly and confidently by people like you, it’s a message that will reverberate in the once Golden State, and provides a sharp, contrasting example of effective leadership as compared to the moonbeamer and his parasitic ministrations and policies under which the producers and would-be producers now struggle to carry on.

      It would be great to see her do the same thing to some of the giant, family farm-eating agriculture interests that she did to big oil. I understand the difference in ownership by the Alaskan People of their land and resources and the way it is in other states, but I believe if the government can give it away to big ag AND let them write legislation to make it legal, as is done now, that Governor Palin can implement a plan that corrects the situation and gives Californians the same recognition and advantage as she created for the people of Alaska in consideration for the corporate exploitation their precious lands and resources.

  • sarahhasmyvote

    Yes we need to keep countering the lies. We have seen what the lamestreammedia is capable of and this won’t be easy, but I for one, am up for the fight. I won’t blame Sarah if she opts out of the quagmire otherwise known as running for President, but I will fully support her if she decides to go for it. But the LSM will have to be fought to get her there. Their lies and distortions are formidable. I also think Project Veritas and True The Vote need our avid support.

    This is good too, even though I was in the "anybody but obama" camp: Sarah was saying these things already….

    • lanahi

      When a room is dark, you don’t fight the darkness…you simply turn on the light!

      We turn on the light by getting our message out loud and clear.  The left has no way to counteract that, if we can do it.

      We need to start a conservative TV network to help reach the voters with the light.

  • JV DeLong

    Perhaps the "quitter" label is the charge against Palin that I find most infuriating.

    Palin was confronted with a situation in which well-funded opponents with no sense of truth or honor were determined to keep attacking her. No one who is not personally wealthy can withstand such an assault. First, such a person would quickly be broken financially. Then, something would come up that could be twisted into a charge, and this would be trumpeted by the MSM. The impoverished target would be unable to respond.  This playbook is familiar.

    My already substantial respect for Palin was increased by her recognition of the situation and her refusal to play. She saw that she was in a no-win game, so she threw out the board. That is leadership! And good sense.

    Furthermore, she seems to have drawn a further, and correct, lesson: that she could not participate in politics at a high level unless she possessed substantial personal financial resources. So she has systematically set out to accumulate them, by honest work (unlike the crony capitalists on the other side). But her goal seems to be to get enough support her political beliefs, not personal greed (again, in contrast to her opponents).

    Nonetheless, the "she should not have quit" charge has legs, and I have heard it from people who should know better. I keep lecturing them on the realities of her situation, and my closing comment is that anyone who thinks Palin is a quitter should just keep watching.

    • sarahhasmyvote

      Sarah not being qualified is the one that gets my ire up. From Democrats no less, is such an  ironic insult. The GOP saying it is also infuriating. 
      None of these people are prioritizing the Country as Sarah does.

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