My Letter to the Editor (Palin2016)

As many of you probably know, the Charlotte Allen piece continues to show up in various publications across the country.  As such, many comment forums have been flooded by the same Palin Deranged haters who’ve obsessed about the Governor since 2008.  I also notice that the majority of the letters to the editor regarding the piece have been unkind.  So, I decided to pen my own letter to the editor and to share it with you.  Please feel free to suggest other things.  Please feel free to use it yourselves.

The collective effort of a small group of people who are afraid of a possible Palin presidency is relentless.  Countering their lies and hate should be pretty easy considering we have facts on our side.  So without further delay, here is my submission to many of them:

I notice how positive articles about Governor Sarah Palin (like the one by Charlotte Allen) seem to get her critics stirring.  Not only do the comments sections seem to be overwhelmed with invective, but letters to the editor surface as well.

As a Palin supporter who hopes she runs and wins in 2016, let me respond to the usual regurgitated snark:

1.)    “She’s not qualified.”

Compared to whom?  Obama who was a Junior Senator before running for President?

In Alaska as Governor, she accomplished everything she set out to do in 2/3 of the time.  She cut spending even in times of surplus and still managed to implement benefits for low income senior citizens, increased education funding, and took on big oil.  She lobbied hard for strong ethics reform by teaming up with Democrats.  She earned a 93% approval rating – the highest ever for a U.S. Governor.  What exactly did Hillary accomplish as a Senator or Bill as a Governor that comes close to such accomplishment and approval?

2.)    “She’s a Quitter! ”

Even though she resigned to prevent a very small group of extremists from further abusing the Alaska Ethics Act (making it completely logical and understanding), we know she accomplished everything she set out to do.  When you take an oath to serve, you promise to uphold the Constitution and do right by the people (hence the 93% approval rating).  You don’t take an oath to sit around for an allotted amount of time.  In fact, the “time” element of serving in public office has nothing to do with the challenge of it, rather it serves as a limit to prevent one from sitting and doing nothing without having to face reelection.

The founding fathers intended our public servants to do their jobs and go home to live by the laws they created.

To those who call her a “quitter,” is it really your position that we need more career politicians in Washington?

3.)    But she “quit” to get rich!

The last exaggerated estimate of her worth was about $12M.  By contrast, the Clintons are worth $80M, Nancy Pelosi is worth about $35M, and the Bush family is worth $60M.

It’s clear that if Governor Palin wanted to “get rich,” she should have just run for Congress.

In summary, Governor Palin’s record has been available to the public for far too long to allow the same narratives to go unchallenged.

When you put it all into perspective, it’s a true laugh to hear Obama supporters condescend to her.  It’s an even bigger laugh to hear the Republican establishment ponder running another Bush in 2016.

It’s time for the people to make the difference.  It’s time to focus more on what someone does while serving in lieu of accepting the $16T (and growing) price tag that comes along with “qualified” career politicians who are all too willing to occupy D.C. on a permanent basis.


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