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Newt Gingrich on Romney’s ‘Gifts’ Comment

Newt Gingrich took an opportunity to express mass displeasure at Mitt Romney’s explanation to campaign donors who said he lost because Obama gave gifts to voters.

Gingrich factually pointed out that Obama won over Romney with Asians by an even higher margin than he did with Hispanics and pointed out that Asians were indeed some of the hardest working Americans who utilize this country’s unique opportunity for the individual in a way that many others have not.

Speaker Gingrich is right.  The people want a reason to be inspired with a bold choice from what they have.  By making such statements to wealthy donors on more than one occasion, Governor Romney and the high-powered politicos in the business who forced him on us in the primary have set the party of freedom back a few decades.

Beware as they work hard to convince you within the next year that Marco Rubio or Chris Christie are who we need to really pull it off in 2016.

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  • MaMcGriz

    The former Speaker is correct.

    I’m grateful he remains visible, active and vocal. We need him.

  • lanahi

    "No passion, no idealism, no dreams, no philosophy…"  does sound like the GOPe.

    Disgusting how Romney keeps coming up with "reasons" for his loss, while Gingrich hits it right off.

    • Exgunman

      Romney like all demoncrats, whines, always has an excuse, blames others, refuses responsibility for all of their failures……………………………….

      • carolyn50

         sounds just like obama – always blaming others.

        • Exgunman

          I agree……………………….

  • Jthom26837

     Yes sir! This is exactly the type of attitude the elites on both sides we all have to put up with. Personally, I’m freakin’ fed-up with this crap.

    This is exactly why:  SARAH PALIN ROCKS!!!

  • alien4palin

    Speaker Gingrich is absolutely spot on.

  • slhancock

    Christie is no conservative.  Rubio is way too green.  Nice guy, but he is way too middle of the road…not very conservative at all.  He often comes out on the wrong side, then backtracks his opinions later.   Sorry, but that will not win.  

    • RebinTexas

       Nice to see you here Shery – see you are fairly new, least in posting. Like what I’ve seen you say so far. As for rubio – he is a bush/romney guy – definitely not someone We The People want. He has hid some of this well……but he not for US. Christie ought to join the party with whom he best identifies……

  • spottedreptile

    It beats me why so many so-called leaders of the Right are ashamed to be conservative. Why the heck be ashamed of working hard, believing in personal responsibility, small government, individual choices, the Constitution, a strong faith and a strong America, and feel that is something you need to hide or disguise to placate the people who hate you. 

    Romney tried to capture this in his speeches but in the end his actions belied his words and nobody believed him. Palin would have smashed this out of the park because she encapsulates the beliefs and ideals above – she doesn’t just use them for political gain. She is conservative down to the cellular level, whereas with Romney it always felt like a veneer that could be peeled away at a moment’s notice. I always cheered when he talked about conservative principles, but then he would start talking about replacing Obamacare and reaching across the aisle and my heart went down into my boots. Can you imagine Palin talking about replacing Obamacare and reaching across the aisle? You don’t reach across the aisle, you won – you make the other side reach across to you.

    The Left is always going to hate the conservative platform. It shows them up for what they are. The Left has NOTHING but their calculated and contrived ‘compassion’ for the poor and disadvantaged i.e. their voting base. They are the cynical, uncaring, hateful and destructive party. Not us. Obama won without an agenda for a second term. No vision, no hope and no future. Just "I feel your pain."Why do so many RINOs continue to let the Left define them? I guess the answer is that they are no different from them so they are happy to be pictured that way. Then they whine because true conservatives don’t vote for them. The GOP will never be strong again unless it believes in itself. The current makeover specialists like Jindal, Rubio, Christie, Rove etc are only concerned with their positions. They don’t believe. They are survivalists.

    • Min Max

      I think I know where you’re coming from, but Sarah would reach across the aisle even with Obamacare. That doesn’t mean she’d back down on her principles; it does mean that she’ll win them over to her side.

      Too many people now view politics as my way or the highway, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be so and I’d say, it shouldn’t.

      A great leader would reach across the aisle if for no other reason than to take away the sting of losing for the other team, and again, reaching across the aisle does not equate to compromise.

      Sarah is a great leader because it has been proven that she can work with anyone.

      A wise man from America once said "a house divided against itself cannot stand". It’s about time Americans unite for their greater good. A good way to start is by kicking all their feckless politicians from office who are really there for the most part for themselves, not the public.

      • spottedreptile

        You’re right, of course anyone needs to work with the other side to get things done, this is how politics has always gone. The great leaders knew how to reach consensus while still achieving their aims.

        I guess reaching across the aisle is such a horrible phrase because it’s always been associated in the past with Republican cave-ins such as McCain etc. To me it means conceding ground already gained, and that is death to the conservative movement. It pushes all my buttons in a bad way.

        Good points you make. I agree Sarah knows how to make people work together.

        • Min Max

          Yea…you’re absolutely spot on about the cave-ins. It’s incredibly infuriating when you see your side make all the wrong calls.

          Or did they? I don’t know if it’s what some would call a tinfoil moment, but if someone were to tell me that all the politicians were actually in cahoots, and everything you see is scripted, I don’t think I would be shocked.

          It’s exactly like what Sarah calls it – the permanent political class, serving their true masters – Big Business via corporate crony capitalism. She has articulated the problem so clearly, it’s amazing more people haven’t caught on.

          It’s all right there in that single speech she made. Sorry, I digress…

          • spottedreptile

            They certainly unite as one over pay rises for their pampered selves, and threats to their gravy train. I know quite a few politicians over here who are at daggers drawn in public, but behind the parliamentary doors they are friendly and get on well and know they are really on the same side – the side which keeps them in the corridors of power. I guess that’s why people like Specter can change their spots – they never really had different spots to begin with, just articulated a difference in order to get elected.

            • socon

               It’s why they closed ranks against Sarah.  They make me sick.

  • friskyness

    yeah, and the people will fall for it, again and again!  People always buy into the lies!

  • Right_Wingnut

    Oh, Yankeeeeeeeeeee…………………..

    • socon

       LOL!  Nowhere to be seen, huh?

      • Right_Wingnut

        Her idol is doing exactly what she insulted me for the other day, and not a peep. The double standard is not a surprise.

        • socon

           Newt is her idol? 

  • otto

    It’s money that wins the day 99% of the time. MONEY.
    It’s not religion, it’s not ecology, it’s not right and wrong. It’s Money, and the love of it. It’s the power behind the puppets.
     When you understand that. Then you are halfway there as to why things run the way they do.

    But keep it under your hat ,cause that’s the dirty little secret nobody has the guts to say. (IF THEY WANT TO SURVIVE IN POLITICS)..Cronies on steroids.

    And please tell me Newt who was this great voice in the wilderness that inspired the people so greatly that they came in droves just for a glimpse ,and fainted in his presence ? This bastion of Liberty.
    Ummm, i guess it wasn’t you. You and Bachman,Cain,Santorum,Perry ..all flopped.


    MITT lost with 3 million fewer votes then mccain. obama got 10 million
    fewer. Conservatives,Palinistas,ron paul donks sat home fingering
    themselves to lost dreams while USA was set ablaze. obama won with fewer
    votes then mccain got.

    • socon

      No one ever asks why these millions of Americans stayed home.  Perhaps it was because they figured there was little difference between the candidates.

      Romney didn’t make his case, pure and simple.

      They would have been there for Sarah.

      • PANTTERA

         They’re fools if they think there would be no difference between a Republican house,senate,president then what we’ve got now. Republicans are whining babies who’ll walk into traffic saying i have the right away then wondering what happen when they get ran over.

        Some Palinistias/paulies are even worse. Glad mitt lost in some pipe dream that will never happen,a PALIN candidacy. At lease ron nutbar paul has the grizzly balls to run,run,run and run.

        • Guest

          Keep whining and calling people names if it makes you feel better.

          Millions of Tea Party Americans felt they drew a line in the sand with the gopE in 2010. Most of them were not political junkies like you. They were every day Americans who took time away from their families to warn the gopE that they were not in love with them either. They told them to do the right thing or they would vote them out too.

          It was NOT an idle threat. They meant it. They believe that we ARE already off the cliff.

          Whether you want to have a temper tantrum or not, the "NEW REALITY" is these Tea Party Americans do not believe they owe their vote to a gopE who believe they are better at managing "Big Government" than the Democrats. The new reality is the Age of GHW Bush is O.V.E.R.

          The gop is relegated to minority party status unless they dump their Big Government ways. It’s a fact. These people believe the gopE are addicts addicted to Big Government and it is time to stop being enablers. They have tried your way for over 30 years and it isn’t working. They believe insanity is having the same behavior and expecting a different outcome. A.N.D. they believe actions speak louder than Marco Rooooooooooooooooobio’s mouth!

          These Tea Party American’s behavior isn’t going away. Deal with it! The gopE cannot rely on their vote in 2016. It is a fact cast in concrete. So have at it. Call them all the names you want. They don’t care.

          Responsible adults know there is only one cure for addiction, cold turkey. You however want to kick the can down the road just like Boehner. We want to go through the pain and come out clean on the other side.

          • socon

            Not only do we not care, we’re laughing at them!

            • Guest

               No socon, I am sorry but I am not laughing at them. I DO realize that they are afraid. It will not be easy going through withdrawal but it is the only sane action to take. I pray the Lord gives them the strength that He has given us to endure this battle. I’m not flippant about this. Responsible adults should be wary.

              I have prepared myself. It is time for them to do the  same.

              • socon

                I refuse to take them seriously, and I will not be told to sit down and shut up again.

                • PANTTERA

                   At lease you voted Socon. You’re the solution. You made a impassioned push for a Conservative to vote "for" but when the final option came you chose to vote "against" obama.

                  That was the best of the options presented. We move on to 2016,taking a pit stop in 2014, hoping Sarah at lease tries and Cristy isn’t our final choice.

                  I think a 3rd party called "The American Party" will arise. Headed by a grizzly.

                  • socon

                    The GOP is trying to push our party further to the left.  That’s what the "Hispandering" is all about right now.

                    Watch them start calling us racists and bigots as their next bullying tactic.  I see the 2012 scenario playing out for 2016 unless we fight back now.

                  • goldenprez

                     PANTTERA … I prefer the "Freedom Party" myself.

                    Throw them all out. The status quo must go.

                    Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

                    Illegitimi non carborundum.

                    Barracudas Maximus.

          • PANTTERA

             What "TEA Party" candidate stepped up to run? Bachman was it. Sarah sold out or something and she was the TEA Party leader.

            • lanahi

              What are you doing here on a Sarah Palin site if you think she sold out?

              • socon

                 I agree.  I don’t understand why a lot of "Palin fans" are here.

        • socon

          I didn’t think Romney could win but I voted for Mitt anyway because I hoped against hope a RINO could beat Obama.   Romney’s candidacy was a joke from the start.

          The only ones whining now are Romney and his clueless followers. 

      • wodiej

        That is a a poor excuse for one to not vote to save their country.  At least Romney had business experience and our main problem right now is the economy. To say there was little difference between the two is not a remotely rational argument.

        This constant daily bashing of Romney is pretty tiresome too.  The election was over 2 weeks ago.  If anyone is to blame it is first the conservatives who voted for Romney in the primaries.  Then second those who did not vote for him in the GE. So when the next 4 years bring on more of the same from the last 4, those who did not vote need to remember that their vote could have been instrumental in avoiding it. 

        As for Gov. Palin, they WEREN’T THERE FOR HER.  She hired consultants and advisers while making up her mind whether to run or not. I surmise it was to gauge how much solid support she actually had among voters.  IT WASN’T THERE and that is likely the main reason she did not run.  Her family was behind her all the way. Many conservatives personally liked her but felt she wasn’t ready to be president.  Based on what? Those 20 years of exemplary public service?  There is only one answer-she’s a woman.  She didn’t wear a suit and tie. She didn’t fit their conventional, tired and worn out view of what a President should look like.  Old, white men.

        • Christopher H Fromme

          Many republicans that I talk to have a bad impression of the Guv, most think she should do reality TV or just stay on Fox.   They have no clue of her stand on policy that would affect their lives.  

          • socon

             Well, enough people knew Romney wasn’t much different from Obama and didn’t vote for him.

        • socon

          You need to move on.  You chose to back a loser and you bullied others into voting for him.  I guess you couldn’t bully enough people to pull Mitt over the finish line.

          I say bash away on Mitt because I don’t want the GOP/RINO Romney debacle of 2012 to repeat itself in 2016.

          We told you Mitt couldn’t win because he wasn’t a conservative and we were right.  Deal with it.

        • PANTTERA

          UT OH. You’re using a reasoned response. I see a "move on" or "troll" thread starting.

          • socon

            You think it was reasonable of Mitt to exclude Sarah, the Tea Party and other conservatives from his campaign?   Romney wooed the independents and got their vote, and still lost.

            How’s his strategy working out for you right now?

        • lanahi

          And OBAMA fits the "old, white men" view?

          No, our main problem is NOT the economy.  If we had political and economic freedom, we could very quickly save the economy.  It is lack of FREEDOM that is our main problem.  With everything from EPA to O’s energy policies working to destroy our economy, it is NOT the economy that is the problem, it is big government interference, i.e. lack of economic and political freedom.  THAT was and still is our major problem.

          And, no, I don’t think it’s because she couldn’t get the voters out that she didn’t run.  We may never know all the reasons she didn’t, but she could very quickly let the voters know who she was…they were ready to support her far more than they were willing to support Romney. 

          I don’t think her being a woman is a major factor for most Americans. If it is, it means that America is one of the most backward countries in the world…even Thailand has a female prime minister!

    • RodPatrick

      Romney and his strategists thought that good publicity through good survey results would carry him to the presidency.  No rebutt of the Obama’s and MSM’s lies. No hard-hitting talks of Obama’s failed presidency except those generally acceptable to MSM’s ears (meaning, MSM could belie such hard talk vs. Obamessiah), no explanation of his failings as a "conservative".  NO DISCUSSION WHATSOEVER WHY CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES WILL RETURN AMERICA BACK TO ITS OLD GLORY!  And yes … no counter-proposals to all Obama’s "free gifts".

      You can’t just ridicule the left. You have to make an offer! This is something that R&R failed miserably.

      The result was of course so obvious and so expected (except to R&R soda drinkers from the GOPE!)

      • socon

         I agree.  Romney didn’t make his case and lost.

  • socon

    I knew it would be hard on Romney if he lost–he’s got a big ego and is not used to losing.

    He was a fool not to use all of the talent on his side. 

    I doubt if he pulled this same garbage at Bain.  I’ve lost what little respect I had for him.

    • lanahi

      Mitt’s lost almost all of his runs for office except for the one term of governor, and he would have lost reelection if he had run for that again.  He does well as a CEO where he can command, but he doesn’t do well when he has to convince. Those are two different skills.

      • socon

        I knew Mitt was a non-starter.  The first and only time I had any hope was when he wiped Obama out in the first debate. 

        After that he returned to predictable RINO form and the inevitable happened on November 6.

        I felt like I was living in an alternate universe.

      • socon

        I understand what you’re saying about the command and convince skills, but I can’t understand how any successful chief executive could purposely insult and exclude his most valuable assets.

        I figured it was a character defect on Mitt’s part.  Pride.

        As you can see–I’m not a fan of the Mittster.  lol

        • lanahi

           Who is?

          • socon

            Looks like fewer and fewer every day.


       Did you at lease vote for mitt.

      • socon

         Does it matter?  Is it any of your business? 

  • suehimel

    I don’t think any political operative has any clue where the base is coming from.  They were NOT invited to the party by Romney.  Romney falsely thought they had no where else to go.  Some of them stayed home – others went to the polls and skipped the presidential race.

    It did not matter that they didn’t get a phone call to go vote – they had already decided to not vote.  We are not the Dems…you can’t offer bus transportation to these folks and get them to go vote.  They have a car and know where they should vote; they just didn’t.

    Until the Republicans acknowledge this they are never going to win an election.

    • socon

      So simple yet so true.  I think the GOP’s tone-deafness is a result of their arrogance. 

      They thought they could bully or guilt millions of voters into pulling the lever for Mitt.
      It didn’t work.

      Mitt and his band of fools deserved to lose–but we didn’t.  Tragic.

  • Angel Nova

    I support what Romney said that " some of those who voted for Obama get some gifts from him"  . 

  • c4pfan

    Newt can stuff it.  Why can’t he speak to Mitt himself and say it?  Who the hell is he talking to?  Us?  The ‘establishment’?  What?

  • Angel Nova

    I support what Romney said that "some of those who voted for Obama received gifts from him."  Look at those special interest groups like the unions, the green fraud groups, the refugees especially the Muslim Somalis. the illegals , the habitual welfare lazy entitled bums, his cronies….. We all know that Obama stole this election and with the help of the voting machines owned and operated by no other than Obama’s master Soros, nobody can win over that fraud Obama!  So, neever mind what Romney said, just think about how evil Obama is, he could have murdered a whole town to win this election because he did sell his soul to the Devil or Satan for another four years or maybe more!  

  • Guest

    When you have more than half of the electorate receiving some type of compensation from the federal government, it is going to be hard, if not impossible, for a republican to win.  That is just a fact. 

    As Rush lamented, you can’t beat Santa Clause.

    Newt panders, yet again.  So who is surprised? This is who Gingrich is; a petty, self serving little man.

  • Guest

    It is time for Rove AND Gingrich to get off the political stage.  Both are tired political hacks and are partly responsible for Romney being nominated in the first place and for his eventual defeat.

    Let us not forget Newt’s Bain attacks or his unwillingness to leave the race, when he was no longer a viable candidate, so that another conservative could win.  I really don’t want to hear a lecture from him on anything.

  • socon

    As usual, Newt speaks the truth!

    • otto

      Newt is a player. As usual.

      (and i like Newt a lot. But a hero of the down trodden ,not likely.)

      • socon

         Yeah, like the billionaire plutocrat Romney was.  lol

  • otto

    TRUTHS .What are truths. We all have truths:

    Gifts come in many forms my friends.
     Forms like paybacks for union votes,and money in certain coffers.
    Like free Govt. money (subsidies) given to certain contributors, like General Electric (who used their news organization to spread lies and cover truths)…

     Like forcing and threatening  banks to give people who have no business owning homes, loans to buy what they have no business buying. Then bailing them out of forclosure with other people’s money.
    Writing Financial bills with no attention payed to bloated thieves like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that steal the people’s money by buying up guaranteed bad loans. (social engineering)

    Bailing out companies like GM,(and i love GM, i would own no other car)  with the idea of union money being funneled into their pockets thus assuring the circle of  corruption and holding them beholden to their savior. Obama.. The stock holders were shut out. Their stocks deemed worthless.

    In every corner of this Govt. votes are bought and sold daily.

    If that ain’t buying favors ,then God diidn’t make the little green apples.

    Some people want to blame all the world’s troubles on Romney.
     (and i am no fan of Romney, it’s the truth i seek)The truth is that a rock should have beaten a loser like Obama.
     As for ,Paul,Gingrich,Santorum,Cain,Bachman, Johnson…they were so weak  they never even made it to the dance.

    • socon

       Romney lost to McCain who lost to Obama in 2008.  Talk about weak.

      • otto

        Oh, it’s mr positive. Thanks for coming back .Goodie. Now maybe you will answer a simple question for me.
         Who was your knight in shining armor? The one who ran for president that you wanted so bad to win it made your teeth ache. This bastion of Liberty that you follow like a demon.The one who knows just what buttons to push ,and who’s back to scratch.

        Who was your choice? One question.

        And then tell me why he flopped on his face.
        (limit your answer to those who ran please)

        Are you a Gary Johnson guy?.. lol

        • socon

          My moniker is socon.  Do you really think I’m a fan of that libertine deadbeat?

          You’re not the sharpest tool in the shed are you?  lol

          • otto

            Your hand writes a lot of fluff ,but still no idea who your man was. Your a "cliche" machine.
            You must be a politician . You blather like a madman,but can’t answer a simple question..

            Who was your candidate ?

             I would never trust a man who was willing to throw his country overboard over a grudge. Romney wasn’t your choice ,we all get it, but he was the  one running for president.

            Now who was this great man, this perfect candidate that you admire ?

            And then explain why they flopped on their rear end.

            Oh by the way ,you don’t impress me either. I think your a plant.

            • socon

              You’re a fool.  A Romneybot calling me a plant.  It shows what a weak thinker you are.

              In case you forgot–this is a Sarah Palin blog.  I voted for Romney, too, so take your fake patriotism and stuff it.

              Why are you even here?  Go find a RomneyLove blog and knock yourself out.

              • otto

                You aren’t worth my time. Mr. Politician. I meant the potted kind ..genius.

                I’m here because of people like you. Litte ankle biters who think they are God’s gift to the world.

                Everything in your world has a neat little name tag on it… and it’s 100% crap.
                Why the hell would i bother with somebody like you if i was a Romneybot? silly fool.
                BTW ..I agree with Sarah Palin on The choice America had. I don’t know who the hell you agree with.

                Go take a flying leap.

                • socon

                  Romney lost.  Get over it and stop whining, Mr. herd-thinker.

  • SteveBayrd

    Already this Monday morning an explosion of rumors that Marco Rubio is staging himself for a 2016 run. Rubio places himself on a similar edge where he can dash to whatever is the most populist position, just like Romney. Only Rubio is more suave, youthful, tactful and capable in his persuasions. I DON’T TRUST HIM. Unlike Gov. Palin and, Ted Cruz for instance, Rubio will not speak without many nuances and safety positions. In the world of politics, Rubio is the Machiavelli candidate who poses on the Right. If people buy his charm, youth and "foggy" conservatism, there will be NO "sudden and relentless reform." It will be more like a charming, rather than bombastic, Chris Christie. Both are stealth progressives.

    • socon

       It’s another disastrous RINO run.  2016 will be another defeat for us if we don’t speak up.

      • otto

        But you have been speaking up. Hows that working out?

        • socon

          It’s early–we’ll see.

          All in for the next RINO, huh?

          • otto

            You’ve been speaking up for the last four years . How the hell is that early?  (dazed and confused might apply here) lol.

            • socon

               That doesn’t make sense.  You’re not the brightest bulb in the box either.

    • hmcsp

      Rubio is the real deal and I trust him as much as I do Sarah.  I will watch, though, over the next few years and see who weakens on certain issues.  I don’t know that much about Cruz yet, but what I’ve seen so far I’ve liked.

      • socon

         I don’t trust Rubio because he’s a Jeb Bush guy. 

      • otto

        I hate to rain on the parade. But Sarah said it ,as i have known it.. Don’t put your faith in politicians. Rubio, like Christe,  is a player. Reaching for the brass ring..Nothing more.

        Sarah Palin is the only one in the last 100 years, the only one , that has been the real deal.
         For "we the people"…and the people dumped on her for 30 pounds of silver. Just like Judas.

        • socon

           Right on, otto!

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