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Obama’s re-election will accelerate shift from full-time to part-time employment; Update: Will 29-hour work weeks be the new normal under Obamacare?

As Mel so ably noted, Obama’s re-election is spurring many of the nation’s employers to lay-off workers to defend their ongoing viability from the continued onslaught of Obamanomics his re-election promises. Not only has Obama’s election resulted in dozens of businesses announcing lay-offs, but it will also accelerate the trend of replacing full-time workers with part time workers. Obama’s continued presence in the White House means that Obamacare is here to stay, and businesses already struggling to stay afloat simply can’t afford the massive Obamacare tax that’s on its way. The survival instinct is forcing them to reduce the number of hours many of their employees work to below 30 in order to avoid it. Via the Wall Street Journal:

Some low-wage employers are moving toward hiring part-time workers instead of full-time ones to mitigate the health-care overhaul’s requirement that large companies provide health insurance for full-time workers or pay a fee.

Several restaurants, hotels and retailers have started or are preparing to limit schedules of hourly workers to below 30 hours a week. That is the threshold at which large employers in 2014 would have to offer workers a minimum level of insurance or pay a penalty starting at $2,000 for each worker.

Every time I read about the entirely predictable unintended consequences of Obamacare, I’m reminded of two things: Pelosi’s "we have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it" idiocy, and Obama’s nationally televised claim in August 2009 that "if you like your doctor or health care plan, you can keep it".

In that video, Obama was essentially responding to Governor Palin’s challenge. Readers may recall that during the summer of 2009, while the Republican Establishment sat on their collective a*ses, it was Governor Palin who led the opposition to Obama and Obamacare. Her "death panel’s metaphor, later confirmed as accurate by Obama’s own OMB Director, knocked Obama on his heels, galvanized opposition to Obamacare that summer which ultimately came within a whisker of scuttling it. Indeed she got so much under Obama’s skin that he took the unusual step of public attacking private citizen Palin. Maybe if she’d had a little Establishment help back then, or if Republicans hadn’t nominated a candidate who invented it, we wouldn’t be living under its shadow now…

Where was I? Oh yes. If it wasn’t obvious then, it’s certainly obvious now that, like all of Obama’s pronouncements, his "you get to keep your health care" claim is nothing more typical Obama shuck and jive. Here’s some advice: If you have a full-time job, you’d better hold onto it tightly.

It’s ironic that Obama won re-election primarily due to the breathtaking ignorance gullibility of younger voters. Thanks to their own actions, if they’re lucky enough to find a job at all in the Obama economy, it’s quite likely it will be part-time. I suppose this is part of that hope-changey stuff they thought they were voting for. Or is the word "thought" giving them too much credit? Here’s something for them to ponder: If they can only find part-time work and, thus, aren’t covered under employer-provided health care, will they have to pay for their own birth control? And if they’re living in their parent’s basement since they can’t afford to move out, will it matter anyway?

Related: The Blaze is keeping a running tally of the lay-offs announced in the 3 days since Obama’s re-election.

Update: Craig Bannister at CNS asks a key question: "Is The 29 Hour Work Week Coming As Employers Seek To Escape The Obamacare Mandate"?

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  • conservativemama

    My daughter voted for Romney.  She knew better and even then, would have preferred a true conservative.  But here she is with her expensive college diploma, with her fantastic brain, and her part-time job.

    She knows why the economy is a mess, but there was no convincing most of her college friends.  They voted for their own diminished future.

  • suehimel

    Businesses that hire large numbers of union workers (manufacturing, hotel, shipping) will not be able to get by with reducing hours or ditching health care coverage.  These will be the businesses that go under.  What will be left are those entrepreneurs that are able to control their costs, the ones who don’t hire union workers.  I think the unions will be hurting four years from now.  This may be a tough way to control union power, but the unions are now the architects of their own demise.

    What remains to be seen is how unionized public service unions fare.  Cities and states are approaching (or in) bankruptcy.  When the state and city level government institutions can no longer pay the salaries of these employees what will happen?  Can the courts force these governments to raise taxes?  Can the courts force these bureaucracies to halt road maintenance, trash pick up or necessary construction projects to maintain infrastructure to pay for bloated salaries and benefits? 

    It is not going to be pretty, folks.  But, the citizens that are going to have to pay the bill and the price for the trends now in place for all levels of government are the ones who put Obama back in the White House and denied control of the Senate to the Republicans.  I for one intend to sit back and say, "I told you so."  I’m sad for our descendants, but I ended this election cycle with the knowledge that I did just about everything I could to put an end to this madness.  Some will be calling my husband and me "takers" in a few years because we will be retired.  We were and are perfectly willing to have SS and Medicare reformed to slow the rising price of entitlements by reducing the size of our checks and raising the retirement age.  The Democrats won’t even consider such reforms.  So be it.  Our children and grandchildren will have to pay for it but there is nothing more I can do about it until 2016.  I’ll try again then, but I am not optimistic about our chances to reintroduce fiscal sanity to our government.

    • Azarkhan

      The Democrats will force through the unionization of the government run health industry, 1/6 of the economy. This will give them an enormous advantage in money and votes.

  • Leroy Whitby

    Sweet. If I get two jobs I can pick up some OT. Alright!

  • Lennart Bilén

    The just released jobless rate: 7.9
    The jobs they created are part time: Not fine.
    The Obamacare mess
    Makes us work less and less
    Instead of insurance we’ll all pay the fine.

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