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OCR | The political impasse in Washington will continue

The Republican House will pass yearly budgets, per its constitutional duty, and the Democratic Senate will continue to avoid passing a budget of its own, as it has done the past three fiscal years.

The enmity between the party of Obama and the loyal opposition, led by returning House Speaker John Boehner, almost certainly will reappear soon after the new Congress is sworn into office, if not during the current Congress’ "lame duck" session beginning Nov. 13.

That’s because lawmakers have to decide, and rather quickly so, whether to extend some or all of the tax cuts enacted under former President George W. Bush, which expire New Year’s Eve.

The debate over the Bush-era tax cuts, as well as the accompanying automatic spending cuts that form the "fiscal cliff," will also lead inevitably to partisan dispute over what to do about the staggering $16.2 trillion national debt.


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