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Rush: "I watched Sarah Palin, she was on with Greta late. You know what? I tell you, she was right on the money."

Other results from Tuesday: Michele Bachmann appears to have held on, Allen West appears to be have fallen short, Mia Love lost, Deb Fischer/Jeff Flake/Ted Cruz/Orrin Hatch all won.

No state shifted more to Obama in 2012 than Alaska. It went from 59-38 McCain/Obama to 55-42 Romney/Obama with 98.6% of precincts reporting. The Governor’s presence on the ticket clearly added around 10-12 points to McCain’s margin in 2008 in the Last Frontier when considering just how strong 2008 was for Obama and the Democrat Party.

Now that the election is over, where do we all go from here?


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Open Thread

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