Open Thread

The Governor’s line at the 2008 GOP Convention about hockey moms and pitbulls is now one of "Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations."

"Track returns from Afghanistan soon."

One thing you may have noticed from many lists of potential presidential prospects for 2016 is the omission of the Governor’s name. Obviously, it’s a completely different feeling from this time in 2008 where you couldn’t mention 2012 without citing the Governor as a possible opponent for Barack Obama. She’s getting treated the same way Rudy Giuliani was treated after the 2008 election even though she didn’t run in 2012. I get the sense that some of these pundits, on the right and the left, are more likely to discuss Paula Broadwell and David Petraeus as potential candidates before they discuss Governor Palin as one.

Perhaps the change in focus will serve the Governor better in the lead-up to 2016 if she’s interested in running for the presidency. Until then, the best we can do as supporters is to keep on inserting her name in the conversation and make the case for why she’s better suited to face Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or Andrew Cuomo than the other men and women who have been bandied about on our side.

I love how some moderate Republicans think it’s crazy to blame a loss in Ohio and Colorado on what Christopher Christie said in New Jersey but think it’s completely reasonable to believe that moderate Scott Brown’s blowout defeat in Massachusetts can be completely attributed to what Todd Akin said in Missouri.

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