Peter Brookes | Bam’s Benghazi blues

Petraeus also reportedly said in the classified briefing that references to “al Qaeda involvement” were removed from the CIA memo on the tragic incident provided to the administration.

He wasn’t able to say who changed or disregarded the CIA’s memo — nor were other senior intelligence community members (such as Petraeus’ boss, Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper) who testified before Congress a day earlier, according to news reports.

So, how did we get from there to UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s now-infamous performance on five Sept. 16 Sunday talk shows, where she repeatedly said the attack was the result of a spontaneous protest over an online video offensive to Muslims?

We don’t have the exact answer to that question — yet.

But it’s likely that someone at senior levels in the administration decided that Rice — already an odd choice for the assignment, which had nothing to do with the UN — wasn’t going to sing the CIA’s song on TV that day.

Since this news broke on a Friday — by far the best day to air dirty laundry — the White House crowd will have at least a day, maybe two, to huddle before they have to start answering questions about “Benghazi-gate.”


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