Politico | Jon Huntsman: GOP should ‘tune out’ conservative voices

Jon Huntsman on Monday joined a chorus of center-right critics who are  questioning the GOP’s reliance on the conservative media establishment, saying  the party needed to move beyond “pontificators …who are making millions.”

“If we used all that energy spent on the president’s birth certificate or tax  reform or on Afghanistan, we’d be in a much difference place today,” the former  Utah governor said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “We do have, you know, some  pontifcators in our party, we have a media elite in a sense on the right,  they’re making millions and millions of dollars talking about all the incendiary  aspects of public policy. We need solutions as opposed to people in search of a  larger audience. I don’t know how you go about incentivizing solutions, but that  is where the party needs to go.”


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