Ralph Peters | Bam’s Benghazi lies

To get to the truth, connect the lies. Do what intel analysts and detectives do: Build a scenario from the facts and watch the lies blink red. And when anyone tells as many lies as this administration has told about its Benghazi debacle, you get a Christmas tree.

A three-act drama emerges from the facts that have leaked out. It starts ugly and turns hideous.

Act One: Our personnel in Libya worried for months about security, repeatedly petitioning the State Department for enhanced protection, especially for Benghazi. Requests denied.

Why? In Iraq, the State Department played tough guy, hiring mercenaries who gunned down innocent locals to “protect their packages” (our diplomats were the least diplomatic people we had in Baghdad). When Secretary Hillary Clinton took over, she moved, to her credit, to dump the psychos.

But the pendulum swung to the other extreme. Security issues became the preserve of soft-power lefties who despise our military. Putting more trust in local gunmen than in the US Marines, they got Ambassador Chris Stevens killed. “Small footprint,” indeed.

The White House bears no blame for this stage. Security for diplomatic posts doesn’t make any president’s briefing calendar. Blame State and Mrs. Clinton.

Act Two: We now know, almost minute by minute, what happened in Benghazi. We know (as the White House knew immediately) that there was no riot. The attack had nothing to do with that goofball video.


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