Several recent posts on C4P  have linked to articles comparing Sarah Palin with conventional politicians of both parties, with the comparison much in favor of Palin — see Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin (Evan Sayet, 2012); Some of Sarah Palin’s Ideas Cross the Political Divide (Anand Giridharadas, 2011); Hey GOP, take the Palin cure (Charlotte Allen, 2012).

Add to this list a piece from PJMedia in 2009: Sarah Palin and the Dysfunctional Political Class.

It is also worthwhile to revisit Palin’s Hong Kong speech on foreign affairs, delivered in September 2009, and cited in the PJMedia piece as "serious and adult, unlike most of the vapidity produced by politicians, especially Obama."  It was prescient.

The conclusion of the Hong Kong speech bears repeating:

The “Tea Party Movement” is aptly named to remind people of the American Revolution – of colonial patriots who shook off the yoke of a distant government and declared their freedom from indifferent – elitist – rulers who limited their progress and showed them no respect. Today, Main Street Americans see Washington in similar terms.

When my country again achieves financial stability and economic growth – when we roar back to life as we shall do – it will be thanks in large part to the hard work and common sense of these ordinary Americans who are demanding that government spend less and tax less and allow the private sector to grow and prosper.

We’re not interested in government fixes; we’re interested in freedom! Freedom! Our vision is forward looking. People may be frustrated now, but we’re very hopeful too.

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