Several recent posts on C4P  have linked to articles comparing Sarah Palin with conventional politicians of both parties, with the comparison much in favor of Palin — see Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin (Evan Sayet, 2012); Some of Sarah Palin’s Ideas Cross the Political Divide (Anand Giridharadas, 2011); Hey GOP, take the Palin cure (Charlotte Allen, 2012).

Add to this list a piece from PJMedia in 2009: Sarah Palin and the Dysfunctional Political Class.

It is also worthwhile to revisit Palin’s Hong Kong speech on foreign affairs, delivered in September 2009, and cited in the PJMedia piece as "serious and adult, unlike most of the vapidity produced by politicians, especially Obama."  It was prescient.

The conclusion of the Hong Kong speech bears repeating:

The “Tea Party Movement” is aptly named to remind people of the American Revolution – of colonial patriots who shook off the yoke of a distant government and declared their freedom from indifferent – elitist – rulers who limited their progress and showed them no respect. Today, Main Street Americans see Washington in similar terms.

When my country again achieves financial stability and economic growth – when we roar back to life as we shall do – it will be thanks in large part to the hard work and common sense of these ordinary Americans who are demanding that government spend less and tax less and allow the private sector to grow and prosper.

We’re not interested in government fixes; we’re interested in freedom! Freedom! Our vision is forward looking. People may be frustrated now, but we’re very hopeful too.

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  • SonOfOriginalTed

    The GOP w/o Palin is Dead Man Walking!
    (Palin’16 with or w/o the GOP) 

    • HuntingMoose

      you don’t need to throw Sarah in the mix for that result. As far as I am concerned they can change the name to RIP if they keep their GOPe and GOPe advisors around.

  • Azarkhan

    Read their lips: no more Todd Akins.

    In the wake of the GOP’s Election Day beatdown, influential Republican senators say enough’s enough: Party leaders need to put the kibosh on the kind of savage primaries that yielded candidates like Akin — and crippled Republican prospects of taking the Senate in two
    straight election cycles….

    • n4cerinc

      I like this line: "“Look at the ‘electable’ candidates in Montana, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Virginia and North Dakota this cycle,” said Barney Keller, a spokesman for Club for Growth. “All were not chosen by pro-growth conservatives. All were chosen by the party establishment because they were considered more ‘electable.’ All were defeated on Election Day.”

  • carolyn50

    and the same gop establishment is now saying we have to move to the center  to get republican candidates elected.  when will they learn moderates do not get elected?

    • bongobear

      Exactly.  What’s the point of electing a Replublican if he votes like a Democrat?

  • Patriot41

    Sarah’s comments about the American spirit remaining alive through the Tea Party, were very much about what we are all about here in this country.  It is that Freedom that she speaks of, that separates us from the political mentality that thrives in D.C.  It is also why Sarah remains unpopular with both political party’s leaders. 

    It is the intent of those party leaders, to control the citizens of this nation by forcing them to accept either party’s ideology.  Because they cannot control the Tea Party activist, the Tea Party has become their nemesis and the leaders of that movement, their target of and for derision.  Because of the Tea Party grassroots movement across this country, neither existing political party can control the citizens of this nation, as long as the Tea Party continues to grow it’s support.  This is why both political parties, continue to attack and deride Tea Party activist and why they exclude them from party activity. 

  • Elwanda Burrell

    I don’t know about change in the Republican Party, they only change for the worse…..maybe it would be easier to change the Libertarian Party!!!

    • RebinTexas

       Nice idea Elwanda – I agree – the GOPe cannot be changed as We The People need it, yet I would NOT want to try the Libertarian party either – lots of past history that is not good. Rather, I pray for and hope We The People can SOON form a NEW party – based on large part of most all of Gov Palin’s positions and that of most of the nationwide Tea Party organizations. I will be happy to do my little part if this becomes possible – with the ‘right leaders’.

      • alaskan1st

        You don’t realize it was Palin and the Teaparty that got Obama elected. Go too far "Right" and the people go left. Get it?

        • 01_Explorer_01

          Troll,  Come looking for handouts over here.  You lazy beat beat.

          Your drug dependent meth heads got that a-hole elected.

          • alaskan1st

            I guess you see the commonality.

            • Mary Beth House

               Commonality between what?  Your argument is demagogic and entirely devoid of actual evidence.

              2010 = Tea Party/Palin = Victory.
              2012 = GOP Establishment/Liberal candidate = crushing defeat.

        • Steve_Flesher

          The Tea Party wasn’t formed when Obama won in 2008, the Tea Party won a historic victory in 2010’s midterms, and after Romney turned on the Tea Party and Palin in 2012, HE LOST!

          Plus Palin got more votes in 2008 than Romney could pull in for 2012.

          Use facts and quit passing nonsensical narratives.

        • Mary Beth House

          The Tea Party wasn’t in the driver seat in 2012.  Establishment GOP was.  In 2010…when the Tea Party and Governor Palin had center stage, we won landslide victories.

          When the squishy GOPe and their wishy washy agenda are in charge and the ideas and principles of Governor Palin and the Tea Party are dismissed and shunned, we lose big.

          Get it?

  • indemind

    I Loved SarahAmerica,s Hong Kong Speech…. One of her Best…

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    No surprise at all that so called "influential GOP Senators" want to end the primary vetting and have us just take the candidates they anoint. I smell a war brewing if Sarah Palin is so inclined. It will be a battle Royal and the GOPe will cry, "FOUL"!!

  • alaskan1st

    Rush, Rove, Trump, Nugent, Hannity, Oreilly, Ryan, Newt, Palin,…………see in commonality?

    • 01_Explorer_01

      Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Chavez, Hussein. Satan. Obama. ;;;;;;see the commonality

      • alaskan1st

        Not at all. Get real. All of my list is representative of the GOP. 

        • colint

          Is OReilly republican ?

          • $8196935

            Never was

        • 01_Explorer_01

          And mine is a representative list of evil

        • Mary Beth House

          Err…no genius, they do not.

          The only thing they have remotely in common is that at one point or another, each has been critical of Obama.  But that’s about it.

          But in your mind that makes them all practically twins or something.  Sorry, but divergent people with a wide variety of backgrounds can disagree with Obama and not all have the same backgrounds or attributes.  Just because Trump, who is an eccentric businessman, or Nugent, who is an eccentric libertarian/hunter agree generally speaking that Obama is a horrible President, that doesn’t mean that everyone who takes issue with Obama is eccentric.

          Get it?

        • HuntingMoose

           It is clear that you hang out too much with the corrupt and lying media and yes, looking at your post history that is right on the mark.

          for starters, O Reilly voted for Obama in 08 and none of these people are typical GOP types , despite your TV that is always blaring CNN and MSNBC tries to mislead you with.

    • RodPatrick

      No commonality.   The last one has the biggest ball and has the best shot to presidency.

    • Azarkhan

      They all breathe oxygen?

    • Mary Beth House

       They’re all homosapiens?  They’re all Americans?  They’re all over 5 feet tall?

      Otherwise… I have no idea what you’re trying to push.

    • HuntingMoose

      a list of people that the lame stream media such as MSNBC and CNN are very favorite on lying and deceiving people about.

  • CBDenver

    I read Paul Krugman’s article in the NYTimes today where he spoke of how wonderful it was in the 1950’s when the top marginal tax rate was 91%.  He advocated returning to that tax rate for the top 1%.  The comments were mostly favorable with people lamenting the greed of the 1% and urging fairness.  Unfortunately no one actually did the math to figure out how much money would be raised for the government if tax rates for the top earners were increased.

    According to the liberal Urban Institute and Brookings Institution, "In 2007, if taxable income in the 35 percent bracket had been taxed at
    49 percent, federal income tax revenues would have been $78 billion
    higher"  [

    But, as per US government stats, the deficit in 2007 was $300 billion.  So the $78 billion raised from tax increases on the rich wouldn’t solve the problem.  We’d still be in the hole $222 billion.  []

    Hopefully, eventually Americans will learn we don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.  Until then we will have to continue to listen the childish claims of the delusional that all our problems can be fixed if only the rich pay their fair share.

    • HuntingMoose

       the one thing that Krugman and Obama have in common : both are frauds and expose the stupidity on how some of the nobel prizes are awarded.

    • Freempg

      The increase in income tax rates is proportional to the increase in loopholes. It will corrupt Congress even more than it already is. Sell favors to the highest bidder will yield even more campaign contributions.

      To think the 1% pays income tax is itself lunacy. Most of their wealth is not subject to income tax. It has already been earned or what-have-you generations ago and sits in offshore trust accounts guarded by attorneys and accountants who need only parcel a pittance to politicians for its protection.

      If you really want to hit "the rich," hit them with an asset tax. I’d love to see John Kerry forfeit his yacht for the greater good.

  • Mary Lou Welz

    Sarah Palin for 2016. I hope she forms a third party as the two major parties cannot be trusted. Read George Washington’s Farewell Address. He warned of a two party system. We are here because of the RINOS and the demoncrats.
    Sarah Palin’s name brings fear to obots and RINOS alike.   ###

  • CharterOakie

    "When my country again achieves financial stability and economic growth – when we roar back to life as we shall do – it will be thanks in large part to the hard work and common sense of these ordinary Americans who are demanding that government spend less and tax less and allow the private sector to grow and prosper."
    And that is most likely to happen when we’re led by a true American patriot, one who leads with courage and integrity and serves for the right reasons…and with a servant’s heart.

    Lead on, fearless peerless patriot lady.  We still stand with you.

  • Ed from justice

    I read " Hey Gop take the Palin Cure", by Charlotte Allen in the Chicago Tribune and Charlotte is right on the money.  Anybody know who she is.?

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