Richard Viguerie | MVP of Obama campaign: George Stephanopoulos

For those of you who have put the Republican primaries out of mind, let me take you back to the January 7, 2012 Republican debate at New Hampshire’s St. Anselm College, when Stephanopoulos hounded Mitt Romney on the issue of contraception as decided in the 1965 Supreme Court case, Griswold v. Connecticut. 

That night Stephanopoulos, whether on his own or with a boost from Obama’s campaign advisers, such as David Axelrod, singlehandedly kicked-off the Obama campaign’s “Republican war on women” narrative.  The successful promotion of that phony “issue” eventually led to Obama’s huge margin with young single women and arguably his victory in the swing states he needed to win to defeat Mitt Romney.

We said at the time that Stephanopoulos’ line of questioning was intended create a phony gender gap, and that radical liberal feminists from Nancy Pelosi to Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell were all working off the same set of talking points.

We also said then that whether the Democrats’ gambit would work or not depended upon whether the Republicans stayed on message and kept the discussion focused on religious freedom, the Constitution and respect for the traditional family, or they allowed themselves to be sucked into an argument over liberal feminist grievances.

Stephanopoulos’ seeming left-field questions on contraception at St. Anselm’s also set-up the Sandra Fluke incident that made a feminist martyr out of the previously unknown law student, who later hit the campaign trail promoting the “Republican war on women” narrative for Obama.


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