Robert Redford | C’mon, everyone knows Hurricane Sandy is AGW’s fault

So far, more than 90 people died in this storm. Eight million people were without power. Thousands lost their homes. Hurricanes have always been a part of life on the Atlantic Coast, but climate change is pumping storms with more moisture and increasing their destructive power. It is turning 100-year-storms into frighteningly routine events. And unless we reduce global warming pollution, more families will experience the anguish and fear of living through powerful storms.

The true measure of climate change isn’t taken in Congress or in pseudo-scientists’ debates. It is taken in the communities torn apart by extreme weather. New Yorkers who saw the waters rise this week — and the Midwestern farmers who watched their crops die and Colorado residents who looked on as their houses burned this summer — remind us that climate change is about people, and our connection to nature’s rule, not the weather.


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