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Robert Robb | Demographics Didn’t Do Romney In, He Didn’t Make the Sale

Mitt Romney did not lose the presidential election because of changing demographics within the American electorate. He lost the election because he did not make the sale on the economy and fixing the finances of the federal government.

There has been an intellectual stampede from all quarters toward the conclusion that restrictionist immigration policies caused Romney to get clobbered among Latino voters, which in turn cost him the election. This is a sloppy analysis.

There are still votes being counted, but as of this writing Romney is losing the popular vote by 3.4 million.

Latinos, according to the national exit poll, were 10 percent of the electorate. And Romney did get clobbered among them, getting just 27 percent of their votes.

But if Romney had done much better and gotten 35 percent of the Latino vote, he still would have lost the popular vote by 1.7 million. If Romney had captured the 44 percent of the Latino vote George W. Bush received in 2004, he would have barely won the popular vote.


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