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Roll Call | Shocker: GOP pork barrel king Don Young wants to bring back earmarks

The House Republican Conference will vote Thursday on whether to bring back some earmarks in the 113th Congress.

Rep. Don Young of Alaska, a longtime supporter of earmarks, will offer an amendment at the House GOP organizational meeting that would change the rules of the GOP Conference to allow members to bring earmarks with some conditions.

The rules would ban earmarks, “except if the recipient of the earmark is the Federal Government, a State, or a unit of local government, the Member sponsoring such earmark is identified, the earmark is initiated in committee, and the earmark falls within the applicable section 302(a) allocation,” according to a summary of the amendment shared with Roll Call.

“He’s always been a supporter of earmarks,” a Young aide said. “It’s Congress’ job to appropriate money and the congressman doesn’t believe that agencies are on the ground enough and are able to see the communities’ needs.”


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