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Sarah Steelman calls out Team Romney for stiff-arming Governor Palin at the GOP convention

Via Sarahnettoo. In addition to Team Mitt, Steelman also takes aim at the Republican Establishment, particularly the epic failure of Senator John Cornyn’s NRSC for their dismal performance in the Senate races. She notes that the only Republican Senatorial candidate who was successful in flipping a Democrat seat this year was Deb Fischer in Nebraska. Fischer, Steelman points out, was endorsed by Governor Palin in the primaries against the choice of the GOP Establishment, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning. This is short but sweet. Enjoy.

(h/t Donald Jacques)

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  • otto

    You are absolutely right on Sarah. No matter the politics,no matter the factions, the idiots should have brought it all together.But sadly it was never to happen. And i doubt it ever will. Just like the Democrats the Republican party is dirty. They did it to Reagan also but he overcame it. So there is nothing really new here.

     They will not listen to her for a good reason Miss Steelman… because they themselves are condemmed by her words.

    • AZVick

      Don’t be sad, get even. We are going to take out the establishment Repubs. First order.

  • Kalena

    What about Ted Cruz in Texas?  Sarah was also behind him, versus the elite’s choice of the Lt. Gov.  However, it retained the GOP seat, not flipped a dem seat.

    • wiskeyjack


  • Azarkhan

    It’s a tragedy that instead of having Sarah Steelman as candidate for the Senate, the GOP had Todd Akin Gump.

  • gahanson

    She’s right.  She could have added to her list of epic failures Rove and American Crossroads.  They raised, and spent over $300 million.  NONE of their candidates won.  They couldn’t even convince any of the millions of disaffected 0bama voters to come out and vote against him. 

    • Azarkhan

      It was closer to $100 million. HuffPo said $300 million, but of course they want to magnify every Republican negative. Still, not exactly chump change.

      • JApost

         You’re wrong. It was closer to $400 million (394 million).

        • socon

          Unbelievable.  Stuck on stupid Karl Rove and the RNC are the biggest political failures in our country’s history.

    • felizarte

      I have stated from the outset that the Bush family network would rather see Obama win again and preserve 2016 for one of their own–Jeb or now I think, Prescrott.  Had Romney won, it is almost a certainty that he would run for reelection, thus preclude 2016 for any other GOPer.  The Bush family has always considered Sarah Palin as their main threat.  Therefore, the continuous vilification beginning with Barbara Bush’s "I hope she stays in Alaska always."  And Jeb Bush would occasionally make statements that seem to favor or promote Romney, but it was only to camouflage their real strategy.  So one might go as far as saying that Karl Rove’s 300 million from Crossroads as some kind of insurance policy or bribe for Romney not to let Sarah anywhere near the GOP convention to rally her base for Romney because that would have insured Romney’s election.  I believe that Karl Rove is first and foremost, a Bush family loyalist masquerading as a consultant/pundit/ etc. I wonder if the GOP would ever develop some smarts in dealing with the likes of Obama and their own Bush dynasty and Mr. Rove.

      • GetWhatYouPayFor

        Don’t forget to include Roger Ailes and Fox News in the Bush group. They cancelled all of Palin’s interviews on VP speech night at the Convention. Loved how that blowhard from NJ gave the keynote all about himself. He is another saboteur for the Bushies.

  • Freempg

    Sarah Steelman, the senator that should have been.

    • Quiet_Righty

      We’ll hear from her again. 

  • Timothy Jacques

    hat  tip to my bro for spotting this  :)

  • TSM_Admin

    I think this makes it REAL CLEAR where Steelman stands!

  • alwaysfiredup


  • VADMCollingwood

    It was a brilliant strategy and one of the keys to our success.  First we publicly insulted Sarah Palin by locking her out of the building while giving prime time slots to three people who would not hold elective office but for Sarah Palin.  Then, we gave her slot to the Huckaboob, designating him as the official christian (small c intentional) of the GOP.  That alone did more to alienate the Tea Party hobbits, evangelicals (whoever they are) and anyone else who actually works for a living.  It also placated and stroked all the too connected to fail Wall Street bankers, media poobahs, and beltway buffalo.  

    This Sarah Steelman (whoever she is) is an obvious amateur.  These things are best left to the professionals.  We know what we’re doing. 

    Nebraska?  Never heard of it.  Must be a small town in Alaska.     

    s/ K. Rove
    Chevalier de Bush and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer for the Committee to Elect thee Jeb in 2016

  • CliffNZ

    Another truth speaking Sarah calling it how it is.

  • luvoftheword


  • jester2939

    "How did that convention work out for you Mr. Romney?" she said after saying Palin was shut out. Ouch!! She’s another momma grizzly, lol, which is why Palin endorsed her. *sigh* Steelman would have been good in the Senate :-(

  • socon

    A true leader would have tried to unite our party. Too bad Mitt’s self-centered pettiness precluded him from doing the right thing.  I believe a more generous Mitt Romney would have won the election.  Fool.

    As Sarah Steelman so wisely asked, "How did that convention work out for you, Mr. Romney?"

  • PhilTan

    Just so I’m clear here, Ms. Steelman was the alternative to Todd Akin whose comments added fuel to the fire in the dems contrived "War on Women", correct ? Had she won, we wouldn’t have had the Akin issue and possibly taken control of the senate and whitehouse ?

    PS: Thanks to Ms. Steelman for calling out Romney’s snub of Sarah.

    • socon

      Sarah knew Myth didn’t have a chance but supported him anyway because she’s a true team player.

      Too bad Romney doesn’t have Sarah’s sterling character.

  • wodiej

    All the voters who picked Romney in the primary are to blame.  Without them he would have never been the nominee.  People wouldn’t vote for Gingrich and he was on her side.  So Doug, instead of your daily trashing of Romney about the loss, why not place blame where it belongs.  Squarely on the shoulders of the voters.  

  • socon

    Note to worthless GOP:  Support conservatives for POTUS in 2016 or be humiliated once again.

    The voters have spoken:  NO MORE RINOS.

  • jgrimes

    Sarah Steelman, you are my kind of girl….
    I stand w Sarah Palin…
    Judy from south east coast of NC.

  • Palinchick

    Miss Steelman

    I enjoy your commentary every week and your talks with Kevin Scholla. Thank you!

  • MamaGrizz12

    Listening to Sarah Steelman and Kevin Scholla each week and their great guests is a true pleasure.  Keep up the wonderful work

  • BrianusBerkleianus


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