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So, Who Should Lead Conservatives?

I asked the question in my last post, "I believe that a strong, conservative 3rd party can add to those [conservative] numbers in 2014 and beyond, paving the way for a renewal of our constitutional principles and dedicated to equal opportunity for all. The question becomes: Who will lead the charge?"

A 3rd party, you ask? Doesn’t that mean certain defeat for the GOP? My response is, how much worse could it get? What has the GOP done for conservatism in recent history? They redefined it as "compassionate conservatism", which ended up being just another head-fake to grow government and bail-out Wall Street and the auto industry. They marginalized the Tea Party at this year’s Republican National Convention, despite the fact that the Tea Party handed them control of the House of Representatives.

Questions are being floated all over the place as to who might be the next leader of the Republican Party. Marco Rubio? Rand Paul? Nikki Haley? Bobby Jindal? Susana Martinez? Jeb Bush?!!!

WHO CARES WHAT THE PUNDITS THINK?! They gave us Romney and around 3 million conservatives stayed home on election day! (Hello, Ann Coulter……)

I want to know who’s going to lead all the conservatives in this country, because we definitely outnumber the libs!

It certainly ain’t the Republican Party!


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  • heshtesh

    If it’s not Sarah Palin don’t waste my time!

  • 01_Explorer_01

    Two questions here.  Who should lead or who will?.  Who ever that is needs to start now not 6 months before an election. Sarah may not want that job.

  • onparade

    it has to be sarah…..but lets start with 2014 first….

  • heypiasano

    As a former governor Sarah should email every Republican Governor since we control the majority and suggest that THe Republican Governors Association truely has

     " The Power of The Purse"

    A Rational Advocate
    "The most formidable weapon against errors of any kind is reason"

    By A Rational Advocate

    In the Utopian thinking of many of our citizens the ideal situation would be where our Federal Government could solve the various economic, environmental, social and other problems that exist in our society. They say allowing the levying of taxes as required to alleviate these problems could do this. As it should be apparent to all, it just hasn’t happened that way.

    The nature of Government has demonstrated to us over the years that in the process of this redistribution of income it tends to divert it to the benefit of it’s own personal and parochial desires.

    In our original Constitution under Article I, Section 9 there appears the statement, "NO CAPITATION OR OTHER DIRECT, TAX SHALL BE LAID, UNLESS IN PROPORTION TO THE CENSUS OR ENUMERATION HEREIN BEFORE DIRECTED TO BE TAKEN". This, of course, was intended by the founders of our union to prevent the Federal Government from taking taxes from one State for the benefit of another State or, more importantly, from gaining the power to extort from any State or entity what it desired by using this taxation power to exert leverage on it.

    However, the Constitution does allow for Amendments and the bureaucrats in Washington found a way to subvert the judicious intentions of our founding fathers. In 1894 the Congress had passed an Income Tax law but subsequently the Supreme Court ruled it violated the Constitution and it was overturned.

    Not to be daunted, in 1913, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was introduced by the Congress and, unfortunately, ratified by three fourths of the legislatures of the States.This Amendment states, "THE CONGRESS SHALL HAVE POWER TO LAY AND COLLECT TAXES ON INCOMES, FROM WHATEVER SOURCE DERIVED, WITHOUT APPORTIONMENT AMONG THE SEVERAL STATES, AND WITHOUT REGARD TO ANY CENSUS OR ENUMERATION".

    One may suspect that the smaller states legislatures where looking for the redistribution of the income from the larger states for their own and their respective state’s benefit. It is apparent they did not realize federal government misuse of taxes collected would greatly diminish this distributed income by the time it reached them.

    Thus, with the "power of the purse" now within their grasp, the Federal Government demonstrated that which had concerned our forefathers. Now individual members of government, especially the Congress, were able to leverage the deliverance of funds to various special interest groups in return for campaign contributions and other favors.It should be apparent that virtually all of our economic and social problems, as they exist today, are a byproduct of the mismanagement by the Federal Government.

    This provided by the power that was given to them under the 16th Amendment. Foremost, the mismanagement resulted in the massive budget deficit that now exists. It has contributed to the need for both parents in a family to gain employment in order to support their family.

    Without adult supervision many children have become delinquents. Teen-age pregnancies and the drug problem surely have benefited from this situation.Since it is unlikely that the 16th Amendment will ever be repealed, some consideration should be give to what can be done to counter the effects created by it.

    Some possibilities do exist.One such approach would be to eliminate the IRS and income tax through legislation and replace it with a national sales or value added tax. If properly managed, a sales tax rate could be set that would maximize collectable tax revenue. The theory being that the price set for any commodity effects the number sold so that profit is maximized by establishing an optimum price to realize maximum net return.

    Arguments that this would increase the cost of living for those with lower income could be countered by provisions to provide relief for those in our society whose wages fall below a level determined to require government aid. In addition, an increased growth of our economy caused by the investment dollars left in the private sector would provide an increasing amount of jobs for all.

    Another approach is supported by Milton Friedman, nobel laureate in economics, and described in detail by Alvin Rabushka and Robert Hall, of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, in their book The Flat Tax. Although this approach still leaves remnants of the income tax bureaucracy and possibilities of the rebirth of legislative tinkering, it would immensely simplify the reporting of income and hopefully eliminate onerous double taxation on interest, dividends an capital gains that now exists.

    The use of a relatively high exemption related to family size provides tax relief for those on the lower end of the income scale or a "negative income tax" proposed by Friedman could also be considered.Legislative abuse which now is enhanced by the fact that those Congressmen that continue in office term after term after term rise to points of power wherein they virtually control the operation of the house of which they are a member.

    Limiting their power by virtue of limiting their time in office could help by providing new Congressmen the ability to effect corrective legislation. To effect this, an amendment to the Constitution would probably have to be enacted.

    Unfortunately, the greatest obstacle to reversing the effects of the 16th Amendment is the lack of factual knowledge on the subject by taxpayers. The media, who appears to be biased toward the continuation of the status quo, has not shown the ability to properly inform its audience on this subject. Our schools, especially at the high school level, are dreadfully wanting in covering this subject matter in a proper economics format. The subject matter is not stressed or taught to teachers prior to or after they receive their credentials. Thus, we have an electorate, which is somewhat lacking in the ability to truly form credible opinions.

    It is hoped that there are enough tax payers who have taken the time to investigate the history of our income tax system to pass what they have learned onto others. Those enjoying the largesse that comes with power will not give it up without a fight. It should be apparent that a thoroughly informed public is a prerequisite to effecting the necessary income tax reforms desired.  

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     Sarah, I know that you can do this! 

    Fight Fire with Fire!


    GOP ….good riddance to bad rubbish….RIP.

    Mr Deane…..that is such a simple question, with only one answer. ;)

  • Leaping_Lizards

    Mitch Daniels is my pick

    • Rob Hart

      Mitch is not going to run. He’s done the Washington thing and the Governor thing and will leave politics after his term.

    • lorenzini

      His wife said no and considering the previous marital problems she does not want that stuff in the national media.

    • friskyness

       ..another Romney

    • stevethird


  • IndieDogg

    Posted the following over at HotAir, just to get them to spill their coffee:
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    Palin – Rubio
    Palin – Jindal
    Palin – Rice

    And in just that sequence, with SP at the top of the ticket. What a
    visual, BHO having to pass her the baton on the inaugural podium and
    turn in his “golf for life” card.

    In any event, no more NE GOP-Lite candidates, please.

    I know you all loved up on Mitt but, honestly, though a good man,
    he’s the guy I’d hire as a management consultant, not a street fighter
    or a leader to follow into battle (or a campaign). Though I wish he’d
    won, of course, considering my nation is being slowly eaten from the

    As for the above “shake it up” list, I’m not even sure the GOP is a
    viable vehicle for any of those combinations, considering the folks
    holding the reins. Though, also, take a look at Greta’s informal poll
    re: who folks are looking to as the titular head of the R party. There’s
    even some fractions in the percentages, just like Nate Silver!

    – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – –

    • imo123

       Rubio — puke!  What about Palin/Martinez

      • IndieDogg

         Sure, fine by me. I was using their "front of the line" people, but putting them 2nd on the ticket, just to mess with the HotAir folks, whom I don’t dislike at all, on issues, just on their dismissal of SP (which they might deny but it’s in the tea over there, IMO). So, sure, Martinez is also a good choice. I, personally, like Bobby Jindal a lot but we have to win. Honestly, the right name might not even be on this list. The Guv is much better at knowing such things. So long as she heads up the ticket, I’ll welcome anyone she wants on it with her.

  • iizthatiiz

    and I will double down here on my earlier thoughts … The GOP will never allow power to devolve to the people .. their main focus will always remain on consolidating power and money upon their party.

    Who here truly believes that we can wrest power from the Republican party from within?  Who here believes that our hopes and dreams can be safely held within the arms of the elite power structure?  

    Who here donated their last hard-earned dollars to the RNC?  Who here is willing to place their values and faith within their hands once again?

    It is upon us … to create a political alliance that owes its only faith to the American people.  We must stand together … for ourselves … for our nation … and trust no other but ourselves

  • c4pfan

    There is no conservative movement.  It has too many factions.  Dems had that problem until they got rid of all the blue dogs.

    • cnswpassion

      Where did the blue dogs go?  The GOP is pushing all the conservatives out.  Maybe both groups can combine.  It will take a lot of work.  What do we have to loose?  The GOP certainly isn’t winning.

  • Keopele

    Many possibilities, but what are the qualifications beyond a belief in the constitution?  Must be someone who can ignore the critics in the press, who has the conservative vision, who is principled, who will fight back aggressively, who can’t be ignored.   This narrows the field as most politicans cannot ignore the critics.   Most politicans do not have the conservative vision, etc.  Points to someone who is not running in politics.  My choice would be Mark Levin.   

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Who led the GOP to historic gains in the 2010 mid-terms? Mitt Romney? Marco Rubio? Jeb Bush!? Chris Christie? Novelty pundit Ann Coulter? (That last one was a joke). 

    To be a leader you have to have followers. Who is the only figure in the GOP who has a national following? To be a real leader you must be willing to wage the good fight. Who was the only GOP figure leading the fight for control of the House and Senate in 2010?

    The GOP already has the most dynamic, most respected, most trustworthy, most accomplished, most effective, most courageous and most followed political leader in the country. And she is a woman.

    Of course, I am talking about a leader of the people, not a leader of the Georgetown or Upper West Side cocktail party circuits. Or those favored former Ivy League alums indoctrinated in every whacko social engineering scheme ever devised in the narrow confines of their crypto-socialist mentors’ tiny little minds. 

    Sarah Palin is the one. The one and only.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Great; thanks, Laddie!!

      A’s-Nats World Series 2013;

      Sarah 2016!!

      • Laddie_Blah_Blah

        Wouldn’t it be great for Sarah to throw out the first pitch in 2017?

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          YES, YES!!

          Great thought!!!!!

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    A born leader.

    A born heroine.

    A born champion.

    A lady of fate and of destiny.


  • ReaganPalin

    Is it true that the McCain/Palin ticket received 6.2 million more votes than Romney did this election?I would love to know that for a fact.

    • DarcsFalcon

       The number I saw was that Palin got 3.5M more than Romney.

      And Obama got 2M less than Bush 04.  Heh. 

  • Quiet_Righty

    We still outnumber liberals? I wouldn’t bet the farm on that anymore.

  • ComotuyComoyo

    Newt Gingrich -RNC Leader

  • old003

    I believe Gov. Palin should head up a shadow government, seperate from party affiliation and publicly challenge Pres. Obama and his dictatorship at all levels.  

  • cnswpassion

    The new party will consist of  "We the People".  It is time we recognize there is no real difference between Dem and Rep.  Both parties are taking the country to the same place.  I believe Sarah has been given to us by God.  Will we reject her, as the prophets of old were rejected by their people?  The forces of both parties hate everything that is good in Sarah and good in this country. We really have a short window of opportunity.  We do need to come together as conservatives and form an army of the people to take on the government.  I don’t mean with violence but with the force of goodness that Sarah shows each and every day.  I posted a few days ago, that we all need to strengthen ourselves.  God made us mind, body, and spirit.  We need to be prepared at all times to make the argument for our cause, to have the strength of body to withstand the fight, and to commit all to God.  As Sarah said before the election; 2 Chronicles 7:14 "and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
    We do not want to find ourselves in the position of the nation of Israel before they were taken over by the Babylonians.  2 Chronicles 36:15 and 16  "The Lord, the God of their fathers, sent word to them again and again by His messengers, because He had compassion on His people and on His dwelling place; but they continually mocked the messengers of God, despised His words and scoffed at His prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against His people, until there was no remedy."

    These are sober words.  Do we find ourselves at 2 Chronicles 7:14, where there is still hope, or do we find ourselves at 2 Chronicles 36:15 &16 where the time has come for God to judge a nation.  I do not know.  In either case we should always remain faithful.

  • Escaped_Teleprompter

    It will be obvious who the leader of conservatives is, when Boehner and House Republicans start to waver and buckle in the upcoming fight over the fiscal cliff.
    Sarah Palin is the only one who will step up and apply conservative counter-pressure to prevent Boehner and House Republicans from getting steam-rolled in the fiscal cliff negotiations.  Without such pressure, Boehner’s spine turns to jello. 

    Recall that in the fight over the debt ceiling earlier this year, she had to apply counter pressure on House Republicans, to the extent of implying a threat of primary challenges for those who fail to hold firm on their fiscal conservative promises.  Enough Tea Party representatives held the line then.
    It is during times like this that the real intellectual leader of conservatives become obvious.  I hope Gov. Palin steps up again for the fiscal cliff fight.  No one else will, or can.  We really need her to do it again. 
    Stay strong; stay united.  Gov. Palin needs the support to be effective. 

  • n4cerinc

    This post reminds me of the Jets. They have Tebow on the sidelines. He has only passed 3 times the entire season. They are losing game after game. So the sensible argument is, how worst can it get because, hello, you are not winning? Everyone who was so sure that Mitt was electable need not grace us with their wisdom on 3rd parties. Like the Republican Party, they are stuck in the 80’s. 

    Sarah Palin has more grassroots support than any. She knows how to handle the media. She knows how to do social media. Not only did millions less vote for Romney, millions less voted for Obama. There are groups on both sides who are fed up with the current two party system. 

    The Gov said in a recent interview concerning the Republican party:

    "“If history is an indication it is a possibility – if the Republicans don’t remember what the planks in the platform represent.”

    “Look what happened in the mid-1800’s. The Whig Party went away and the Republican Party surfaced, because the electorate got sick and tired of the party fighting for power and not doing the will of the people,”

    This is a good read on Palin’s independence:

  • charliecrown

    Just to note a point since we conservatives have to embrace (sometimes unpleasant) reality.There were a lot of people who stayed home but after the numbers are tallied it will be much closer to what Mccain got 4 years agao. Still pathetic mind you because of white people and other potential republican votes stayed hime, but after the debacle with the polls (We didn’t believe them) we shouldn’t ignore reality. We’re very good at that when it comes to the state of our fiscal situation and foreign policy and culture, less so when it comes to unpleasant elections lol

    Romney is up to about 58 million votes now (still unacceptable)

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