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Steve Baldwin: Yes, Romney Was the Problem

This is a great piece. Baldwin makes many of the points those of us who actually studied Romney’s record have been making for years. It’s still a mystery to me why so many people who should have known better, such as Ann Coulter, ignored the mountain of evidence to the contrary and accepted Romney’s overnight transformation from "moderate with progressive views" to "severe conservative" … in his 60s. Baldwin also implies something that I’ve believed all along: Romney only wanted to be Governor of Massachusetts because he considered it a stepping stone to the presidency, and has in fact been running for president since at least 2004, likely earlier. Here are a few excerpts:

The GOP establishment and some conservative pundits, such as Ann Coulter, are in full defense mode, claiming that Romney is not responsible for losing to an incumbent responsible for perhaps the most damaging fiscal crises in our nation’s history. Don’t believe it. Romney IS responsible for wasting a billion dollars to carry out an issue-free campaign full of simple-minded platitudes. Indeed, Coulter is leading the charge with her recent column titled, Don’t Blame Romney. It’s sweet to watch Coulter defend her darling Romney, but let’s get real.

The reality is that Romney was one of the worst GOP presidential candidates in modern times. He was not the first choice of most conservative voters but he managed to rise through the ranks in the primary due to conservatives being split 4-5 ways, but also due to a slew of endorsements from conservative leaders and groups that had no business endorsing him – such as Ann Coulter. Repeatedly, Coulter assured conservatives that Romney was one of us and that he would be the “best possible candidate” to face Obama. But as any conservative from Massachusetts knew, Romney was a liberal at heart who, as Governor, led the nation in passing three of the left’s most sacred issues: Same sex marriage, Cap and Trade, and government control of health care.

But the Romney forces were clever. Beginning in 2004, they created a half dozen PACs to give money to conservative and GOP entities all over the country. I’ve reviewed these disclosures and hundreds of GOP and conservative entities benefitted from Romney’s largess. In other words, he bought the support of many “conservative leaders” and used that support to give himself “cred” among conservative voters. It was a phony image though and it’s shameful that so many conservative leaders went along with this ruse.


And why is that relevant? Well, Romney’s liberal record so compromised him that he was unable to attack Obama on a whole range of issues due to fear of Obama using his own positions from just a few years earlier to make him look like a hypocrite. Whether its Cap and Trade, ObamaCare, gun control, gays in the military, religious freedom or even illegal aliens, Romney took these issues off the table because his own record on these issues was not dissimilar to the Obama record.


Romney also ignored, for the most part, a whole pattern of Obama cronyism that permeated TARP, the stimulus program, and many government contracts. Similarly, Romney ignored the details of exactly how Obama was destroying the oil, gas and coal industries. He stuck to generalities instead of hammering on issues such as how Obama gave millions of tax dollars to Brazil to drill for oil while harassing our own oil companies to the point they ceased operations in the Gulf.

The Romney team also chose to ignore the lessons of 2010. Here we have a number of stunning congressional upsets inspired by issues such as ObamaCare and the deficit, but Romney’s campaign team acted like 2010 never occurred. The movement that drove the 2010 victories was, of course, the tea party movement, but Romney decided he wanted nothing to do with this powerful movement.


As someone who has networked with conservative activists for 35 years, I know for a fact that large segments of the tea party and Ron Paul movements did NOT vote for Romney and I also know that many evangelicals refused to support Romney as well. They knew that Romney was, deep down, a big government, socially liberal Republican and believed that electing Romney would set conservatives back decades. They believed that he would – under the mantle of “conservatism” – carry out a big government agenda instead of taking bold action to tame the deficit or get our economy growing again.

Those who’ve been reading my posts over the past three and a half years have heard most of this before, of course, but Baldwin does a great job of summarizing everything. Read his entire piece here.


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  • DocBarry1

    right on – when the GOP disrespected Gov Palin and The Tea Party and then ran a safe campaign – he was through – his last 2 debates were horrible – not to deal with Lybia – shame on him and Ryan for allowing this issue to be a non issue

  • Freempg

    Romney’s campaign was representative of how stupid smart money can be.

  • Min Max

    I’d have thought all these were blindingly obvious and yes, Doug. There were many, many voices here who raised the alarms but there were many others who denounced them…

    Anyhow, I’m not a psychologist, but if I had to bet my life on it, I’d blame cognitive dissonance for the general public, aided in part by the intellectual dishonesty of the talking heads.

  • nkthgreek

    Hard to believe he and Alec had the same parents.

    • John B. Hefmier

      This article is not from Stephen Baldwin, the actor.  If you click the link to the article at the top of this post, there is a brief biological sketch at the end of the article of the writer.

      • nkthgreek

        Thanks, didn’t see that.

  • Gelston

    we need a constitutional amendment that no one from Massachusetts, of either party, will ever be President again

  • HuntingMoose


    To summarize: Romney lacked what money cannot buy: grassroots support

    and yes, Obama did have his grassroot support that would drive those in the asylumns, the ignorant and the fools to the polling booths.

    "if we only had had Sarah" but let’s not look backwards, lesson learned, let’s look forward to 2014 and beyond


    • wodiej

      no kidding.  All the rehashing.  It’s done and over with.

  • friskyness

    All that he said he was voiced by people here, including me, but no one listened.  They were too busy denying and blaming everyone for bringing up the issues.  It’s too late for people to spell it out again.  People need to listen to the pros and cons of a candidate before they going screaming at someone to vote for their candidate or "your anti-american!  For pete’s sake, the warining signs were there.  Why are people so stupid in believing eveything that "talking heads"say, when they are saying it because "their candidate" will benefit THEM, NOT the American people. Also, conservatives need to coalesce around one conservative, NOT spread the votes.  Romney did not win a majority of votes, he got the less percentage of votes in the primaries. I remember, that NEWT, Santorium, and Paul got more votes together, than Romney got alone.  So more conservatives were voting for the OTHER candidates than for Romney.

    • Freempg

      Romney was/is a liberal who bought the primaries of the party which supposedly represents conservatives. Other faces of failure in the GOPe RINO regime are the perfumed prince Reince Priebus (how the hell did he rise to the top apart from the Romney Peter Principle?). The guy should be tarred and feathered. And did anyone really think resurrecting the odius RINO ghoul John Sununu was a good thing? How many knew he was the chair of the convention rules committee? And what could go wrong with the guy who gave us David Souter? If there is a heart to be found in any of this a stake should be driven through it.

      • socon

         Not a fan of nasty Sununu.

      • dmac8889

        Bravo!   The first words out of Sarah’s mouth if she announces is:  "No one in the Bush run Republican Party speaks for me."

      • Aitch748

        "If there is a heart to be found in any of this a stake should be driven through it."

        I’m so stealing that one. :-)

  • LLDub

    Well, as many shortcomings as Romney has, I voted for him and would again.   Somehow I’m just not in a "well, conservative showed him" kind of mood.  We have a disaster on our hands, and the commies are celebrating.    I just don’t feel too "I told you so" about that.

    • Freempg


    • wodiej

      well said.

    • dmac8889

      I voted ABO too.  Just after watching how the Republican leadership uses the MSM to hammer down the Conservative Movement over decades, I refuse to do so again.   You know when Obama was screaming about Romney being a Liar, it was about the only time Obama was being honest.  Romney was about the best liar I ever saw in politics.  If you weren’t willing to see it, it was very difficult to see, but everyone on the LEFT saw it and waited for the General to pounce on it.  Religion, morality, honesty, integrity will be the key to the next election.  Watch all sides will be clamoring for it.  History repeats itself.  We are repeating the mid-30’s.  The late 30’s was about aligning Gov’t to God.  Atheist will run to the middle and stand for nothing.  Blacks and Latinos will respond to the true authentic believer.  I’m not overly religious, just know my history. 

      • Banda31

        That was the quandary I found myself in. I knew I was not going to vote for the LIAR in Chief but then I asked myself, Should I vote for the other Liar? I trusted neither of the 2 candidates.

  • socon

    As long as the Republican party is divided we’ll lose presidential elections.  "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

    I don’t see a solution.  It’s so upsetting.

    • dmac8889

      Nonsense, we win over those that will be desperate to reign in Gov’t after eight years of Obama. The GOP has no sway, they no longer connect.  Half are already bailing out to start some Moderate Party (Yeah! good luck with that "I’m in favor of winning, but I don’t know why").   Main Street America is in search of a leader that can connect on an emotional level.  The inner cities will be desperate as well.  The Blacks and the Hispanics can be HAD.  Sarah Palin deals with people on a human level, that is why a Greta likes her, but disagrees with her politically.  

      The nation will be waiting for someone who respects them and does not call them idiots.  The Permanent Political Class has the last opportunity to show they have no solutions, because their answers are about lining their own pockets.  This will become all to obvious to everyone over the next four years.  Sarah needs to organize her message to reach out to Christianity to gain their trust and then offer pragmatic solutions, that are simple common sense.  The key is to eliminate the distractions the media builds up with Racism.  Sarah can show that Minorities are welcome to join Conservatives.  Progressives will have embarrassed themselves over the next four years.

      • socon

         You’re delusional.  I prefer to live in the real world.

        • dmac8889

          Please explain how above is delusional?  Don’t just blurt out a vacuous comment.  I’m not looking for large numbers of minorities, only enough to bring victory.  If Sarah can’t bring in Christians, then she needs to either not bother or fold her tent.  I’m open to suggestions, but bringing in atheist is a non starter.  So where are my ideas delusional?  Are you suggesting the PPC can’t be defeated?  If that is so, then Sarah will remain a MOM only.  I’m in search of a path that she can’t actually coalesce behind.  If you think Sarah is history then state so.

          • socon

            Sarah’s not history but your thinking is.

            If you think a Republican can be elected president without uniting the party first you’re delusional.  I believe everybody should be welcome–including Conservatives.

  • Brian

    It was not just Romney, It was Ryan and Rance also. The whole party is sick and the only cure is Dr. Palin.

    • socon

       …Paging Dr. Palin–stat!!

      • Banda31

        Please leave Governor Palin alone, when she’s ready, she Will let us know. She has a lot of matters to sort through, for instance: What to do about the Republican party and whether she should stay in it. I know that if she leaves that Party and form her own, I Will be right there with her. She is the Only politician that speaks TRUTH and the Only one that really cares about WE The People. The others just mouth the words that they think We want to hear.

        • socon

          It was a joke.  Someone needs a sense of humor–stat!

  • korn8131

    Great stuff, Doug. When you can frame a narrative with facts, there is no way for his sympathizer to spin a defense. I hope we at C4P, and that includes some of the monitors here, have learned a valuable lesson. You cannot make someone into something that hasn’t been programed into them, early on in life. Sarah’s ma and pa have done a wonderful job of that with her. Her integrity and principles are rock solid unlike Romney and so many of today’s politicians. This site has been established to support her and only her, so let’s not forget that. If and when she throws in the towel, then rename it Conservative4Whomever. Until then let’s keep it about her. For what it’s worth.

    • dmac8889

      Here!  Here!  To Sarah and only Sarah.  Let the others follow her.  There are plenty out there that will if Sarah is shown to have solid support from within.  WE must be prepared to attack any and all who fail to defend her.  McCain is the first.  Letter Campaigns must begin. 

  • MarkRNY

    Great article.

    We’ve (most of us) been screaming this from the rooftops for years now. Why the hell did we KNOW this would happen with Mitt the Craven, while "our betters" in the Beltway/Punditry are walking around slack jawed, trying desperately to figure out a way to blame Sarah Palin?? Time for Mama Bush to give up the reigns of the GOP or there’ll be no GOP to give up the reigns from.
    GLAD Straightjacket Annie’s getting pounded from all sides! This from Breitbart–

    Imo this article by Jenny Beth should be posted. Sarah had few if any more "vocal" (read hysterical) enemies than Coulter between 10 and the election. She’ll be an enemy of Sarah’s no matter what Sarah does in the future. Might as well help her decline and fall along. Breitbart’s almost a sister site too.

    Hey Ann! It was Romney stupid!

    • MarkRNY

      And what happened to my Ava…whatsit??

      • MaMcGriz

         That’s it. I’m done. Screwing with our posts is one thing, but messing with your ava-whatsit is the last straw. Stinkin’ Disquatch.

        Saddle up.

        I’ve got a rope.

        • MarkRNY

          It’s the Obamanation McMa–Ava-whatsit Redistribution! I say we start a C4Tea Party and march on Disco!

          • MaMcGriz

             Let’s do it.

    • MarkRNY

      From the Breitbart article–

      "To beat Obama, we needed a strong conservative candidate who would stand on principle and provide a clear contrast to the President."

      Now, who the hell else but Sarah could that possibly be?!…hear that Sarah??

      And– "The GOP will continue to lose if they continue to pick candidates who run away from the legacy and example of Ronald Reagan, and his principles which are alive and well today in the modern-day tea party."

      Who the hell else but The Cuda IS the Reagan legacy and it’s principles?? They’re alive and well in HER! So’s the Real Tea Party!…you listening Lady Sarah??

    • MaMcGriz

      "Straightjacket Annie’s getting pounded from all sides!  "

      That’s a good one.

      I think there’s a song lyric there.

      IMHO she’s earned being burned at the proverbial stake.

      • socon

         I sure would love to launch a few rotten tomatoes in her direction!  lol

        • MaMcGriz

           She might be a pretty hard target to hit, skinny as she is!

          • socon

            True enough!  Bones Coulter. 

            I bet she runs like a geek, though.  I think I could nail her.  LOL

            • wodiej

              Name calling and rude behavior and we expect liberals to act any better? 

              • socon

                 You’re just in a foul mood because your hero lost.  Bullies like you lack a sense of humor.

      • MarkRNY

        Or a new Motown group–Straightjacket Annie and the Flips!

    • dmac8889

      Bingo!!! It was "Romney Stupid".  I’d like to add his Team and the Bush Clan as being incorporated under the Romney name.   There that fits nicely.  Goodbye!  Republicans.

  • ? Jim ?

    Ppl by the hundreds can analyze the Romney loss forever.

    Last weeks stats of the number of potential Romney voters not doing so [approx 8million] cost him the election. There is a simple answer – – – Romney is a liberal and we [about 8million it seems] told/begged the GOP/GOPE not to anoint him. Did they listen? No! THEY are to blame for Obama.

    • Freempg

      Said once, said it a dozen times: The GOPe is public enemy number 1. They are the enablers of all of this.

      • dmac8889

        Freempg,   Your correct and it is beyond obvious.  The GOPe (The Bush Clan) has run the Party for decades and they have used the Liberal Media to take down any Conservative who is a threat.  Just listen to the words of the McCain staffers in the movie ‘Game Change’.  Their biggest concern was the NEW people Sarah Palin was drawing into the Party.  Christians, Hobbits, future Tea Partiers.  You name them.  This brought fear into their eyes, and they wasted no time in understanding they must take her down.  She had come from Alaska with 88% Approval ratings.  They knew they have never witness a retail politician like this in their lifetime.  She had to be taken down.  I’ve printed over in "Team Sarah" as far back as three years ago the relationship between the Bush Family and Sarah Palin that goes back to her days as Governor and why they HATE her.  They took her pick as VP from McCain as being SPITEFUL.  They sent in a dozen operatives from the WH and they set in motion to take her down.  They succeeded.

        • socon

           The Bush family sent operatives to Alaska, too?

    • wodiej

      No they aren’t to blame.  The voters that nominated Romney are.  People need to take responsibility for their choices.

      • socon

         Exactly!  I suggest you start.

  • MarkRNY


  • Pete Petretich
  • mder4thegov

    Romney and Ryan together–drew a crowd of 10,000 people at The Villages, in FL.
    Gov. Palin, by herself–had a crowd of 60,000, at the same venue–in ’08.

    • dmac8889

      Where is this in the MSM.   Not a single National Media type will even acknowledge her STILL influence.   I’m curious:  we will soon hear whether FoxNews will keep her.  They now have the advantage over her.  If Romney won, the Liberal MSM would have given her millions to have her attack Romney, but don’t want any part of her going after Obama.  Sarah is in a very bad negotiating position.  She might be forced to live in NY to do a regular show, or be dropped.  The Alaska interview days are over. 

      • GetWhatYouPayFor

         Her replacements are on board already, including Scott Walker. FOX News contributors and GOPe choices to counter her, once again. Do you think they will hire Allen West? He is right up there with Palin for drawing the ire of the establishment. It was the GOPe who redistricted him out of a job.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Thanks Doug. You not only said what was needed when it wasn’t popular, you also exposed the liberals at heart among us. They used Alinski tactics better than Saul himself. I admire all who didn’t line up like sheep, nor accept the twisting of Governor Palin’s anti Obama message into a love affair with Romney’s character, principle and record.

  • wodiej

    Hey Doug, the election is over.  I think most people knew Romney was not a far right conservative.  He was just a better alternative to obama.  Voters could have had Gov. Palin or Gingrich-they said no.  They nominated Romney-blame them.  

    • Carolyn Dixon

       romney had the money to go after his primary opponents i.e. newt and santorum and others.  Newt had a shot but after the blatant lies by romney and his money boys, newt didn’t have a chance.  romney bought the primary.  although i held my nose and vote for him, i will say never again will i vote for a hand picked gop establihsment candidate – even another bush.

      • socon

         Especially another Bush.  No more Bushes!!

    • Guest

       I realize that you are disappointed. However, wodiej, it’s time for you to finally realize that we are being played. These consultants don’t give a damn who wins. They are prostitutes. It’s way past time for us to run them out of town on a rail.

      Sorry, the gopE is corrupt to the C.O.R.E.

      We can no longer be ENABLERS. All we are doing is lining their pockets and sacrificing our country and our freedoms. No more moderates, ever!

    • socon

      Why don’t we STOP blaming each other and try to repair our fractured party?

      You’re part of the problem.

  • Laddie_Blah_Blah

    Great piece by Baldwin.  Thanks to Doug for linking to it, here.  Excellent commentary on this thread, as well.  The GOPe is more of a problem than the Dems.  Comment of the day goes to Freempg’s "Romney’s campaign was representative of how stupid smart money can be."

    The "smart money" on Wall St. isn’t any smarter, either.  It’s just a mater of time before they help create another major financial disaster so their government cronies can bail them out with the people’s money, one more time.  It has happened over and over and over, again.  

    There are not 2 parties, just one "permanent political class," and their one abiding characteristic appears to be socially engineering every conceivable domestic disaster their pointy-headed little minds can invent.  With so many "smart" people on Wall St., so many other "geniuses" in politics, and the leftovers pontificating in the media, it’s just a matter of time before they devise and rationalize a fool-proof way to take over the whole shebang.  They sure are trying.

    We already know they want Bush in 2016.  They have already found the one guy who could very possibly be an even worse candidate that Romney was.  That’s what the "smart" people want.

    2014 is the time for us dummies to start to change the players.  In 2016 we take over the game.

  • wiskeyjack

    Finally, some narrative that is headed in the right direction.  I hope there will be a lot more of it instead of the garbage load of excuses that are being aired by CNN and even promoted by Fox as expertise.

    Chapter 2: should demonstrably protecting Governor Palin’s flank and back be encouraged enough for her to have a go in 2016?  She’ll need heavy air cover.  Large megaphones from the media will promote the Left and Fox will continue to advocate the Rino’s; each will again attack her unmercifully if she runs.

    So what form of air cover will the Governor and the Tea Party have?  Can’t seem to count on firm support from any of the radio Conservative powerhouses but Levin.   Rush turned his back on Palin and seems too inside and too out of touch with buddies such as Coulter and Behner.   Sean is on record as having preferred Newt as the POTUS; also too inside to be squarely behind Palin especially with publicly celebrating his buddyships with such phonies as Beckel, Juan Williams, Coulter, et al. 

    The country needs Palin in  2016.  But the Left and the Rino’s are not going to simply step aside.  It’s going to get ugly if she runs.   Count on Levin to be there for her as Sarah would be for him in this arena.  Look for most the of the other self noted front runners of the Conservative cause to continue carping on the side lines and spewing the obvious as usual.   Shameful.   What a mess.

    • dmac8889

      There is only one way Sarah can survive the non stop attacks.  She must meet the Lying Media head on.   She must use her Faith and go into the inner cities.  She must bond with Blacks who will be in search of Honest person, not a politician.  This is who they believed Obama to be and they will align themselves closer to Sarah ideas than Obama’s after eight years of lies.  Once she makes legitimate connections with the Black Community, the Media will have no choice but to lay hands off.  She can try the Latino Community, but she better do Rosetta Spanish real quick.  She needs to get out and announce early.  This will put the Republicans on their heals, because the GOP has no one who can go into the inner cities.

      She needs to be seen given speeches to minority crowds that get excited by her words.  She has NO chance with suburban educated whites.  They believe she and anyone that supports her is an idiot.  Sarah can own the South, and if inner city connection are made (all ethnic groups), she can grab all the tightly contested states.   This is her only chance.  She also needs to consider running 3rd Party, because the Bush Clan will be backing Jeb (or Christie).  Jeb (or Christie) will be attempting same route as I laid out for Sarah.  Sarah is a better fit, but she needs to steal the show quickly.  She needs to have won them over by 2014.  After that the Media focus will be unbearable.

      • n4cerinc

        Unlike Romney, Palin (when she decides) would have a voice that represents various demographics in her circle. To any who thinks that is pandering or what have you, I present Obama’s second term as evidence. Anyone who knows Crystal Wright or GOP Black Chick, remembers how great of a supporter she was of Romney. But even she came out afterwards and said there was no voice for minorities within his campaign.

        Palin did not enjoy 80%+ approval in Alaska because she only saw White people. She was a leader of the people, of all backgrounds. When people recognize you care they will get behind you. She will carry the South. The entire South. She will not carry those East Coast Northern States.  Those Republican blue bloods will be cold towards her. But those are not states that the Republican party count on anyways. With her blue collar ties, she could reach the battleground states and connect with the voters. Yes even union people.

        • dmac8889

          n4cerinc:   You get it!

      • wiskeyjack

         Yes, these are good ideas.  Third party it may be awfully uphill and split the vote leaving Hillary to waddle up through the middle in 2016.  But yes, it may be be inevitable and even possible to pull off a victory if money comes in and the south will support her. 

        Also, Rubio is being pushed by Rove, Rush and the rest of the Fox deadbeats so look for him to jump in with Jeb and Christie.   More crap, different piles.

      • Azarkhan

        " She must bond with Blacks who will be in search of Honest person, not a politician."

        LOL, completely absurd. The vast majority of blacks march in lock step with the Democratic Party and that will never change. BTW, Stevie wrote a response to you many years ago in his song "Big Brother":

        • dmac8889

          I’m talking 10%-15%.  That is all she’ll need.  They won’t have a home, unless Booker or Susan Rice runs, and then it won’t matter Sarah will have no chance for victory.  She will lose many whites in the middle because they are atheist and they will never vote for her.

          • Azarkhan

            Blacks don’t need a black candidate to vote Democrat. Remember, Toni Morrison called Bill Clinton the "first black President". BTW, if Booker runs for anything it will be Gov Christie’s job. Rice, maybe VP, but after Benghazi, I doubt it.

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