Steven Greenhut | CA votes to give their PIN numbers to Democrats

SACRAMENTO – After the election results came in, I started searching for two things: a stiff drink and a good out-of-state real estate agent.

The national election sends troubling signs about the direction of the country, but nothing much will change from the past four years, so we know what to expect, even if it isn’t particularly good.

But California voters have sent their state into some new and potentially dark territory, the results of which will soon be felt.

Before the election, I quoted the late journalist and social critic H.L. Mencken, and now is a good time to repeat his tart observation that democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it … “good and hard.”

Californians are definitely going to feel the pain, not just in the passage of Proposition 30 and its direct hike in taxes.

The big news: It looks like voters have handed two-thirds legislative majorities to the Democrats. The state Senate is a sure thing, and final counting will likely yield supermajority control of the Assembly to the Democrats, thanks, in part, to North Orange County voters’ ousting of Assemblyman Chris Norby.

Currently, the only thing standing between California residents and an endless series of bumps in sales taxes, income taxes, gasoline taxes and business taxes has been the constitutional requirement that raising taxes requires a two-thirds vote.

Republicans in California don’t stand for much, but they have mostly stood together in opposition to tax increases. Likewise, Democrats – including the handful of “moderates” – have been unified in their promotion of higher taxes as the answer to California’s problems. Now the Democrats will have their way, early and often.


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