Terry Garrity | Palin/Brewer 2016!

I noticed the difference between Republicans, Democrats and independents after President Barack Obama was re-elected. For most Democrats at work and elsewhere it was "woo-woo," high-fives and gloating! All the years G.W. Bush was in office, they said nasty things about him, drew marks on his face in newspapers. I just threw them away.

But when it was done to Obama I was left a note to show respect! I never rubbed it in their faces when my choice won! Just like the last time, many people voted based on skin color, not character or morals. This was not the dream that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for.

My choice for 2016 will be Sarah Palin / Jan Brewer since they didn’t run for 2012. I have that on my car. We are a country divided, not united!


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