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The Consequences of Snubbing the Tea Party, Update: ‘Sarah 2016!’ from Chuck, Jr.

I suspected the folks at Fox would be getting ready to analyze why a Republican could lose against a President where unemployment has grown massively and just ticked back up as of 5 days ago, against a President who has added historic mounds of debt for us to pay back, or one who presided under our first credit downgrade in history, or who lied about the events of Benghazi which was responsible for four American deaths.

Tonight, Barack Obama became the nation’s first ‘worst President of all time’ to be re-elected.

I also suspected the Fox commentators would attack the Tea Party.  Twice, Todd Akin was referred to as a "Tea Party candidate."  That was false.  Sarah Steelman and John Brunner were more strongly favored by the Tea Party collectively than Akin was.  When John Brunner entered the race months after Steelman had, the two split the Tea Party vote in the primary.  If Sarah Steelman had been the Republican candidate in Missouri tonight, we’d have had one more conservative to send to Congress.

Be ready for the blame game.  But also be ready to remind people that Governor Palin had a very strong hand in the party’s few successes tonight.  When Ted Cruz was up against a wall in Texas and the establishment was pushing for David Dewhurst, Governor Palin got on a plane and went to Texas to push Cruz over the edge and he won the primary by a comfortable margin.  Tonight he is on his way to the United States Senate.

Deb Fischer was behind Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg in Nebraska for every month leading up to the primary.  Governor Palin graciously endorsed her and less than a week later, Deb Fischer won the primary comfortably.  Tonight, she is on her way to the United States Senate.

When Orrin Hatch was threatened by a faux tea partier, Governor Palin realized his exceptional service and stepped in to turn that energy back to Hatch.  Tonight, he is still in the United States Senate.

Governor Palin endorsed and went to Arizona to campaign for Jeff Flake in a tough Senate race as well.  Tonight, he is on his way to the United States Senate.

In 2010, Governor Palin backed South Carolina’s Tim Scott.  He won in 2010 and he won re-election tonight.   She backed other African Americans like Allen West and Mia Love.  Both of those candidates narrowly lost their races tonight but by 2,000 votes in the case of Love and 1,000 votes in the case of West.

Twice tonight, once by Charles Krauthammer and once by Karl Rove, they said that Republicans have to find a way to address Hispanics.  Others talked about reaching out to minorities as a general matter and then Pat Caddell concluded by saying we needed to reach out to women.

Well guys, Governor Palin endorsed and sent Susanna Martinez to the Governor’s seat in New Mexico.  Tonight, Governor Palin’s endorsed Tea-Party-backed Ted Cruz is on his way to the Senate.  When you throw in Tim Scott, Allen West, Mia Love, Nikki Haley, and Kelly Ayotte, the verdict is clear: Governor Palin and the Tea Party are way ahead of the establishment when it comes to uniting Americans of all ethnicity and background.

Yet, despite what Governor Palin and the Tea Party did for Republicans in 2010 and 2012, these grassroots champions were completely shunned from the machine’s grand plan.

In summary, the establishment "experiment" has been thoroughly tried and it thoroughly failed.

The Tea Party stepped up in 2010 and did the job the establishment failed to do tonight.  Having little choice, many of us stepped back, fought through the primary, and prayed for the best.  It played out and it didn’t work.

Someone very wise once warned: "The challenge is not simply to replace Obama in 2012, but the real challenge is who and what we will replace him with."

It wasn’t enough to simply change "the uniform" as she warned.  We needed a new "game plan" and we didn’t get it.


Chuck Heath Jr sums it up beautifully!  "Sarah 2016"

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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    My Dear Friends in Sarah,

    Happy, and I do mean HAPPY, Wednesday to you all!!

    SARAH 2016.

    This is now our banner; this is now our standard; this is now our battle cry for the next four years.

    I have a few thoughts to share with you about what yesterday’s results mean, and where the future is leading us!!

    The election of 2012 will be the last one cast in the old mold, in the old ways, in the old order. Never again will a RINO Moderate and his allies be able to grab the nomination of the GOP.

    2010 was the wave of the future; 2012 was the last gasp of the old path, both for the wretched GOPe and for the commie thugs who have taken over the Democratic Party.

    As a prologue to what I am about to say, I want to share with you some personal information about myself. Some of you may be aware of what I am about to say; some may not.

    I am half Hispanic. I look "white," from my late father’s side, but, on my mother’s side, I am Latino.

    My late mother spoke Spanish before she did English, and yet she had a perfect command of the English language, and a deep and comprehensive knowledge of English literature. In fact, she and my dad met in a Chaucer class on the UC Berkeley campus.

    Therefore, I can say, on solid grounds, that I am, at least to some extent, part of that demographic that is going to play an increasingly powerful role in US politics in the years to come.

    Guys, let me say it bluntly:

    There is no way in HELL that a Party that:

    Has formally rejected God;

    That has embraced gay "marriage";

    That has espoused the radical pro-abortion position, including partial-birth abortion …

    There is no way that a vicious Party like this can long hold onto the Hispanic vote, if a CLEAR VOICE is lifted up from the mountain tops in opposition.

    I look "white," as I have said, but many of my first cousins are obviously Hispanic. I know many Latinos, wonderful, hard-working, family-oriented, CONSERVATIVE people, even here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Hispanics are pro-life.

    Hispanics are pro-family.

    Hispanics are PROUD and hard-working, very hard-working; they do not want hand-outs!!

    They, no WE, have our pride; we LOVE America and we love the Lord.

    All we need is a MOSES to lead Latinos, and all Americans, out of the "Egypt" of the vicious, vile, pro-abortion, anti-family, anti-individual-initiative Democratic Party!!

    Now, the GOPe Establishment knows this too, at least to some extent.

    What is their solution going to be?

    They will, IMV, push Marco Rubio for 2016.

    This is typical of the way such people think. They look only at the SURFACE of things. They have not the intellectual acuity and spiritual perceptions to plumb to the deep places of this world, the deep places where TRUTH rests and resides. Draft a Latino to "appeal" to Latinos.

    Rubio may have his good points; however, he is not, in my view, the hero and stalwart that these times cry out for.


    My friends, Sarah can speak to the hearts, to the minds, to the souls of all Hispanics. Indeed, she can speak to those fundamental values that ALL Americans hold most dear.

    Sarah is "tolerant" in the best and truest and most beautiful sense of the term.

    NOT in the sense of COMPROMISING PRINCIPLES, but in the sense of LOVING ALL AMERICANS!!

    She is the one who can communicate to Latinos, to African-Americans, to all of us, what are the foundation blocks, the Constitutional fundamentals, the principles of our Founders that made our country great in the past, and that will make her great in the future.

    My friends, we must never again allow the GOPe Establishment to choose our candidate for us.

    IF, IF–and may the good Lord guide her–if He gives the Governor the good word, if he says "GO," we will unite behind beautiful-souled, lovely, brave, generous, kind, gracious, fearless, SARAH OF ALASKA in order to wrest our beloved country away from both the commie thugs and the GOPe compromisers.

    So, let us not grieve this morning; let us not be despondent; above, all, let us not despair!!

    Let us be filled with lofty hopes; with steely resolve; with a spirit, a fighting spirit, that can never be extinguished.


    The night has passed; the dawn approaches.


    My friends: DEO VOLENTE, SARAH 2016; SARAH SEMPER–Sarah Always!!!!

    God bless you all always!!


    • Min Max

      Thank you for keeping the faith.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        God bless, Min Max!

    • TexS2012

      Good morning Brian and thank you for inspiring us all always!
      God Bless the Undefeated Sarah Palin. Pray for her and Todd, all of her family, friends, and those who help her become our next president. God Willing.

      I Believe the Door is Open for Sarah Palin 2016!  Palin/West 2016!!!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Amen, TexS!!!

        Palin/West 2016!!

    • jerseymark

      Brianus – Of all of the excellent comments you have made here for so long, this is by far the best, most uplifting and most appropriate of all. You are a gift to us all in this time of disappointment. Maybe, this is what Sarah saw in her prayers concerning her decision to run or not, that the evil that is the Left has not been fully exposed, that God is not going to address this in half measures but wants the full measure of consequences to be laid bare for all to see, to set the stage for His choice, His servant, His Daughter to lead us out of Egypt.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thank you, my friend, and God bless!!

      • Ade

        EXACTLY. Spot on Jerseymark. U hit the nail on head. If Mitt had won, ‘they’ (all of them) would have made up different excuses. I think in His Providence, the Man upstairs is actually being gracious to give us complete redemption. No half-measures. Think of what would have happened if Fremont won election of 1856 or Gerald Ford won in 1976.
        Even in darkness, light shines for the upright!

    • Lemuel Vargas

      Have a question, Brian about "The election of 2012 will be the last one cast in the old mold, in the old ways, in the old order. Never again will a RINO Moderate and his allies be able to grab the nomination of the GOP."

      Think you are wrong here because there is still the Bush faction of the Party who would push Jeb Bush in 2016 to be the nominee..

      • Julie Barrows

        We need to form our own party to compete with and put the GOPe out of business.  There is no fixing or saving that party.  They lost this election, yet they blame us!!!!!  Let ‘em have Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio for 2016.  We’ll have Our Sarahcuda, and she will win decidedly!!!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, LV.

        I think that the GOPe has now lost credibility with the base.

        We must say, in effect, "HELL NO" to them if they try to ram Jeb 2016 down our throats!!

        God bless!

    • WardR

      Brianus, I agree with your position.  However, with respect to the Hispanic vote and Hispanic voters, there is an obvious and deep-seated conflict: What happens with ~16-million illegals?  Many people — including me — are conflicted.  We don’t really want to send a person who’s spent his entire life in the United States back to a country he doesn’t know.  On the other hand, there are millions of people who have been in line waiting to legally enter the country.  Is it fair to allow in those who are here illegally over those waiting in line?

      Another possibility is a blanket amnesty.  If I remember correctly, Reagan did that.  But it can be reasonably argued that such action only encourages illegal entry.  People continue to stream across a porous border and wait for the next iteration of amnesty.

      Perhaps a way to deal with the problem — possibly the best way — is to tighten the border to sharply reduce, if not totally eliminate, the illegal entry problem.  If such actions actually work, I think it would dramatically ease the problem of what to do with those who are now illegally here.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks for your thoughts, Ward!!

        I believe that Sarah, in her wisdom, will be able to craft a perfect position on the issue, and will present it in just the right way to the Hispanic community and to the country at large.

        God bless!!

    • cathnealon


      If Palin is to rally the troops in the next four years she must begin by quitting her job at Foxnews–she then must give free speeches in every city and town across America like reformers did in the nineteenth century–Marxists are always ready for ‘business as usual’ but as we saw with the Tea Party movement they are not ready for out of the box thinking. 

      We now know both political Parties are one and the same and have canceled each other out. Palin, West and others like them who have name recognition will gather crowds now wherever they go-Sure, they  might be broke by 2016 but they will  become  Lech Walesa type leaders rallying Americans to the streets. When Walesa brought down communism in Poland in 1980 he was an electrician with no money and 9 children. He did it for his country without any financial reward-is Sarah ready to for this kind of fight? If she is not then do not waste time on her–nothing less at this point is enough to battle the marxists in the White House. If that isn’t clear after last night then people really can’t handle the truth. Half-measures have availed this country its own destruction.

      • lanahi

         Quit planning out Sarah Palin’s life and concentrate on what YOU are going to do for your country.

      • Alaska Patriot

        You’re not looking for a leader, you’re looking for a martyr.  The problem with martyrs is they have to die.  The measure of a leader is abject poverty?  I don’t know what it is you’re looking for my friend, but I hope you are few in number.

    • xthred

      There are no more meaningful elections.  We are now a corrupt socialist country.  We ain’t coming back.  It is what it is.  Plan accordingly.

      • socon


        What would you suggest?

        • xthred

          I don’t know. It couldn’t hurt to stock up on food, water, guns, ammo. Improve the physical security of your home. Prepare for collapse. Survive.

          • socon

            Figured you were going to say that.  I agree with you.

            The American people are very spoiled and I don’t think most have a clue what’s coming.  It’s been almost a century since we’ve had true hardship, and we were a tougher people then.

            I’m moving to a red state as soon as possible.  Survival is the reason why.

          • lanahi

             We should do that anyway because food prices are going up and I’m sure Obama can arrange a famine to take us down some more.  Then the government can give us food…with a few strings attached.  We should take care of our own needs while we have the capacity to do it.

      • lanahi

         That’s bull.  We just made it more difficult, that’s all.

        About half of Americans voted?  And about half of them did not vote for Obama?  He hardly has a mandate.  The American people are not corrupt socialists.

    • alien4palin

      BB, as always brilliantly and astutely stated. Totally agree!!!
      Sarah Palin is the only person who could transcends the barriers and unites We,The People. Even though the door/s might be opened in 2012, she had to fight a war on many fronts, the GOPe, the Democrats and their gatekeepers in the past 4 years.

      The Republican party had been fractured and divided for a long time. Divided we fall, united we stand. 2012 election, the GOPe had suffered a double defeat, lost the election for America to the Democrats and their vicious challenge to Sarah Palin. Sarah being who she is, take no comfort nor joy in the hollow victory of the challenge because it was never about her but always and consistently about her beloved country, America and We,The People.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Alien!!

        God bless.

        • alien4palin

           BB, you are most welcome. I very much enjoy reading and learning from your analytical comments these past years. Thank you!!!

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            You are most welcome, alien!!

    • happymullah

      Thank you, Bro!


      VIVA SARAH !

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, Bro!!!

        VIVA SARAH !

    • kiwifan

      Well said. God bless you.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thank you and God bless, kiwifan!!

    • teknik1200

      she’ll take your money for 4 years while stirring up your anger and in the end laugh her way to the bank.

      Obama getting another term will help her bloat her bank account.

      you folks are getting played by twisted and evil schinannagains.

      the devil will hide as a "person of faith".

      • lastarza

        Spoken like the true evil mind-twisted left loonie you are. Why is it that you spew this hatred for  Gov Paliin? Is it envy, jealousy or just living a miserable loveless existeence? Get a life and a job.

    • kessi7

      Well Said BB, looking at this election, I remember Oct. 2011, when Palin was to have made a comment on whether she would run or not. Matt drudge in his email to Levine said it well….’sad day for the country." that culminated in todays election.
      If Romney/Ryan, with all due respect, after 4 yrs of O could not get many more people than McCain Palin did 4 yrs ago, thats very tragic. So where are all Sarah Palin detractors: she gave McCain what 4yrs of O, Paul Ryan, and an  angry electorate could not give Mitt.
      Sarah, this only makes the work tougher for you. You will not have to dig The US out of 4yrs of O, but 8yrs. This is what you were born for. This is it. Hopefully, by then we would be deep in the pickle that the country would literally be begging for you.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Thanks, kessi!

    • Ade

       God bless u. Well said. Let’s do it!

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        :-) !!

  • qtdb7

    2016 will belong to us (Gov. Palin and We the People).

    It’s our time now.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Amen, Iam Quang!!

  • Journeymen

    "The Republican base is looking for someone like a 21st century Ronald Reagan, who will display his/her faith in the American people. The Washington Republicans are more comfortable with politicians like George W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Though the establishment has dominated the party since Reagan left the White House, the 2012 election could well be the end of the line.

    If Romney loses in November, the Republican base will no longer buy the electability argument for an establishment candidate. From the view of the base, the elites will have given away an eminently winnable election. Someone new, from outside of Washington, will be the party’s nominee in 2016."

    Rasmussen – September 2012

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thank you, Journeymen!!

    • WardR

      I think the problem you’re addressing is that the Inside the Beltway Establishment Republicans are also the Big Government Republicans.

      I’m reminded of a situation that existed 60 years ago in Louisiana: There was a vestigial Republican Party in the state whose sole reason for existence was to provide legally-required minority representation on state boards and commissions.  Then Eisenhower was nominated by the Republicans with the slogan "I like Ike!"

      And all of a sudden Democrats switched and started campaigning for Ike.  And after he won — over the quiet objections of the traditional party — they didn’t go back!  And they actually wanted to win elections.  There followed an inter-party battle ultimately won by the new kids in town.

      To this day, Louisiana maintains an electoral residual of those bygone days: There’s still an open primary for statewide offices.  If a candidate receives 50% +1 vote, he or she is elected to the office.  If no one receives a majority, the two highest vote-getters regardless of party compete in the subsequent general election.

      The Establishment and Big Government Republicans must wake up to the fact that Democrat Lite is not a winning strategy!

  • The People’s House

    Until the GOP realizes putting up liberal candidates is a losing proposition the GOP will continue to lose important elections. 

    • smbren

       Sorry, but the republican party, conservatives, whatever, have nothing to do with this. It has been a long time coming. The electorate has been changing for 20 years. Obama finalized "the change". The election was between smart and dumb. Dumb won.

      • socon

         Morality lost.

  • unseen1

    yeap  the GOP elite  need to be driven out of  power.  


       unseen….I’ve missed you.

      • unseen1

        thanks.  I  figured i had nothing nice to say about Mitt  during the  general  so i would take some old advice and  just not  say anything.   Now that the election is  over and the results are what I expected  I’m  hoping that we can   get a jump on 2014.   and  deliver  another landslide for conservaties like the Tea party did in 2010

        • socon

           What will motivate the Tea Party?

          • connservative

            Good morning.  Haven’t posted in a while either….

            Let’s see:

            Out of control:  Taxes, energy prices, health care premiums, no jobs, weak dollar, confiscating your retirement plan, forcing you to each your vegetables….

            • socon

               That’s like the frog gradually boiling in a pot of water.    People get used to things, you know?

            • Juli C

              Were back to regather the troops. Many of US have been away from the fray. I got a tripple bummer this month, my stray kitten died suddenly, Oblamo is still in and Bob Filner is now the mayor of San Diego. On the brighter side of things looks like Sarah had a few victories in the House and Senate. They are saying out of 60 Tea Party candidates only 6 or 7 lost the election. The GOPE and the handlers they keep hiring are the problem.

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            "What will motivate the Tea Party?"

            Answer, IMV: "obama reelected"

            God bless, socon!

            • socon

               I think it’s going to have to hurt a bit more–like ObamaCare!

          • Elwanda Burrell

             Sarah Palin!!!


    You know what Steve?…….THE very first thing we have to do is not give a sh*t about what CK and Rove have to say about anything.

    BTW….Why did you bring up that quote by Palin……“The challenge is not simply to replace Obama in 2012, but the real challenge is who and what we will replace him with.”……ABO negated the whole thing.

    • Steve_Flesher

      Both points of changing the uniform and ABO are separate.  ABO would have been better.  She warned though that we needed a new game plan.  As I said, we didn’t get that.  They are not inclusive points, but separate ones.  Prioritize.  We acted with regard to the priority of A.) trying to replace Obama with the hope we’d get a proper candidate to do it with.

      We got Romney, we didn’t like the battle but now that it failed, they won’t be able to say we didn’t try.  :-)

      • TENCOLE

         "Both points of changing the uniform and ABO are separate."

        No they’re not. When she says it’s just as important who we replace him with, ABO doesn’t really fit, does it?

        • Steve_Flesher

          Yes they are. 

          The challenge was to find the best person to replace him.  Our process allowed for that and despite all efforts, Mitt Romney won the primary.

          After that, ABO was all we could hope for.

          I cannot believe we’re still having this discussion. 

          It’s time to move on.  :-)

          • TENCOLE

             But…..Romney wasn’t the "best person" was he?

            Okay, NOW we can move on. ;))

            • Steve_Flesher

               No he wasn’t….we’ve always agreed on that.  ;-)

  • blueniner

    Great piece Steve,……. Sarah Palin and the Tea party needs to rise again and be pro-active, and get out to the streets like before.

    • smbren

       They are tired.

  • Mountain

    Dear Ones……..
    Last night was a beyond-sad evening in America. 

    However, Zero’s win was no surprise for us.  We supporters of Gov. Palin knew a year ago, on October 5th, that this might happen:  Romney would bully and buy his way to win the Rep. nomination, and (being moderate/liberal) he might lose the national election.
    If the USA withstands Obama’s second term—-hopefully possible if the House defunds Obamacare—-we can now turn our eyes to 2016, and consider:
    How can we INFORM Americans about the REAL Sarah Palin, given that she’s NOT the dingbat the LSM created in the minds of most Americans?  Instead, she’s exactly the sort of president that most citizens crave:  capable, experienced, honest, patriotic, inspiring, and compassionate!
    Like Brianus, I am NOT depressed about Romney’s loss, though we might face horrible trials under Zero.  GOD IS IN CONTROL—-and, being faithful and loving, God will help us. 

    So let’s keep praying, and never give up hope!  Let’s look ahead with joyful expectancy as we witness the unfolding of God’s perfect will for each of us, for our nation, and for Our Sarah.

    God bless you all with perfect peace, unflagging strength, constant joy, and sure and growing FAITH!

    • bejocy

      Thank you…I needed that!

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thank you, Sister!!!

    • Kalena

      We have 3 supreme court justices that are over 70 or 75 years old. It is possible that obama will have FIVE justices on the supreme court by the time we get rid of him in 2017, assuming he doesn’t dissolve the constitution first.  I feel so defeated.

      • WardR

        Excellent point and I too am scared.

    • jerseymark

      God is in control! Say it again. GOD IS IN CONTROL! Consider this – Hurricane Sandy gave Obama the Election as 42% of independents said that Obama’s response to the storm was an important factor in their decision with a full 14% saying it was the most important factor. You have to wonder and accept that this result comes directly from the Throne of God.

      • socon

         Or someone else.

    • WardR

      I agree with your position, but there’s something that must happen that hasn’t yet: the LSM has to be neutralized in some fashion.  Let’s face it: going back to ’07 the LSM has been actively campaigning for B. Hussein Obama.  While they set out to crucify Sarah, BHO received and is still receiving not a free ride but rather an LSM-subsidized ride.

      And the fact is — like it or not (and I certainly don’t) — a majority of Americans receive all their news from the network newscasts.  Sure, Fox News dominates cable news, but its ratings are just a small fraction of the three networks total.  In other words, if they don’t report it, to too many people it never happened!  A thought experiment: How many Americans have ever heard of "Benghazi" without regard to what they might have heard about the place and/or events.  My bet would be it’s still a minority.

      Not only are the network newscasts the principal source of news, their agenda is set by The New York Times.  And it’s not the fault of the Times; its editors have no control over what use buyers make of the paper.  Some people use it to line the bottom of a bird cage.  Unfortunately, the network news operations use it to "score" their newscast.

      Discarding local and state news on the front page, they use national and international news.  If the network news show covered all the stories on the Times front page, it’s scored an A; if it gave the same prominence to the stories, it’s an A+.  But the newscast loses points if they covered a story that the Times played on A-12.  And it gets an F if — Heaven forbid — they did a story that the Times didn’t cover at all.  And it’s gotten worse: now they not only count stories, they’re taking the Times’ slant on the matter, too.

      There’s no question that in the past the LSM has done everything possible to tar Sarah’s image and reputation.  It wasn’t that long ago that those folks were going through 25,000 pages of Sarah’s e-mails to find more dirt.

      Question: Have any of you seen any significant story anywhere in the LSM reporting that their perusal of Sarah’s e-mails showed — proved? — that she was clean as a whistle?

  • Journeymen

    We said after McCain that ‘never again’ and low and behold we grudgingly but expectantly jump in with Romney. When are we going to get the message that the Republican Party apparatus isn’t conservative — they are all about preserving the party but not about preserving conservatism — that’s a big difference. Watch them push Jeb or Chris Christie

    • connservative

      There you go.  Joe Kiernan (he says he’s a conservative, but he’s a country club Republican) just said Chris Christie for 2016 – because he would make the liberal guy happy.  When will they learn???

      • Dan C


        • RodPatrick

          DITTO.  Kiernan and the likes are idiots!  I hate the word.  It’s sad but true.

      • arcman46

         When Christie stood with Obama last week during Sandy he killed any chance that he would have on the national stage, imo.

        • jerseymark

          He also killed Romney’s chances as it placed Obama’s "bi-partisan" nature on display. It is time for Christie to lose next year even if it means a Democrat Governor.

      • Betsey_Ross

        I am thinking that it’s a lost cause to try to teach them anything.  Something new, better, and 100% American needs to replace most politicians.  We pretty much know who that is, but is she willing to answer the call?

  • Ted Belman

    Sarah Palin is a fighter.  She has passion. Both qualities are attractive to the voting public.  Romney has neither of these qualities and after winning the first debate he played defense and was unwilling to take it to Obama.  One of the problems with that is you appear less attractive because you are not fighting to win. 
    Given this vote where abortion was an issue and so was "what can you do for me mentality", what makes you think that enough Americans will vote for Sarah’s program of austerity, self reliance, pro-life, guns and God. Also not enough people care about the constitution. Rather than most American’s being center right, it seems from the election that they are really centre left.
    Given that she will be relentlessly attacked, how can she ever win. How can she raise the money Romney raised.
    Also our heroes Alan West and Mia Love lost.


       Palin has us….millions of us. She never gave us a chance last time. I think we could raise a big hunk of change.

      • socon

        She needs more than money–she needs a campaign structure.  How do you build that without power players?

        • jerseymark

          "Power players"? This is a people’s movement. There will be a lot of pent up energy as well as anger within the Tea Party and an organization will result due to the realization that the diffused nature of the movement was a serious disadvantage this time around. It is all about growing pains and the focus will again shift to 2014 off year election when the idiots will stay home as happened in 2010. You can bet that Sarah will be deeply involved in that effort and when the time comes, who else will the movement turn to for Presidential leadership? Who else is out there? Only those folks that Sarah was instrumental in getting elected in the first place. My guess will be Sarah and the Governor of New Mexico, an all woman conservative ticket that takes direct aim at women and Hispanics. 

          • socon

             I understand–we’re a grassroots movement; but I still think we need more.

            • lanahi

               We need more than a leader, we need the grassroots activists.  We seem to be asking Sarah to do everything for us while we watch or something.
              Sarah can’t do it all for us.

              • socon

                I agree.  I can’t believe how much pressure people put on Sarah.  Impossible to bear.

                You have to have movers and shakers, too.

    • unseen1

      lets  see Mitt ran a campaign on pro choice,  free spending,  he kept God out of it  and  never mentioned guns.   And lost.    what makes you think  running someone like Mitt again  will win.   when offered  liberalsim or liberallism lite  the voters will big liberalsim  everytime.   You would be stupid not  too.   Give the voters a  real choice.   Between good and evil between freedom and top down governmental  control and you  get  2010  tea party landslide.  

      • socon

         Did you blog at HotAir today?  If so, it must have been interesting to say the least.  lol

      • RodPatrick

        Unseen,  you abandoned HA?  Good for you, friend! EdM has become a squishy.


      I’m really tired of the "relentlessly attacked" argument……it can’t be any worse than what she has already been through….plus I think she enjoys a good fight.

      I agree with unseen… the people what you actually stand for.
      Don’t be afraid to actually say the words that are important to you. People can tell when you are being heartfelt and when you’re not, and that is one of Palin’s strong points. Give the people two opposing stands and let them decide……don’t mush it up to try to win independents.

      It’s not rocket science….just be who you are and say/live what you believe. Mitt was a phoney and people spotted that a mile away.

      • BrianusBerkleianus

        Exactly, TENCOLE.

        As I recall, Americans across a wide spectrum RESPECTED Reagan for his clear and fearless exposition of his principles.

        If you shoot STRAIGHT with people, you will draw them in droves straight to your side, your corner, your heart!!

        Sarah is cut from the same cloth as Ronald Reagan–a cloth of GOLD!!

        • connservative

          I think that’s another thing that doomed Romney, especially among conservatives.  While Kerry was properly tagged as a flip-flopper, many didn’t trust Romney because they didn’t really know where he stood – he never took any position.  That etch-a-sketch thing rung true.

          • socon

             I never trusted him.

          • jerseymark

            In the category of "out of the mouth of babes" – my daughter voted for the first time and voted for Romney because the site she went to said Mitt’s positions coincided with hers at 86% BUT her comment after voting while we were talking about the election was that she could not understand how stupid Mitt would have to be to believe all that stuff of Mormonism and my son replied that its like believing in Scientology. He is 31 and she is 30 years old. It appears that the  turnout was lower this time than in 2008 and I can only wonder about the impact of Mitt’s faith on the turnout of Evangelicals.

        • otto

          This is not 1980 my friend. This is a new America,one that leaves a bitter taste.
           Don’t count on the old ways.
          The proof is in the pudding. Obama won .And if he falters they will not blame him. They will blame you.

          • BrianusBerkleianus

            Well, 2010, a STAGGERING REFUDIATION of obama, was only twenty-four months ago, not thirty-two years ago.

            We can never forget what happened just a short two years ago.

            God bless!

            • socon

               The RINOs want us to believe the electorate changed to hide their failures.  Cowards.

      • ZH100

        " I’m really tired of the "relentlessly attacked" argument……it can’t
        be any worse than what she has already been through….plus I think she
        enjoys a good fight"

        Yes it can be much worse and Gov.Palin and her family are the ones who suffer.  Not you.

        • lanahi

           Yes, we seem so courageous volunteering her services, don’t we? 

    • jerseymark

      To the contrary – when the Left takes a look at the Republican line up for the nomination in 2016, they will universally conclude that they want Sarah to win the nomination because they will look upon her as weaker than the "young lions" coming up. Just as they "wanted" Reagan to be nominated, they will build up Sarah only to later bring her down, or so they think.

  • bejocy

    I’m just tired.


       Drained and exhausted is more like it.

      • smbren

         And done. Too old for this crap anymore.

    • Mountain

      I and many of my friends have had trouble sleeping, concerned as we were about this election.

      Dear Jesus, give us all REST.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      SO AM I , bejocy!!

    • otto

      This i agree with.

  • otto

    I’m sorry my friends but i cannot tell a lie. And neither did Benjamin Franklin when he stated:

    "When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic"

    That time appears to be now. We can’t blame Romney ,the Republicans, Obama’s campaign, or  the guy next door’s dog…..(though i know some will try)
    It was the people, yes, the Great Society, the masses , a  hell of a lot of people who voted for this swindler ,Obama.
    Liberty and freedom in this new America seem to have taken  a back seat to greed and welfare.

    Don’t white wash it. That would be foolish.

    • Dan C

      There is some truth to that for sure. America has changed. But Romney barely put forth a vision for the country and let Obama off the hook on major issues since he invented or agreed with them.

      Don’t give Romney a pass.

      • otto

        And Obama put forth  a vision ? like what ?  The people pulled those levers for a bum. that’s the bottom line. Blame Romney ,blame Rove ,blame God, but make sure you understand that nobody can say after 4 lousy years that Obama gives them hope.

         So please tell me the vision that moved mountains for Obama. And just what would you have had Romney do? I am real curious. You saw what Romney got for going against the bailouts.
        A Bullseye on his back.. !

  • sodakhic

    Palin 59.9 million, Romney 53.7 million


       million what?

      • John_Frank

        The McCain Palin ticket, despite being confronted with a financial collapse at the end of 8 years of a Republican administration with dismal approval ratings received a total of 59.9 million votes.

        The Romney Ryan ticket, facing a President with a dreadful economic record and no plan for recovery received a total of 53.7 million votes.

        The Obama Biden ticket went from 69,5 million votes in 2008 to 54,8 million votes in 2012, loosing 14.7 million votes, but still won, because the Romney Ryan ticket was not able to hold on to the voters that had come out for McCain Palin in 2008, let alone increase on that vote total.

        When the Republican Party turns it’s back on movement and independent conservatives, along with libertarian leaning conservatives this is what happens.

        The Tea Party Got It Right, Mitt Got It Wrong

        • socon

           Maybe we won’t hear so many GOP snarky remarks about the McCain/Palin ticket now.

          • John_Frank

            It would be nice, but I doubt it.

            Establishment Republicans have a long way to go before they understand why Romney and the Republican establishment lost.

            • socon

               At least we have a retort to throw at them!  haha

        • Guest


           Just keep repeating it until you are blue in the face. The GOP establishment still has no intention of listening to it’s base at all. They will nominate another Democrat lite in 2016. It’s way past time for conservatives to move on. 2016 will be McLame 3.0 for the GOP elite. Accept it.

        • jerseymark

          Didn’t read your post before responding above with the same point. Your post makes what happened even more unbelievable. Obama loses 14 MILLION VOTES AND STILL WINS. If Mitt just duplicated McCain/Palin he would have won by 9 points.

    • Janna Blanter

      Thanks for reminding us how effective Palin was in driving us to the vote

      • connservative

        Can you say 2010?  Palin was the driving force behind that.

        I’m waiting for some responsible journalist to publish the headline "No Palin, No victory!"

    • jerseymark

      More than a 10% drop off in turnout in total, but Obama’s drop off was even worse. If Mitt had duplicated 2008 in turnout, Mitt would have won by 9 points. What does that say?

  • Carolyn Dixon

    everyone should donate 20.16 to sarah pac.  she would have won tonight had she been the nominee.  at least she and mccain won their home states.  romney lost all four of his (he has homes in MA, NH, CA & CO and was born in MI and ryan lost his.  time to bust the unions.  sorry if any of you are part of one, but i plan to ask every shop or store i go to if they are union members.  Since obama wants everyone to pay their fare share, it’s high time he paid his.  by the end of his second term, his salary will be over 3 million.  not to mention he lives in public housing for free and gets free meals, travels first class at our expense.  Think I will write him and see if he could help us out with our bills.

    • smbren

       Love the Sarah, always will. No republican would have won tonight. The electorate has changed.

      • socon

        A RINO couldn’t win but I believe a true Conservative like Sarah could have.  Have you forgotten the Tea Party landslide of 2010?

        • connservative

          Agree.  My conclusion:  RINO’s can’t win because they don’t stand for anything.  Whenever we run a RINO we lose.

          The R’s in Connecticut are a disaster because all they run are RINOs.  Why vote RINO when you get the real deal in a Dem?

          • socon

            Well, at least you still have a few RINOs!  I don’t know what we have here in Cali but it’s not good.

      • John_Frank


        Look at the vote totals for 2008 versus 2012.

        The total votes for Obama/Biden dropped by 14.7 million votes.

        The Romney/Ryan ticket earned less votes than the McCain / Palin ticket. If Romney had just held onto the voters who came out for McCain / Palin, he would have won.

        "The McCain Palin ticket, despite being confronted with a financial collapse at the end of 8 years of a Republican administration with dismal approval ratings received a total of 59.9 million votes.

        The Romney Ryan ticket, facing a President with a dreadful economic record and no plan for recovery received a total of 53.7 million votes.

        The Obama Biden ticket went from 69,5 million votes in 2008 to 54,8 million votes in 2012, loosing 14.7 million votes, but still won, because the Romney Ryan ticket was not able to hold on to the voters that had come out for McCain Palin in 2008, let alone increase on that vote total.

        This is what happens when the Republican Party snubs movement and independent conservatives, along with libertarian leaning conservatives.

        The Tea Party Got It Right, Mitt Got It Wrong

        • c4pfan

          Thank you!

      • jerseymark

        NOT TRUE AT ALL! If Mitt had gotten out the vote at the level of McCain/Palin, he would have won by 9 points. Easy pickins but not for Mitt. If 4 million white conservatives stayed home in 2008 rather than vote for a RINO, what about Mitt’s 6 million less votes.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Great idea, Carolyn: Donating $20.16 to SarahPAC!!


    • iizthatiiz

      i agree Carolyn .. in fact Monday … one day before this election I made a contribution to SarahPac in that exact amount of $20.16 .. even ‘tho I still held some measure of faith that the electorate would remove this president from power.  My purpose being that no matter the outcome … either Obama or Romney would have to be held accountable.  I do not know what the future holds for Governor Palin .. I would not begrudge her one iota if she determines that she has already given her measure.  She has already done so much to awaken myself and so many others, and I am fully aware that the future is ours to shape.

      I just wanted to lend a token of support that if and when she determines her destiny that I will be standing there with her

  • smbren

     Give.It.Up. Seriously, the electorate has changed. Let them eat cake! It will be decades before a republican wins again. The electorate apparently wants the "stuff". The electorate now needs to be re-educated about the constitution, that will take years. The supreme court will be changed by then also. It will be Biden in 2016, or some other African American democrat. The fat lady has sung.

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      With all respect, my friend, I do not think that we can afford to give up.

      Besides, can we forget 2010? 

      2010 was a staggering REFUDIATION of obama .. and it was only twenty-four months ago!!

      Also, we must not forget how, on a time in the late summer of 2008, a young lady from Alaska appeared on the scene, and nearly accomplished the impossible: Stopping obama dead in his tracks.

      Sarah was on course to derail the "messiah’s" DC Express until the mid-September, 2008 financial meltdown.

      As I noted in my above post, I think that HISPANICS in particular can be brought over, not necessarily to the GOP brand, but to the side of Constitutional Conservatism.

      God bless!!

    • iizthatiiz

      the time has come to stop placing any of our hopes in the Republican party

    • jerseymark

      WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. You have bought into the LSM crap. Look at the numbers compared to 2008.

    • Kelly Laraia

      I agree that the electorate has become more comfortable with the welfare entitlement state.  It’s very hard to break that (see Britain after Thatcher).  As far as 2016 for the dems, some are already touting Elizabeth Warren…the left sees hare as a rising star.  But I can’t believe that Hillary would stand by and let another women have a shot at being the first female POTUS. 

  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Amen, Chuck!!!!

    SARAH 2016!!!

  • connservative

    Good morning here from the icy blue state of Connecticut where the new rallying cry (I just heard on the radio) is "We’re bluer than ever!"  God help us.

    A few thoughts.  The turnout for whites and Republicans appears now to have been appalling.  That is all the GOP and the Romney campaign’s strategy of playing to the middle and the independents.  I’d say they left 4 million votes on the table – many R’s who can’t stand Obama but couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Romney.

    We should all bring out our posts from the Spring – many of us predicted a Romney loss and that it would be due to dissing the Tea Party and the Conservative right.  He gave up the base, and that was the election.  I actually think Romney lost the election on the 2nd debate, but it was sealed on the 3rd debate.  He played it safe (not to lose), and many in sports know that’s when you can get burned.

    CNBC is saying now that the Tea Party Republicans are the problem.  No surprise there.  Frankly, it’s the opposite.  The Tea Party – which is the true middle class – are the ones that no one is looking out for.  That’s who Sarah represents.

    I haven’t heard anything about the down tickets, but there was no Republican wave.  If Boehner remains as Speaker, we have 2 more years of suffering.

    November 7, 2012 – The official launch of the Palin 2016 campaign.  I’m wondering how long she waits until the first Facebook post about the GOP dissing the base?  

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      Thanks, connservative!!

      There has been an effort to wipe out from memory and from history …

      THE OVERWHELMING VICTORY of 2010 … just twenty-four months ago.

      And this was a SARAH PALIN-TEA PARTY triumph.

      Yes, 2010 really happened, obama and GOPe … and we will never forget it!!

      • WardR

        I agree, Brian, but at the same time this year the very diffuse nature of the Tea Parties bit us in the tail.  Too many organizations and too much internecine fighting.

        One commentator noted that Romney won the nomination with a 5 to 1 spending advantage over his competitors that he certainly didn’t have against Obama.  And then there was the overt LSM politicking for The One…

        • BrianusBerkleianus

          Thanks, Ward!

          IMHO, we need the Governor to unite us!

    • jerseymark

      More like 10 million. the 4 million who sat out 2008 due to McCain and the 6 million Mitt lost compared to 2008

    • lanahi

       Boehner is already ready to make a deal with the Democrats…Drudge has the story.  Nothing’s changed.

  • luvoftheword

    In order to live something must die. RIP GOP:

    "She sets about her work vigorously;
    her arms are strong for her tasks.

    She speaks with wisdom,
    and faithful instruction is on her tongue.

    Many women do noble things,
    but you surpass them ALL.

    Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

    Honor her for all that her hands have done,
    and let her works bring her praise at the city gate."

    Governor Palin 2016! We won’t settle for anyone else Sarah;

    For you have Surpassed Them All!

    Proverbs 31:17, 26, 29-31

    • BrianusBerkleianus

      I love that passage from Holy Writ on the STRONG WOMAN!!!

      Thanks, luvoftheword!

      SARAH 2016!!!

      • luvoftheword

        You are Welcome Brianus. We’ve only just begun; Sarah is on her way!!!

        • BrianusBerkleianus


  • ZH100

    Excellent read!!  Thank you  Steve and the other contributors for your hard work 

  • Carolyn Dixon

    America turned her back on God Tuesday and now His blessing on her is gone.  His wrath will be more devastation like hurricane sandy,  notice that storm hit the new england liberal area.

    • n4cerinc

      Correction, America turned its back on GOD decades ago. 

      • carolyn50

         you are right.  I stand corrected. :-)

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