The Consequences of Snubbing the Tea Party, Update: ‘Sarah 2016!’ from Chuck, Jr.

I suspected the folks at Fox would be getting ready to analyze why a Republican could lose against a President where unemployment has grown massively and just ticked back up as of 5 days ago, against a President who has added historic mounds of debt for us to pay back, or one who presided under our first credit downgrade in history, or who lied about the events of Benghazi which was responsible for four American deaths.

Tonight, Barack Obama became the nation’s first ‘worst President of all time’ to be re-elected.

I also suspected the Fox commentators would attack the Tea Party.  Twice, Todd Akin was referred to as a "Tea Party candidate."  That was false.  Sarah Steelman and John Brunner were more strongly favored by the Tea Party collectively than Akin was.  When John Brunner entered the race months after Steelman had, the two split the Tea Party vote in the primary.  If Sarah Steelman had been the Republican candidate in Missouri tonight, we’d have had one more conservative to send to Congress.

Be ready for the blame game.  But also be ready to remind people that Governor Palin had a very strong hand in the party’s few successes tonight.  When Ted Cruz was up against a wall in Texas and the establishment was pushing for David Dewhurst, Governor Palin got on a plane and went to Texas to push Cruz over the edge and he won the primary by a comfortable margin.  Tonight he is on his way to the United States Senate.

Deb Fischer was behind Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg in Nebraska for every month leading up to the primary.  Governor Palin graciously endorsed her and less than a week later, Deb Fischer won the primary comfortably.  Tonight, she is on her way to the United States Senate.

When Orrin Hatch was threatened by a faux tea partier, Governor Palin realized his exceptional service and stepped in to turn that energy back to Hatch.  Tonight, he is still in the United States Senate.

Governor Palin endorsed and went to Arizona to campaign for Jeff Flake in a tough Senate race as well.  Tonight, he is on his way to the United States Senate.

In 2010, Governor Palin backed South Carolina’s Tim Scott.  He won in 2010 and he won re-election tonight.   She backed other African Americans like Allen West and Mia Love.  Both of those candidates narrowly lost their races tonight but by 2,000 votes in the case of Love and 1,000 votes in the case of West.

Twice tonight, once by Charles Krauthammer and once by Karl Rove, they said that Republicans have to find a way to address Hispanics.  Others talked about reaching out to minorities as a general matter and then Pat Caddell concluded by saying we needed to reach out to women.

Well guys, Governor Palin endorsed and sent Susanna Martinez to the Governor’s seat in New Mexico.  Tonight, Governor Palin’s endorsed Tea-Party-backed Ted Cruz is on his way to the Senate.  When you throw in Tim Scott, Allen West, Mia Love, Nikki Haley, and Kelly Ayotte, the verdict is clear: Governor Palin and the Tea Party are way ahead of the establishment when it comes to uniting Americans of all ethnicity and background.

Yet, despite what Governor Palin and the Tea Party did for Republicans in 2010 and 2012, these grassroots champions were completely shunned from the machine’s grand plan.

In summary, the establishment "experiment" has been thoroughly tried and it thoroughly failed.

The Tea Party stepped up in 2010 and did the job the establishment failed to do tonight.  Having little choice, many of us stepped back, fought through the primary, and prayed for the best.  It played out and it didn’t work.

Someone very wise once warned: "The challenge is not simply to replace Obama in 2012, but the real challenge is who and what we will replace him with."

It wasn’t enough to simply change "the uniform" as she warned.  We needed a new "game plan" and we didn’t get it.


Chuck Heath Jr sums it up beautifully!  "Sarah 2016"

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