The Hill: Jeb Bush Considering 2016 Run

The Hill is reporting that supporters of Jeb Bush are claiming he’s already considering a presidential run.

Jeb Bush, brother and son of former Bush presidents, is said to be mulling a presidential run in 2016, according to the New York Times.

The Times cites Bush supporters and friends in its report that the former Florida governor is “weighing financial and family considerations” for a future run.

Though Bush remains popular in Florida and has garnered national attention with his support for immigration and education reform, there is lingering concern that the persistent unpopularity of the last Bush to hold the White House, his brother President George W. Bush, could hinder his bid.

So let’s take this into consideration for a moment.  When George W. Bush left office, he left behind an added four trillion dollars to our national debt.  He increased entitlements more than any Democrat had in recent history.  He had the lowest — the absolute lowest approval rating ever for a President in history.

The establishment shrieks at the talk of various conservatives who proclaim that Governor Palin should highly consider jumping back into the mix to shake things up.  They cite left-wing talking points, lies, distortions about her record, and encourage the rest of us to lose our backbones.

But in all seriousness, if we thought Romney crashed and burned, what do you think will happen if we run another Bush for President?

If Jeb Bush even thinks of entering the race, you can rest assured that the establishment will back him.  We need some strong Tea to counter it.  Nobody — not the Bush family, not the Romneys, not the Huckabees, or McCains are entitled to be President.

I will await the liberals on MSNBC to begin telling us how worried they will be at facing down Jeb in 2016 while begging us to run Governor Palin since she’d be so easy to beat.  But while they’re screaming it from the rooftops, just remember they said the same thing when Romney was forced on us, too.


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