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The U.S. is poised to become the world’s energy superpower

If Obama and company get out of the way, that is. Via E. Thomas McClanahan:

We’ve been told forever that we’re “running out of resources,” that we’re facing a future of shrinking options, that we’d better change our ways and oh, by the way, our friends in the green movement will tell us exactly how our ways must be changed.

Which is why last week, the greens no doubt reacted in horror at the International Energy Agency’s latest forecast on oil production.

Forget about peak oil. What the future portends is energy abundance. Within eight years, the IEA says, the United States will overtake Saudi Arabia as the planet’s largest oil producer. All those predictions about running out? The ever-gloomy greens ignored the most important resource-production factor of all: human ingenuity.

New drilling techniques involving hydraulic fracking have produced a gusher of oil and natural gas from shale formations in several states including Kansas, but mainly in Texas, North Dakota, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The boom has added tens of thousands of new jobs and more revenue for state, local and federal government.

This is hardly news of course, and Governor Palin has long taken the lead in advocating that America stop its dangerous dependence on energy from hostile and unstable foreign regimes by ramping up our own production. The good news is that this is entirely possible. The bad news is that true energy independence won’t sit well with Obama and his "green energy" cronies at places like Solyndra who stand to lose billions if they get cut off from the federal trough. Expect Obama to keep listening to morons like Robert Redford and Al Gore and continue suicidal policies like thisthis and this as he continues to do all he can to prevent America from developing her vast energy resources.


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  • Elwanda Burrell

    Gov Sarah Palin is the energy expert and we need an energy expert for President in 2016.  We need her now, but we will have to wait until 2016!!!

    • David Wayne Ives

      Get her to replace Salazar at the very least!

  • IsraeliCojones

    If Obama and company get out of the way, that is.

    A mighty big IF, I would say.

  • otto

    Our energy independence has been held hostage for more years than i can count.

     By every Tom, Dick, and Harry that has come down the pike.

    Including these Holy state Govt.’s who also tax it .

    By Capitialists,Socialist’s, Marxist’s and Communists alike.

    By the tree huggers as well as the rich man and his free markets.

    So tell me what’s different now?

    If you can pay 5 dollars a gallon ,you damn well better believe that’s what they will charge  you.

  • Christopher H Fromme

    Talked to a friend election nite he has finished drilling his first OIL well in Ohio. The rig has moved to another location and they are now fracking it.  This is a small company based in Pittsburgh area and they have a lot of money invested in this project, which should be pumping oil in March 2013

  • Sam Charles Norton

    If you believe this, I’ve got a nice bridge in London that I’d like to sell you…
    Accepting Peak Oil is not a left-wing or a green perspective – Matt Simmons was not a socialist – it is as conservative as saying ‘you can’t spend what you haven’t earned’. Whilst there is indeed all sorts of oil development possible in the USA there is simply no way in which the US will become a net oil exporter again, unless it chooses to reduce its own consumption by about 75%. Right.
    For a good, detailed and technical discussion of this, see here: 
    Let’s remain reality-based in the conservative community, and leave the fantasies to the Obamabots.

  • Patriot41

    Doug, all that you say is very true.  Now here is the irony of this situation.  If Obama were to change his tactics, throw the environmentalist and green mentality overboard, he could go down in history as an American Hero, who turned an impossible fiscal situation around and created a roaring economy practically overnight.  Any president with common sense, who did not hold a grudge against this country, would come to that realization, in a heart beat.  I do believe that is what Romney intended to do and he would have become one of the best known American presidents for doing so.  Of course, I would have preferred that Sarah Palin had been that president, but then she chose not to run.

    I don’t look for Obama to change his mentality, for I firmly believe that he is a devout Marxist and his support lies solidly behind the progressive movement that started seventy some years ago in this country.  For him to change his motives now, would certainly bring about his demise by that group who has set him up for this moment in time.  Instead, this nation will continue to unnecessarily suffer, because of ungrateful citizens, who choose to destroy the freedom of the greatest nation on the face of this earth.  Is there some irony here or what?

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