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Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel | What happened

Mitt Romney ran about as impressive a campaign as he could have under the  circumstances. Romney turned out to be a terrific debater, a champion fundraiser  and a man of impressive self-restraint. Toward the end, when it became clear he  could win but was still in fact losing, he resisted the natural temptation to go  vicious and low. He ought to get credit for that. Plus he gave a dignified  concession speech.

But it was a flawed candidacy from the start. Romney’s caution and  ever-shifting policy positions made him seem fearful, which is to say weak. His  biography hurt him. During a cycle when voters remained angry at Wall Street,  Romney bore the weight of a finance background. And because of his own history  in Massachusetts, he could never effectively go after President Obama on  Obamacare, the president’s biggest political weakness.

None of this was ever a secret, but the Republicans nominated Romney anyway.


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