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Video: Obama voters demonstrate their vast knowledge of the constitution

From The Right Scoop via The Blaze. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I’m guessing this is what Kevin Williamson meant by "the dumb vote" being Obama’s primary constituency. If this is the future of our country, we’re in deep doo-doo:

These college students from Boston are at least as dumb as their counterparts in Ohio. But I’ll bet the Ohio students only paid a fraction as much for their ignorance.

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  • PhilipJames

    Welcome to the product of Marxist professors…  as long as we allow the liberals to educate kids from kindergarten to university, the battle is lost. LOST. Rather than just bitching about it, time for Conservatives to do something about it. .. like becoming professors, stopping funding of these liberal hell holes, creating Conservative colleges and universities.

    • alien4palin

      Agree 1000%!!! It is long overdue by decades to reclaim our children and give them a real education instead of the indoctrination and dumbing down provided by leftist educators to produce cookie cutters citizens as shown in the video.

  • HuntingMoose


  • conservativemama

    All this concern for women’s rights.  Hmmmmmm……………..

    Men have outsourced all responsibility to the government.  Nothing keeps them tied to women anymore.  Women are now the ultimate sex toy.  No fear of pregnancy, and if it happens, hey, it can be reversed.  And anyway, shouldn’t those women be on the pill anyway so that the men don’t have to worry about that?  And God forbid you value your private life and not make a sport of it.  Then you’re practically a freak……………….Tim Tebow anyone?
    All of the hard choices are left to the women.  If they find themselves pregnant, the culture expects them to consider abortion but never prepares women for that agonizing choice.  And the men can walk away, just walk away, and many do. And when they do, all of us have to step in and help that woman and child, should the child come to be.Mitt Romney has been in love with, and devoted to one women for over 40 years.  And in that time he worked hard to provide her and their children with a great life replete with opportunity.  I would call that the ultimate expression of respect for women.  Ann Romney was not tossed aside for a younger model.  When she got sick he was there.  He valued the work she did in raising their family.  There are still men like that.  Todd Palin, my husband, probably many of you on this website.

    I’m not arguing for a return to an earlier era, I’m just saying that women have lost a lot.  We gained opportunities in education and work, but we’ve paid a high personal price.  We are not yet liberated.  We’ve just replaced men with government.

    • Freempg

      Yes, c-mama, women did replace men with government as they were taught that to be equal to men they must act like men (who don’t get pregnant); they learned their lesson well and emulated the feminist stereotype of what ALL men supposedly are, barbaric hedonists, and when "their man" desiring not much more than a mutual masturbate rejected them as a stupid slut for not being on birth conrol and having gotten pregnant,that’s when these so-called men walk away and those women still with a semblance of a conscience not to abort seek out goverment support. The moral fabric of society has been on the shoulders of women since time immemorial. When they were taught they could be as men began our downfall.

    • overthecoastline

      Well said.

  • friskyness

    Dems are happy to have the "dumb vote!"  That’s who they cater to!

  • Freempg

    It’s not that they are stupid, it’s that they are stupid and oozing self-esteem.

  • gahanson

    If a foreign occupying power had imposed such a piss poor education system upon us, the people would take up arms against them.  But, this is the education system imposed upon us by our own people, and our own government, local, state and federal.  An ignorant population is much easier to control, just give them bread and circuses, and an illusion of power once in awhile, and they’ll remain happy.

    We have become the frog in a pan of water on the stove.  Turn up the heat too fast, and the frog will jump out of the water, but just turn up the heat very gradually over a period of time, the frog won’t jump out, and it will be boiled to death without so much as a struggle.

    • alien4palin

       Very well said.

  • John_Frank

    Sad. Very sad.

    We have a huge amount of work to do.

  • Marathonman1025

    Reminds me of the Man in the Street segment Hannity used to have on his Friday radio show. The ignorance was breathtaking. hardly anyone knew who their congressional representative was. A few didn’t even know who the Vice President was. And as for naming ANY Supreme Court justices, forget it.

  • Terry Malpass

    If any of these guys EVER try to date my daughter…weellll…

    I got 15 acres and a shovel….

    THANK G-D! my daughter is going to Liberty! 

    • Guest

      You know what my dad used to do when I would bring a new guy over to my house to meet Daddy?  My dad wasn’t a little guy.  Some of my friends nicknamed him The Oak Tree.  He would put his arm around their shoulder and say…."Come on son….let me show you my gun collection".  Then he would proceed upstairs to a room FULL of gun safes and reloading equipment and very proficient….FRAMED….targets on the wall.  Most every one that walked back down the stairs was as white as a sheet….and trembling.  The one that walked down and said…."you’re dads’ cool….he’s taking me shooting"….I married. 

    • conservativemama

      Or as the father says in the movie "Clueless,"……………."I have a shovel and a gun.  I doubt anyone would miss you."  

  • goethegirl

    The 18-year-old vote should be repealed. These guys have no investment in the future of the country.

  • arcman46

    Is it just me, or would you like to slap the living youknowwhat out of some of these people?

  • Guest

    Screw voter ID…..I want voter IQ!!!!

  • PhilTan

    OMG, South Boston is only about 30 minutes from me. No wonder we got stuck with Elizabeth Warren. Given the demographics, Brown was like a breath of fresh air. Uggh. Those people are fools.  

  • The Ranger

    Dear God.  I’m speechless.

  • BrianusBerkleianus


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