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Video: Obama’s SBA chief hasn’t heard of Obamacare affecting small business

I’ve always considered the Small Business Administration to be another useless government bureaucracy that accomplishes nothing other than the wasting of taxpayer money on political cronies. But you’d think the leader of this entity would at least have some contact with the people her bureaucracy allegedly supports. You’d be wrong.

Even Slow Joe Scarborough isn’t buying what she’s selling.  The most stunningly stupid thing she says is at the end. She claims that she hears the following from small business owners:

The day that I get to provide health care to my workers, that was the day I called my business a success.

Riiiiiight. According to Karen Mills, Obama’s head of the Small Business Administration, small businesses owners are telling her "all the time" that the metric by which they judge their business a success is whether or not they provide health care to whatever employees they may have. So all those small business owners who put in 16-18 hour days seven days per week just to get their business off the ground are doing so in the hopes that someday they’ll be able to hire people and give them a health insurance policy. I know some people who own businesses, and none of them think that way.  All of them are doing whatever they can to avoid the massive Obamacare taxes headed their way.

I understand that Mills is a political appointee and part of her job is to peddle the Administration line that Obamacare is this wonderful gift that Obama has graciously bestowed on America from on high, but this woman is supposed to be an advocate for small business. Where does Obama find these people? As businesses across the country slash employee’s hours to below 30, Mill’s idiotic pronouncement earns her C4P’s prestigious Thanksgiving Day Chip Diller award.

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  • pipam12

    i’m in ca and about out of business as well as most of my friends who are in the same business , stores are folding left and right and people are fleeing CA , but all is well 

  • devitor

    Obama’s SBA chief can be described in one word: delusional.

  • amaze830

    Gee, this woman must have been living in cave somewhere!  The woman should get out there and talk with small business owners.

  • dave7777

    Many years ago, I contacted the SBA for assistance. They had no intention of providing help. Instead they pushed me to set up a SBIC (small business investment corporation). I wasn’t interested in forming a political organization….i needed financial assistance. I just dropped the whole thing. Wrote them off as a fraud. 

  • Joe Durnavich

    Remind me to call my doctor Monday to up my blood pressure medication dosage.  I don’t think what I’m taking now is going to cut it over the next four years.

  • conservativemama

    And Obama wants to have a Secretary of Business?!

    Oh lord, it’s not to be believed.

  • MarkRNY

    If she were honest (fat chance), when "finding out" about O-TrocityCare adversely affecting small biz she would have said–"Good! Everything’s going according to plan".

    Small biz and Christianity are #1 on O’s hit list (see Sarah Palin). They’re what keeps us a free nation (and the criminally dumb GOPe runs a Big Biz, serial social issues flip flopper in 12). They’ve got to go. Most small businesses are waking up to it. Are most Christians?? I point the finger right at my own Catholic Church when I say that.

    There’s not one (1) small biz including my own that isn’t going to take it in the teeth with this–like a baseball bat to the teeth–financially, morally or both. The short term answer is for governors to refuse to implement it (like that’s gonna happen in NY) and getting rid of Boehner and crew…actually, a GREAT test case for this would be for NJ to refuse to implement OCare! There’d be a mass biz Exodus from NY to NJ. Fat chance (pun intended) of that happening with ton of fun/beach ball/French Kissing O/Coulter’s boy Christy.

    "Let’s see them enforce it"–Andrew Jackson after SCOTUS "deemed" a bogus law "Constitutional".

  • Freempg

    The day of reckoning will soon be upon us. Ms Mills and millions like her won’t have a clue when it hits. They will clamor for more government as the cure.

    The Fed has been backstopping the worst of it since 2008 but Bernanke admitted they don’t have the tools to offset a financial cliff dive. We shall soon see. Look for Obama to take the leap and accomplish what Osama bin Laden could not, the collapsing of our economy.

  • GrmaTX

    Another one of o’s citizens of la-la land.  Poor lady.

  • Lemuel Vargas

    my prediction made on 5/28/12:

    And thus what we pay for health insurance will surely increase because we are the end consumers.
    And also Obamacare will become a big bureaucratic mess because of the matter of interpreting those 2,000+ pages which will become a factor in increasing our payment.

    You could even inscribe that is stone because that will come to pass..

  • smmtheory

    okay, here’s my dilemma.

    i’m fairly certain that the company i work for will have a qualifying health plan to offer, which unfortunately means it will probably be a plan the government demands support abortion and birth control. i have the option of waiving coverage, but since the government mandates that i buy health insurance it doesn’t leave me with many options. i gave up on finding affordable insurance when i saw what the COBRA payments were for my spouse keeping her insurance. we’d be better off just putting that much money away and waiting for a medical catastrophe. but the government doesn’t want us to do that… hence the ‘penalty/tax’ bill that would arrive with the IRS bill. i think i’m beginning to understand why so many people refuse to look for work. they don’t want to be made complicit in the government’s evil by having to pay taxes. unfortunately, that is perhaps the only tax loop-hole the government has managed to close out of the thousands of loop-holes, because now it’s going to charge everybody that doesn’t have any income that ‘penalty/tax’ as well as those that refuse to buy health insurance. so here is my dilemma, how do i get out of being complicit in murdering hundreds of thousands of babies a year?

    anybody have any suggestions?

  • alien4palin

    This woman lives in la la land and a useful tool.She is fully aware she is not been truthful.something about her eyes and what comes out of her mouth does not connect.

  • Guest

    You Lie!

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