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WaPo | Senate Democrats face a very tough 2014 map

Senate Democrats did more than just expand their majority for the 113th Congress on Tuesday; they also inoculated themselves against a very tough map in 2014.

Now, we know. At the beginning of the 2012 election cycle, we (and everyone else) talked incessantly about how good the map was for Republicans and how the majority was in reach for them. And it was. Yet somehow Democrats walked away with a one- or two-seat gain (depending upon Angus King).

Well compared to the 2014 map, 2012 was tame.

As we’ve written in detail before, Democrats have to defend six incumbents in red states and six incumbents in swing states, while their best pickup opportunity is in Kentucky, a state that just went 60 percent for Mitt Romney in the presidential race.

Below, we rate the 10 seats that are most likely to flip in 2014. The top nine are all currently held by Democrats, and the 10th is Kentucky.


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