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Washington Times | Morning-after reality: No easy answers to gridlock

From illegal immigrants to defense contractors and millionaires to Medicaid  patients, Americans had plenty riding on Tuesday’s outcome — but few were  expecting the election to provide answers to the gridlock that has prevented  Washington from tackling the big issues

The agenda is extensive and seemingly growing longer every week: Another  trillion-dollar deficit is looming in 2013, debt has topped $16 trillion, the  immigration system is broken, the tax code needs an overhaul, gas prices and  unemployment remain stubbornly high, a final decision on the Keystone  pipeline lingers, Iran’s nuclear program looms  ever larger, and al Qaeda may be resurgent in  parts of the Middle East.

Some problems won’t even wait for Inauguration  Day, Jan. 20.

The new year will usher in higher income  taxes across the board as the George W. Bush-era tax cuts are due to expire Jan.  1.


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