What’s Your Election Day Story? Share It Here!

We’ve waited four long years for the opportunity to take this most important step to putting America back on the path to recovery…to remove the human wrecking ball from office.  And now that time has come.

Today is the day.

As you can imagine, I was excited to go vote.  Not as excited as I would have been had I been offered the chance to vote for a certain Warrior from Wasilla, but thrilled nonetheless to do my duty and make my voice heard.  I went to the polls early this afternoon and was happy to see I picked a great time to go.  There was only a handful of other people there and I was actually able to park directly in front of the building!

The gentleman next to me was busy filling out his card so as I waited for my turn, I took out my voter ID card and my driver’s license (photo ID is required to vote in Tennessee).  I noticed that he too was left handed.  That’s just one of those quirks I always seem to notice since I’m the only lefty in a family full of righties (with regard to hands only, we all philosophically lean or are solid true-blue conservative righties).  After filling out my card and presenting it to the technician, I had my number to enter in the voting machine.  There was no wait and after placing my vote and obsessively ensuring that the machine counted the names correctly, I was out of there within a couple minutes.

I did ask one of the workers about how light the traffic was there and they assured me that it had been quite busy earlier.  I just happened to pick a fantastic time to go.

I had what can best be described as a mundane voting experience, where the only excitement came from knowing what roll my vote would help play in the long run.  But then, I live in Northeast Tennessee, not Philadelphia.

So what about y’all?  What are your voting experiences?

Did you vote early?

What kind of district do you live in?  Democrat or Republican primarily?

Share your voting experience here!




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