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What’s Your Election Day Story? Share It Here!

We’ve waited four long years for the opportunity to take this most important step to putting America back on the path to recovery…to remove the human wrecking ball from office.  And now that time has come.

Today is the day.

As you can imagine, I was excited to go vote.  Not as excited as I would have been had I been offered the chance to vote for a certain Warrior from Wasilla, but thrilled nonetheless to do my duty and make my voice heard.  I went to the polls early this afternoon and was happy to see I picked a great time to go.  There was only a handful of other people there and I was actually able to park directly in front of the building!

The gentleman next to me was busy filling out his card so as I waited for my turn, I took out my voter ID card and my driver’s license (photo ID is required to vote in Tennessee).  I noticed that he too was left handed.  That’s just one of those quirks I always seem to notice since I’m the only lefty in a family full of righties (with regard to hands only, we all philosophically lean or are solid true-blue conservative righties).  After filling out my card and presenting it to the technician, I had my number to enter in the voting machine.  There was no wait and after placing my vote and obsessively ensuring that the machine counted the names correctly, I was out of there within a couple minutes.

I did ask one of the workers about how light the traffic was there and they assured me that it had been quite busy earlier.  I just happened to pick a fantastic time to go.

I had what can best be described as a mundane voting experience, where the only excitement came from knowing what roll my vote would help play in the long run.  But then, I live in Northeast Tennessee, not Philadelphia.

So what about y’all?  What are your voting experiences?

Did you vote early?

What kind of district do you live in?  Democrat or Republican primarily?

Share your voting experience here!




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  • Marc

    Posted on the other thread minutes before this new thread was made (sheesh!  Thanks, Mary! ;)

    I cast my vote at 10 this morning.  Our tiny district isn’t a good barometer but 65 people already arrived before I did (not counting absentee ballot hand-ins).  It’s a California college town bombarded with a lot of state and local propositions this year. Only one booth was unoccupied when I filled out my ballot.  My family walked down there as a group with my two year old staring and studying the new surroundings. "Careful, she’s a poll watcher.", I told one of the workers. "She’s got her eyes on you!" 

    Children could mark out and take home a play ballot with colorful names like "Bonnie Blue".  My daughter chose the candidate from the "Birthday Party" (she’s an October baby – surprise, surprise :) for President.  The mock date read "July 04, 2076″.  My wife and I realized with the blessings of a long and happy life, our children will see and experience the Tricentennial.  Then I understood our Republic needs to thrive just as long in order for that day to reach its whole meaning and fulfillment.  I voted for Mitt Romney in the hope of securing such a positive future for my family.  It’s not hard to hold a man’s feet to the fire when he’s called to save you from a burning building and hopefully enough people will raise the alarm on this day.

    • Guest

      Since you started yours with almost the exact words I was going to use… is mine!  ;-)

      The Northern California Voter Report (AM edition):

      I usually go to the polls between 9 and 10am PT on election day. I’ve never had to wait in line for more than a minute or two before. Today I waited about 10 minutes to check off my name and sign, etc. Then I had to wait for about another 8 minutes until I could get into "the booth". There was 18 people in front of me and a total of 8 "booths". When my ballot went into the scanner my ballot was 169….ironic, huh. There was a table on the side where about 8 or 9 people were doing "provisional" ballots. One obviously republican guy was making a small rukus about shenanigans but honestly….he was probably in the wrong precinct. Our precincts have changed since the 2010 elections and he did mention that he had voted in a different place last time. This was the 2nd time this location had been used…the primary this year and then this election. If I was to put labels on strangers….I would say just by looking at the people there….that it was about 70-80% republican….based on race, ethnicity, age, clothing and overall appearance. With a LOT of the people in line…they were packing absentee ballots for family or friends and those ballots went directly into a locked bag. When I left there was about another 10-15 people in line to sign in. I didn’t see any "observers" or anyone that looked like they were observers. There was about a dozen or so people that were actual poll workers. City breakdown on electoral lines….not by registrations….is about 61.6% Democrat…..36.8% Republican….and only 1.5% Independent. In 2008 my city went 63.5% 0bama….34.8% McCain….and 1.5% Other.

      I will go back to the polls this evening when the hubby gets home from work to cast his ballot….between 5 and 7pm PT and will report on the ballot count then and the PM edition of The Northern California Voter Report.

  • Jean_A

    I have no story.

  • RomanBarbarian

    For my work I have to go to the courthouse everyday. When early voting started I saw a constant flux of people coming to vote everyday. So I decided to vote early myself. That was last Friday. It made my weekend. But now I wish I could vote today too!! LOL!!
    Rural Texas is where I live. I am very curious to see how many "quiet" local obama supporters will have cast their vote for him. 90% of the yard signs or bumper stickers say Romney/Ryan around here.

    God bless America and enjoy the long night!!

  • JoeKonu

    Sources:  (turnout today including early, absentee, and today through 3:00 p.m.)  Pasco County Florida

    2008 info:


    McCain 109,902 51.2%
    Obama 102,217 47.7%
    Other 2,343 1.1%

    Total 214,462

    Party Absentee Early Poll Total
    REP 25080 26027 25856 76963 43.4% 96939.32 54.6%
    DEM 21748 22058 18273 62079 35.0% 80518.68 45.4%
    OTHER 11750 12881 13785 38416 21.6%

    TOTAL 58578 60966 57914 177458

    OtherAsRep 0.52
    OtherDem 0.48

    Assuming only a 4 point bias towards Romney in ‘Other’, (plug in 52% of the ‘Other’ plus 100% of Republican)

     the 2008  4 point advantage McCain had in Pasco county is now looking like AT LEAST a 9 point Romney advantage.

    Granted that this is a McCain county from 2008, but if you add 5 points to Romney’s numbers broadly, he walks away with this election.

    *edit* tables suck in this interface. Cleaned it up as best I could, but check the source links and do your own spreadsheet if you feel like it.


    This has to be THE longest 4 years of my life. To say I’m happy this day is finally here is an understatement. 

    This wasn’t what I had hoped for. The person who I thought was perfect for the job decided not to run. I have never supported a candidate before and Palin would have been my first. I was so excited to be a part of her campaign, but it was not to be…..and not only that, our nominee turned out to be a polar opposite of her, making these last couple of years excruciatingly hard.

    I truly did try to put "getting Obama out of office" on top of my agenda, but for some reason, I couldn’t get Romney’s candidacy out of my head. I couldn’t forget the fact that Mitt will say/do anything to get elected. I couldn’t forget that Mitt ignored, patronized, and insulted the conservative base and I couldn’t forget that Mitt just can’t be trusted to what he promises to.
    I couldn’t separate the two  issues like so many of you all here seem to be able to. So I decided to not vote for either….seemed like a adequate answer to my dilemma and boy was I vocal about it.

    I went to my polling place today to not vote for either. The line was very long and it was almost a 45 minute wait…..time to chit chat with others and time to think. I thought about how this was my youngest son’s first time voting, and I thought about my middle son, now in the national guard, who had already voted early this morning before "his run".
    I got up to the booth and low and behold, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t "not vote"…..even in a state where my vote doesn’t count. So I turned the dial and pushed the red button for Mitt….*gag, cough, snarl*……I just couldn’t be okay with saying I didn’t vote, I couldn’t be even remotely a part of Obama getting another 4 years. I have two sons in the army……I couldn’t chance Obama being their CIC for another 4 years.
    I have to say that it was such an internal struggle for me, that I left the polling place teary-eyed. I loathe the GOPe and they will NEVER put me through that again.

    So here I am……hat in hand, eating crow and admitting my mistake. But before you all think that I support Mitt in any way….I. DO. NOT.  I will be watching him like flies on sh*t and criticizing his every single move.
    Mitt doesn’t deserve the presidency, he didn’t deserve my vote and I will remind him AND you all of that daily, over the next 4 years.

    • Mary Beth House

      Honestly you’re in the exact same position that most to all of us are.

      I really don’t like Mitt but I knew I had a duty even though my options weren’t to my liking.

      As for the rest…that’s our job.  We are to hold him and his people accountable just like Governor Palin urged us back in June.

      • TENCOLE

        Actually Mary Beth, there are several posters here who had no problems or even the slightest hesitations voting for Mitt.
        They actually believe that Mitt will govern like a conservative, will not need his feet held to the fire and is our country’s saviour….and you know who they are.

        These people and I will being going round and round over the next 4 years. Just saying.

        • Mary Beth House

           I imagine we all will.  Our role will be to hold him accountable.

          I’m not able to believe that he will govern conservatively based on his record.

    • Guest

      I’ll post tomorrow who I voted for.  I took a picture to prove it, too! 

      • barracuda43

        Barr/Sheehan ticket Lol. Just kidding sweet peppers.

    • carolyn50

       fill the same way tencole.  it’s really upsetting to hear some of romney’s team said the movement started with him.  i plan to email her and let her know that movement started with tea party and then with the selection of sarah palin.

      • wpmwindsong

        Correct me if I am wrong.  Minor point, but the Tea Party did not start until February, 2009 with the famous Rick Santelli rant on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in response to the Obama stimulus plan.

        Sarah was selected during the 2008 campaign before the Tea Party.  To be sure, Sarah became a valuable resource to the various Tea Party groups around the country to help promote Tea Party candidates and to energize the base, which culminated with the 2010 mid term elections.  

    • barracuda43

      Thanks Tencole. I am sure it took a lot to do that. Just remember we all share that one big common trait. We are all Sarah Cuda supporters.

    • excopconservative

       Now that you’re back home and you made it through the ordeal, have a drink of a refreshing beverage to wash the bad taste from your mouth and sit back and watch the results.

  • Freempg

    My experience was business-like, got the job done, got my sticker. I hit a sweet spot, too, a line of only ten people. The volunteers said turnout was high.

    Speaking of left-handers, Mary Beth, I also can’t help but comment when I see one of us writing. It’s an exclusive club.

    • Mary Beth House

      Exclusive and awesome club, Freempg.

    • Garym

      Both of my sons are lefties. ; )

  • Nancy6

    Well, I was put off, I had to show ID????
    I was like: WHAAAAA??????
    Then I had to give my birthdate!!!!
    I asked the lady if I had to give her my weight too!!!!
    What do you want from me, people?

    I got an I Voted sticker and as I was walking out another worker asked if I needed an I Voted sticker? I pointed at the one I already had and then said if I had 2 stickers people would think I voted twice. I took my husband’s ballot in a couple of weeks ago, and stuck the I Voted sticker from that time on my 9 year old son’s shirt. He has more common sense than any Obama voter, I can tell you that!

    I did pause for a beat when I looked at the ballot and realized I could write in Governor Palin’s name, though!:)
    But, I didn’t, darn it all!

    • excopconservative

        stuck the I Voted sticker from that time on my 9 year old son’s shirt.
      He has more common sense than any Obama voter, I can tell you that!

      Runs in the family.  I bet he has a great sense of humor too.

      • Guest

        Oh jeeeeez…..a Nancy, Jr?  I don’t think the world can handle that!!!

  • Mary Beth House

    Just as an aside…if any of you Barbarians have any photos to share, send it over to me at marybeth at conservatives4palin . com.

    If you don’t that’s fine but pictures always make a post more fun!  :)

  • independents4palin

    I voted against Obama and so did my mother. There was a good size voting crowd there. From what I am hearing, Romney could win my state of West Virginia by a hugh margin, heck a good chunk of voters voted for a Texas prisoner over Obama in the Democratic primary, so Romney will win here by a very large margin. I am wondering if Republican counties in this country are having record turnout?

  • Mr.L

    I voted today to overthrow a dangerous, communist, divisive rat bastard.

    • daisy_mae

      Mr. L, if I remember correctly, I think you live in NY.  Hope all is well with you and yours and thanks so much for your website!

  • carolyn50

    our 20 year old son voted for the first time and he voted straight republican ticket

  • Jasmine Clark

    nothing interesting ever happens at my polling place. (maybe that’s a good thing) fortunately, there is never a long line, when i’ve been to my place XD it’s an elementary school gym. nothing strange, nothing interesting to tell you.

    this is my first time voting in a presidential election!! (but i’ve voted in other elections) i was 17 last time lol

    it was great to add one more vote to romney’s total, every romney vote hurts obama XD (yeah i’m mainly voting against obama rather than for romney)

    now going to watch interview i missed last night (cry)

    • Mary Beth House

      Most of us are mainly voting against Obama Jasmine.  Gosh I swore I’d never pull the lever for Mittens and yet… that’s what happened today.

      And I’m proud to have done so in order to take back America from the hard left.

      Congratulations on your first Presidential Election Vote!  :)

  • daisy_mae

    It was a privilege!  Thanks to our wonderful men and women in the military!

  • jgrimes

    My husband and I voted early for Romney. My daughter went w us and voted for the first time. She is  20 year old liberal and voted for Romney also.
    I stand w Sarah Palin.   
     Judy from the south east coast of NC.

  • Nicole Coulter

    I voted here in downtown Scottsdale … I voted "Absentee in Person" … because I had failed to mail in my ballot. They had a blue bin for absentee ballots which will be counted with the regular votes. For people who didn’t bring their absentee ballot, they got provisional ballots which will only count if it’s a close race (it won’t be here in AZ). Glad to see that election officials are on the ball. They had an X by my name indicating I had a requested an absentee ballot. No duplicate voting here in AZ!

    Oh, and I was gratified to see Romney’s final ad which paid subtle tribute to Gov. Palin … You can hear echos of Gov. Palin’s VP acceptance speech when Romney praises the military and the people who "grow our food."


       Have I mentioned yet today that Mitt/GOPe make me sick ?

  • Garym

    I voted at mid-day here in the Conservative/Libertarian county of Mesa in the swing state of Colorado. 75% of our county had already voted by mail/absentee/early, so it took me all of 5 minutes to vote. 2008 and 2010 were both waits of an hour and a half. Much nicer this time around. Hopefully this state swings back to us. I held my breath and voted for Romney. It was an anybody but Obama election for me. I would have rather voted for Sarah, period.

  • devitor

    Nothing major. I was first to vote in my district. I always vote early in the morning – it’s something I’ve done since 9/11/01 – which was Primary Day in NYC. I was pleasantly surprised to see two GOP inspectors in this normally Democratic stronghold I live in. I found out that one of my conservative friends at work is registered – Democrat – which confirms what I’ve been saying for months that you can’t go by what party a person is when discussing NY. Will Romney carry NY? Probably not, but then you never know. The NY Daily News and the Post endorsed him – and the Daily News is so far to the left they’re ready to fall over – and they HATE – I mean HATE Sarah. So for them to say Obama has failed – and they did – that’s saying something!

    I followed Sarah Palin’s lead; I used my common-sense, and this for me was a no-brainer. Anyone who saw my Tweets this morning saw the down-tickets, but in case in a straight Republican streak: Wendy Long, Senator; Michael Grimm, Congressman; Lisa Grey, State Senator; Paul Saryian, State Assembly. I’ll know soon enough if they won.

    Remember – not only must we elect Romney and Ryan – we MUST take the Senate, because if we don’t, we’re stuck with ObamaCare even with a Romney win. Taking the Senate is the only this thing can be repealed. So, let’s not forget Sarah’s Bold Colors Candidates either, and of course our AGU candidates.

  • CTmom2

    I started my day asking God to forgive my sin and heal our land.  Then I stood at the polls from 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. for a friend who is running for state representative.  While there, I ran into my boss, who graciously gave me a vacation day.  This was hard for him to do because I am the enemy (a Republican) and he is a Democrat Town Committee Chairman.  I reminded him to remember what the nuns said at his daughter’s school.  When he came out, I thanked him for voting Republican (though I don’t think he did).

    After coming home and warming up, I went to vote.  Seeing that the local candidates had campaign worker coverage, I decided to go home and make a ROMNEY sign.  I then grabbed a broken chair and a small flag.  I parked my car (with my Palin 2012 bumper stickers still on it) on a side street and stood at the busiest intersection in town.  I plunked down the broken chair, held my Romney sign in my left hand and held the flag in my right.

    I had quite a few toots from the cars and trucks, some thumbs down and a few middle fingers before  my back and legs gave out and I had to call it quits.  I enjoyed every minute of my day, except for the cold before the sun really came up.

    May God have mercy on our land.

  • Guest

    The Northern California Voter Report (PM edition):

    Mmk…..just got back from the polls from taking my hubby to vote….no….I didn’t vote twice, technically.  I fill in the sample ballot, though, and we discuss the issues….so I kinda legally get to vote twice.  ;-)  Back to the report, however.  There was a line of about 30-40 people to get signed in and it took about 20-30 minutes to get to the ballot.  Once we had our ballot there was another line to get to the "booth" but we decided to grab the empty kitchen counter instead of the "booth" since it was empty and there was no line to the counter.  When we put our ballot in the machine it gave us count number 532.  So… THIS precinct…..I voted at 10am and my vote was 169….there was 363 votes between my vote and my husband with at least 2 more hours left.  Again from my earlier report down thread…it appeared to be a higher percentage of republicans over democrats but in California we all know that means virtually nothing.  There were 3 black voters that saw the line going in to the polls and turned around and walked away saying "F this".  They didn’t say if they were 0bama or Romney voters but even a half hour wait wasn’t worth it to this group.  I did find out that my precinct has a total of 1,500 registered voters so by 5:30pm PT about 1/3rd of our precinct voted which could be pretty good since most people vote after 5pm.

  • BrianusBerkleianus


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