Will Obama’s “Revenge” Rallying Cry Threaten Battleground Election Voters

Obama says voting is the best revenge. On Friday, in the closing days of the presidential election President Barack Obama encouraged his supporters in Ohio to head to the polls on Tuesday with hateful revenge in their hearts. He shouted out that this election result must be about revenge and not about America’s noble principles, values or even future. This runs counter to his post 2008 election, when he implored Americans to accept his word that he would usher in a new type of non-partisan presidency.

Instead Obama’s presidency and campaign degenerated into the most partisan Chicago-style thuggish character assassination campaign mugging the nation has ever witnessed.

Obama used revenge as his clarion call to battleground state, Ohio, to top off the last hours of his campaign. Is hate and revenge truly what undecided voters are searching for? Should Americans embrace the insidious nature of his closing argument for the courtroom of the American public? Consider how the true nature of Obama has lowly become unmasked. His hate-filled attack ads were reminiscent of his religious mentor and teacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Why should Americans be surprised? This president lied about being present when his religious mentor Rev. Wright spoke with venom in his voice about hate. Remember, in 2003 he shouted from his pulpit, “God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America!”  Obama after doing some fancy verbal footwork, around the issue, quickly threw Rev. Wright and his association with him, under the bus.

So, Obama is not unfamiliar with hate or with use of revenge as a useful tactic. Contrast Obama’s behavior with Romney’s revenge voter edict. Romney insisted that Americans should go to the polls on November 6th, “to vote “for love of country!”

Imagine that, “love of country.” Not unique for a true leader who truly loves his country. Not unique for a presidential candidate who believes in building up a nation and its future instead of a president stumbling through  four years of mediocrity, incompetence and multi-trillion dollar deficits.

But think about it a minute. What was President Obama referring to when he asked supporters to take revenge to the polls on November, 6th? What type of revenge could he be considering? After all the “Blame Bush” rhetoric is a dog that will not hunt anymore. Could it be a diversion away from his unwillingness to leave no one behind in the murders of four Americans in Benghazi?  Could it be that the October surprise is that Islamic world tour apologies will no longer cut it with the American public, grown tired of excuses?

Worst yet, could President be a real life Manchurian Candidate who through is youthful foreign travels and Muslim upbringing is truly contemptuous of America as a Judeo-Christian nation? So consider again the narcissistic placement of the word “revenge” in taking it to the polls on November. Is Obama a possible foil for socialism or other “ism” that was hatched by his ideological mentor and admirer of Satan, Saul Alinsky? In fact it was Saul Alinsky who gave a supportive nod in his book, “Rules for Radicals to Satan.  ( Read more )

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  • Gelston

    do I think it was unplanned? No. I would think it was tested and found to appeal to his supporters

  • http://lenbilen.com/ Lennart Bilén

    A vote for Obama: Revenge
    His mind is on what to avenge.
    He’s Destroyer in Chief.
    We will soon get relief.
    His thoughts like the Druids of Stonehenge. *

    This headline gives an idea of his new priorities for the defense of this nation.
    Air Force Academy adapts to pagans, druids, witches and Wiccans
    Officials say an $80,000 Stonehenge-like worship center underscores a commitment to embrace all religions.
    November 26, 2011|By Jenny Deam, Los Angeles Times

    • excopconservative

       $80,000 for a Stonehenge worship center makes as much sense as building an extra bedroom at the White House for Napolean when he visits.

  • timentide

    Sorry "President Stand Down" looks like you won’t get any "revenge" this time but you will get you’re "Fair Share" of the unemployment line come Tuesday.

    Hey, can you hear that roaring sound?

  • CBDenver

    Some Obama supporters on another site were defending his use of "revenge".  They said it was taken out of context by Romney (naturally).  They also said voting for "revenge" was appropriate in light of all those mean Republicans who are trying to suppress voting by suggesting we should have voter id requirements. 

    The fact that anyone would defend "revenge" as a motive for voting shows how thoroughly the left has demonized conservatives and Republicans.  To the left, their political opponents are evil.  This is what makes for a toxic and potentially volatile climate.  I don’t doubt that the leftist’s threats of riots if Obama loses will come true.

    • socon

       Let them riot–we’re ready.

    • timentide

      I fear you may be right. This is what happens when the takers outnumber the makers and you try to take their "free stuff" back off them. Just look at the Eurotoilet basket-case.

      At least in this case it will not be unexpected. 

  • Patriot41

    What is really troubling to me, is the fact that there are so many American born citizens, that are following after this man’s hatred toward the American lifestyle.   Obama is nothing without the base of support that he has received from the democrat party and their radical leadership.  How is it that these people who were brought up in one of the freest nations on the face of this earth, turn against their own country, that has provided them the best lifestyle one could ever hope for?  It is one thing to desire change for the better, quite another to try and destroy what good people have tried to secure for over two centuries.  It would appear that they are more concerned with tearing down this nation, then changing it for the better.

    Having traveled around the globe, visiting many nations and observing their lifestyles, I have yet to find one nation that provides more freedom and opportunity to succeed, then the United States of America.  I have visited countries under dictatorships as well as those that have socialist leadership and have found nothing close to what our Republic offers, to those with a desire to be free and with a strong bill of rights, to protect all who live within it’s borders.  Most importantly, our Constitutional Republic, provides it’s citizens a way in which they can peacefully change their govt., if they are unsatisfied with the way it is operating.

    Unfortunately, under the radical leadership of this president, a peaceful transition is out of the questions for him and his radical followers.  Once again, the citizens of this country will have to fight one another, to remain free of govt., control and the radical division that is being fostered upon them.  Not only is it sad to see this occur in our country, but also shameful of those who have been so blessed to have lived in this country and yet choose to destroy a way of life that has provided them with the best life anyone could hope for.

    • lanahi

       I have a British friend whose son got to visit the US for the first time as part of his job.  He spent a few weeks in New Hampshire. 
      He loves the "live free or die" mentality found there, in New Hampshire.
      We are still the shining city on the hill for the rest of the world.

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