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@AGUGrizzlies: $20,000 Reward #HelpWanted Finding Member of #Obama Goon Squad

Open minded and tolerant Liberals assaulted activist Steven Crowder on 12/11/12 in Michigan.

An organization is offering a $20,000 reward HERE.

Watch Steven Crowder be assaulted by Obama supporters HERE.

Yesterday President Barack Obama incited a crowd in Michigan and blatantly lied about the new legislation passed by the state. The new legislation will give employees a choice. A choice to join a union, or not to join a union. It also gives union bosses an opportunity to make their case and explain to employees why they believe the workers need them.

The new law does not touch collective bargaining in public or private sector unions. However, honesty about the new law did not stop President Barack Obama from using it as an opportunity to sell envy and resentment.

While fomenting jealousy between Americans yesterday, the President inflamed his devotees by telling them that the new law would not only take away their collective bargaining rights but also leave them with less money: HERE

If you have any information on the member of Obama’s Goon Squad (picture above) who attacked Steven Crowder please go HERE.

Obama’s fundamental transformation of America is here. Now is the time to do something about it. Will you comply?

Our work continues.

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  • irishcoins

    Reportedly, "…the Guy that assaulted @scrowder is IBEW, with a three-digit local. Locals 665, 948, 557, 275, 445, 252 nearest Lansing. First name’s Terry."

    Later ID’d as Tony Carmago:

  • MaMcGriz

    I hope they find this ba$tard and press all possible criminal charges, followed by filings for civil rights violations.

    Correction: It will be pleasing and gratifying to hear the details when all the above comes about. It’s not a matter of hope or if. It’s a matter of when.

    Also, bol for gray hair glasses man at our 12 o’clock, please. Reward justified there, too.

    I just heard multiple punches. Prayers up for Steven. Seriously serious, this.

    • senator20526

       Someone said that his name is Tony……

  • 56Survivor

    I don’t do FB but I have a friend who does and she found this:

    It’s been reported that the union thug is Tony Cummings. I’ve failed to find any
    pictures online to substantiate this, however, there is a union member by that
    name who worked as a financial secterary for the United Steelworkers of

    If this is the same individual, it looks like Mr. Cummings
    doesn’t exactly have perfect luck when it comes to the law, as the National
    Legal and Policy Center reported earlier this year regarding him:

    On June 1, Tony Cummings, former financial secretary
    for United Steelworkers of America Local 735, was indicted in the Cuyahoga
    County Court of Common Pleas for one count of theft in the amount of $6,451 from
    the Cleveland-based union and 10 counts of forgery. The charges follow an
    investigation by the Labor Department’s Office of Labor-Management

  • John_Frank

    Thomas, appreciate your bringing this information to people’s attention.

  • ramorywebb

    I am into conspiracy stories.. Obama has agenda and that is to create social unrest, even chaos. Why? Marshall law. Wonder why Obama did not come out against wanna be dictators Manuel Zelaya and President Morsi? In my view Barrack has the same agenda.

    Can’t happen here. Well who is going to stop him. Certainly not our Congress who can’t even stand up to Obama on fiscal and allows 20 F-16’s to be shipped to Egypt. Guess who those will be used against?

    On Mr. Wanted…the union knows who he is. So a simple trip with the pic to the union hall should clear it all up. Right….and the beat goes on.

  • Patriot41

    Actually, there are citizens of this country that have been trying to do something about the socialist take over of this country, for several years now.  Unfortunately, the grassroots conservative movement, was splintered into many different groups and never solidified it’s purpose.  When you have too many chiefs and not enough Indians, what you create is a lot of different tribes going their own separate ways.  While their intentions have been honorable, the results have been less then effective, because of the lack of unity within their leadership.

    Conservatives come in many different forms.  We have fiscal conservatives and then we have social conservatives.  We have Constitutional conservatives and we have libertarian conservatives.  All of whom, detest large government intervention in their lives.  We can add to this dimension, the religious conservatives, whose primary concern, is freedom of religion and upholding of the moral and ethical values and standards, that their faiths teaches.  Each of these groups have tunnel vision, respecting their own concept of how our govt., should function and thereby create even more divisions within the grassroots movement.  As I have said many times, a divided nation cannot stand and neither can a grassroots movement prevail, under such conditions.

    First and foremost, there has to be an understanding and acceptance, of the serious problems our Republic faces and then a unified agreement that the priority of the grassroots movement, is to save our Republic.  That priority must take precedence over all other priorities.  Once established, then the movement can proceed with establishing a platform from which all of the different segments of the grassroots movement, can support and work from.  This has yet to be done by the existing leaderships, among the many different grassroots movements.  Until and unless it is done, there will never be unity within the grassroots movement, nor success in preserving our Republic.

    In the past, conservatives have never had a party of their own and have had to rely on the Republican party as their representative in politics.  Conservatives have continually tried to take over the leadership of the GOP, but have rarely been successful in doing so and their control has been limited to very short periods of that party’s history.  It has been a futile and very discouraging battle and has consistently divided the GOP.  When conservatives were in control, the GOP held the White House, when their opposition was in control, the GOP lost it’s leadership role in the nation.  Conservatives readily acknowledge this fact, but the GOP establishment refuses to accept it and the battle goes on.  In the process, the socialist democrat party, continues to enjoy success brought about by the division within the GOP membership.  The recent purging of conservative GOP candidates and committee members within the Congress by GOPe leadership, should have sent a loud and clear message to all conservatives, that they are no longer welcome within the GOP party.

    Since the conservatives are a major segment in this grassroots movement, it is my  belief that we have the basic foundation for a conservative party within that movement.  That being the case, it is time to start putting the block and mortar together, in building the foundation for a third party conservative movement within this country.  Neither of the other two political parties want anything to do with conservative ideology, so it is time that conservatives had their own party.  While the GOP is falling apart, the socialist party is building a strong movement which will prevail if it has no opposition.  It is up to the conservatives to see that the socialist have strong opposition or we lose our Republic, it is as simple as that. 

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