@AGUGrizzlies: $20,000 Reward #HelpWanted Finding Member of #Obama Goon Squad

Open minded and tolerant Liberals assaulted activist Steven Crowder on 12/11/12 in Michigan.

An organization is offering a $20,000 reward HERE.

Watch Steven Crowder be assaulted by Obama supporters HERE.

Yesterday President Barack Obama incited a crowd in Michigan and blatantly lied about the new legislation passed by the state. The new legislation will give employees a choice. A choice to join a union, or not to join a union. It also gives union bosses an opportunity to make their case and explain to employees why they believe the workers need them.

The new law does not touch collective bargaining in public or private sector unions. However, honesty about the new law did not stop President Barack Obama from using it as an opportunity to sell envy and resentment.

While fomenting jealousy between Americans yesterday, the President inflamed his devotees by telling them that the new law would not only take away their collective bargaining rights but also leave them with less money: HERE

If you have any information on the member of Obama’s Goon Squad (picture above) who attacked Steven Crowder please go HERE.

Obama’s fundamental transformation of America is here. Now is the time to do something about it. Will you comply?

Our work continues.

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