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@AGUGrizzlies: Merry Christmas From American Grizzlies United

The unequivocal worth of a happy family is something that has not changed in human civilization. A family of grandparents, parents and children, together with their extended family and friends, is the cornerstone of a prosperous America.

As our nations citizens gather to celebrate this holiday, we are devout and appreciative of the closeness and foundation of the family.

The Christmas celebration represents the birth of Jesus Christ.

The story of Christmas is also a story of family. A family going through a difficult time.

The Inn had no room for Mary and Joseph. This young family was forced to fend for themselves in a stable, and the infant baby Jesus had to be placed in a manger.

This family had been excluded. Yet by working together in a loving way they overcame the obstacles placed before them. Perhaps because of this ancient strife, throughout his spiritual leadership and pastoral care, Jesus of Nazareth interacted and was sociable with people that others condemned, scorned, and even hated.

As we celebrate Christmas with our families let us remember the glory and greatness of the family. The family is the pillar and key element of our society. As Americans lets use this sacred celebration to honor our nation’s Judeo-Christian foundation and the importance of family.

Merry Christmas.

– From American Grizzlies United

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