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Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, recently sent out a fundraising letter to members of the GOP:


As we head into the busy holiday season, we cannot forget the critical challenges facing our nation. Your help is crucial to ensure that Washington keeps its promises to reduce the debt, keep taxes low, and create an environment for job growth. We can’t let up now. There’s too much at stake this month and in 2013 to sit on the sidelines – join us and donate today.



Reince Priebus

Nick Ahlborn is a member of AGU-CA and a small business owner. Like many common sense fiscal Conservatives, Nick is frustrated with the current state of the GOP. Were they lying during the recent election cycle or are they lying now?

As Governor Sarah Palin recently said:

We send good conservatives to D.C. to fulfill the promises they made to the electorate, and yet when they stay true to their word the permanent political class in their own party punishes them. – Sarah Palin

The fundraising letter that Mr. Priebus sent didn’t sit well with Nick. Instead of ignoring it or deleting it, Nick decided to take the time to write a note back to the RNC.

Here is Nick’s reply to the Chairman of the RNC:


I understand your concerns, some of which you list. I’ll share mine with you. You state that "Washington" must be held to "keep its promises". I agree we need to "keep taxes low". Sad to say, the GOP Speaker of the House doesn’t agree. He’s willing to raise income taxes by nearly a trillion dollars on small business entrepreneurs like myself. He said so. To him, such people are "rich", so they need to be penalized for their success. And do I hear a word out of the RNC about how preposterous that is? No.

Under attack by the GOP House Leadership are four Congressmen who were stripped of their committee assignments. Apparently among their "crimes" was having voted against the "Ryan Budget", that congressional legislation which makes the claim the nation will reach a balanced budget by…2040. That Republicans hail a bunch of pages of legislation can predict what such pages of legislation will achieve 28 years from now is absurd. Congress has no idea what will happen 28 days from now, much less 28 years from now. Even more revolting is the sheer ruthlessness the GOP House Leadership has shown these elected representatives in their own party. There are more than a few of us out here wondering how they can show such ruthlessness toward Conservative Republicans, yet cower in fear and run to beg for deals from every Democrat they can find. We’re left puzzled how much more support they would have from their own party if the GOP Leadership would treat Democrats the same way they treated these four Conservatives. Has the RNC come out and defended these four Congressmen for supporting smaller government and a balanced budget amendment? No.

The GOP today is not the GOP of Reagan, Goldwater, or of any other proponent of Constitutional Conservatism and limited government. It’s the Progressive Republican Party now, filled with lovers of big spending of taxpayer’s money to entrench their own political eternity – whether they’re in the majority or not. There’s virtually no difference in the philosophy of the GOP and the Democrat Party today. The Democrats want $1.6 trillion in tax increases, and the GOP House Leadership salivate at the chance to offer half that amount, thinking this is a "win on points" and a desirable outcome. It used to be that the GOP defended the rights of INDIVIDUALS to succeed as far as their talents would carry them, and that they should keep as much of the fruits of their success as they could. Today the GOP joins in with the premise – and the language – of the left’s "Collective Responsibility" and "Shared Sacrifice" claptrap. Today’s GOP insists that success is to be punished by the power of Congress to expropriate the earnings of the successful via taxation. Your RNC really offers no real contrast to the Democrats of today. They want to put pedal-to-the-metal and arrive at Socialism as fast as they can. Today’s GOP seeks only to get to the same Socialist destination more slowly using a proscribed speed limit. If the GOP or the RNC cannot – or will not – openly defend against the historically proven inexorable failure collectivism always leads to, then there’s really no use for either of your organizations.

You won’t be getting any money from me. Today’s Republican Party consists now of what were once yesterday’s Democrats – that’s what passes for GOP Congressional Leadership now. Conservatives like me aren’t welcome – as evidenced by representatives like Justin Amash, Dave Schweikert, and Tim Huelskamp.

Good luck for your fundraising. You’ll need it.

Nick Ahlborn

Los Angeles, CA

If you are feeling frustrated too you can contact the RNC: HERE

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