Andrew Malcolm | Americans’ expectations for Obama 2.0 plunge

Rather than bother with the messy business of face-to-face negotiations with  Republicans over the looming fiscal cliff, Barack Obama has chosen to take Air  Force One up to the Philadelphia area today to talk at another adoring  crowd.

Because no one’s had enough campaigning yet?

Obama craves speeches to select crowds, as we wrote  here. On cue, someone yells they love him. He loves them back. No  interruptions. No impertinent House Majority Leader challenging his  arrogance. And Obama need make no concessions to them.

The Democrat will just recite the same stuff off the same teleprompter that  he’s been saying for months about taxing the rich more, protecting the middle  class from the very deal he made to protect them before and let’s talk  about spending cuts next year maybe perhaps.

Air Force One costs about $181,000 per flight hour. Much cheaper to send a  DVD up there. But that wouldn’t get Obama video clips on cable TV this afternoon  and evening, which he thinks puts PR pressure on Republicans to cave on higher  tax rates before el presidente takes his three-week Hawaiian vacation.

In other words, four years after Obama so sincerely promised to change the  harsh, noisome ways Washington does — and doesn’t — do business, he hasn’t  really changed anything.


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