Andrew Malcolm | Benghazi: How smoothly Washington washes away its scandals

You’ll be able to hear and read today about the State Department report  on the Benghazi consulate sacking and killings. But no matter how much you  listen or read, you’ll only be getting part of the story. Here’s why:

The report from the Accountability Review Board, headed by Thomas Picketing  and Admiral Mike Mullen, is only one tiny piece of a vast bureaucratic ballet  that has evolved in Washington over decades to handle hot issues, even  deadly ones like Benghazi, with minimal damage to the politicians and  bureaucrats in power at the time.

It’s an amazingly sophisticated and bipartisan procedure that looks sound to  naive eyes. It’s built upon powerful self-interest and savvy strategic  communications that manages and manipulates information and the timing of its  release to minimize damage to incumbents and to dampen ongoing media  interest in pursuing an embarrassing matter further.

To increase the likelihood of that, the D.C. media will soon be fed a  tempting new news story, maybe naming a new cabinet member, that will make the  Benghazi affair seem even older than yesterday’s news. Which — oh, my goodness  — it already is by this morning.


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