Bob Cesca | HuffPo moron: GOP opposes Susan Rice because she’s black

But first, over the weekend Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs tweeted that if you’re wondering whether the baseless Republican attacks on UN Ambassador Susan Rice were racially motivated, you should read the comment sections on any random conservative blog and your worst suspicions will be confirmed.

I’m sure with many hardline right-wingers this might be true, especially after minority voters helped to resoundingly crush their tiny shriveled souls in the election. But, frankly, I don’t think it’s the case across-the-board. Conservatives hate everything the president does, and everyone with whom he surrounds himself, including Rice. So as soon as Rice stepped onto the Sunday shows and talked about the Benghazi situation, she was the next Obama administration player in line to be consumed by the wackaloon conspiracy theorists and the conservative entertainment complex meat grinder.

Yes, if she’s nominated for Secretary of State, conservative racists will oppose her because she’s black. And yes, others will oppose her because it’s the opposite of what the president wants. And others will combine both, using flimsy attacks on Rice’s character mixed with subtle dog-whistles. All three approaches are predictable modern Republican Party strategies.


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