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Boston Herald | Obama’s anti-gun rhetoric has gun sales soaring

Call it the law of unintended consequences. The more our public officials — from President Obama on down — talk about gun control and a possible ban on high-powered assault-type weapons, the faster the things are flying off the shelves.

Yes, even here in uber-liberal Massachusetts gun shops are doing a land office business in precisely the same gun used to slaughter 26 people at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The owner of the Northeast Trading Co. in North Attleboro told the Herald he sold out of the AR-15s, including a shipment of seven Bushmasters, Tuesday in four hours. The owner of C&F Guns in Middleboro reported that the 30 assault rifles he had in stock on Tuesday were gone by Wednesday — yes, that would be the day the president announced his task force and vowed to combat the “epidemic of gun violence that plagues” the country.


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