Charles Hurt | After Conn. tragedy, Washington thinks of … political gain

Only in this capital of self-absorbed arrogance do people learn of an  incomprehensible slaughter of angelic children huddled in terror and immediately  think — well, of themselves. And how they can, in their boundless power and  wisdom, fix it so it never happens again. Only in this town do people witness  such madness and carnage and think of — what else? — low, dirty politics.

As the rest of the world recoiled in disbelief, then wept in black sorrow,  politicians here began their jockeying, spinning their designs for new laws that  would save us from ourselves and cast themselves as great and heroic  statesmen.

We must do something about America’s “gun culture,” they earnestly bleat like  unthinking sheep.

A 20-year-old man grows up in America with every luxury imaginable. He is  incapable, we are told, of feeling any pain. He is excruciatingly shy and  utterly isolated. He is not able to fathom that other people around him have  emotions and feelings. Computers  and modern technology are his most treasured haven. He plays, we are told,  vividly lifelike and violent video games that coach perfect muscle memory for  quickly killing large numbers of people without a hint of remorse. Then someone — reportedly, his mother — teaches this unstable sociopath how to shoot guns and  then leaves the guns so they somehow become available to him. And then, emerging  from his isolation, he lashes out and kills at random 20 small children in  retaliation for his own miserable life.


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