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Donald Lambro | Cronyism: Obama’s dirty clean-energy deals

Have you seen the latest development in President Obama’s waste-ridden,  clean-energy program that’s now under federal investigation at the U.S.  Treasury Department?

Three of the country’s biggest residential solar-panel installers — SolarCity,  SunRun and Sungevity — have been subpoenaed by Treasury’s  Office of Inspector General for their financial records to determine if they  had inflated the market value of their costs when they applied for federal  reimbursement.

The firms have reportedly received more than $500 million in federal  grants and tax credits. Officials in two of them, SolarCity and SunRun, have  been among some of Mr. Obama’s most generous campaign donors.

The money these companies tapped into flowed from a $13 billion investment  fund at Treasury that came from the president’s economic stimulus program, which  has poured huge sums of money into clean-energy programs across the country.


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